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  1. Oh, haha. It is possible we're hearing different things because I remember the male commentator more than the female. In any event, good job to them.
  2. Yeah, he did a great job. So nice to hear after the attacks in other sports (looking at you beach volleyball). I believe it's Matthew Mitcham doing the diving and he's also doing a great job, even though the coverage is still decidedly very lopsided towards England/Scotland.
  3. Li put up a good fight, but Pusarla was too strong. It was nice to listen to a match that involved a Canadian and not hear the broadcaster continually shit on the Canadian all game for once, though. GG India.
  4. Much to the delight of the BBC announcers, Canada loses. Been said before, I don't know what they have against Canada. It makes it that much harder to swallow the loss. Wanted them to eat their words.
  5. Close game, Canada had it but threw it away. GG AUS.
  6. Canada has apparently forgotten how to play volleyball in this second set.
  7. Close match in volleyball. The bigger question is why is the BBC so anti-Canada in every sport? This goes further than just pro-home team. They seem to root against every Canadian in every sport. Weird.
  8. Beautiful sky in Birmingham as seen in beach volleyball.
  9. Amazing first set in NZ CAN volley game. Canada gave it away in the end. But fun to watch anyway.
  10. Rogers and Weir landed 3 throws and got gold and bronze. Life lesson = it's about showing up when it counts. Rogers lands her last throw, but it doesn't matter.
  11. The English commentors and even the English divers can't believe the scores they got. This is the point of being home team.
  12. Canada throws away their medal in their last dive because apparently they can't count.
  13. Canada gets the last two golds in wrestling! 12/12 with three golds!
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