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  1. And that medal ties Penny for most Olympic medals for a Canadian. And she still has a couple more chances here (and is, you know, only 21). 4x200 relay is going to be special.
  2. Penny Oleksiak!!!!!! This medal ties her as Canada's most successful Olympian (summer/winter)!!!!!!! See y'all in the 4x200 relay, Penny is BACK BABY!!!
  3. Our womens soccer team will face Brazil in the quarters, a re-match of the bronze medal game from 2016.
  4. Best ever start after 4 days, including the boycotted Games of 84.
  5. Same total weight Christine Grirard got for her gold in 2012. Glad we can celebrate this time without the dopers.
  6. Canada with the GOLD!!!! First time watching a full competition of weightlifting and it was actually lots of fun. Very strategic. Full of emotion.
  7. Charron has probably done enough for.... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD!
  8. I'm sorry to hear that. My only suggestion is to close the window and try again. Or try another route to the video.
  9. But I mean a minute or two. If it's longer, try starting again.
  10. I did at first but refreshed again and again and now I have it. My issue was it kept on linking to gymnastics.
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