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  1. The details:
  2. World Championships draws
  3. The specific info isn't out yet on the ticket packs, but it seems like they would be for a handful of events, hopefully grouped so that you can get to them easily without too much travel time. I was concerned about the possibility of scalpers too- I do know that priority access for the tickets is through the "club 2024" on the Paris website, which you can join for free. Hopefully that allows for the actual fans to get ticket priority starting with the multi packs.
  4. TLDR: the ticket sales will be centralized and worldwide instead of country-by-country, starting in early 2023. I've already booked my trip with a tour operator- I'm hoping to go on similar dates as CCB above. My dream itinerary: Wednesday 24th- handball (I'd be flying in from Toronto Tuesday night and wouldn't have a room in Paris until Thursday) Thursday- non-sports activity (I was thinking the show at the Moulin Rouge- any suggestions welcome, though) Friday- opening ceremony on the Seine Saturday- tennis and boxing Sunday- beach volleyball and swimming Monday- diving, rugby and badminton Any advice for trip planning from people who have been to the Games and/or Paris would be appreciated.
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