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    Beach Volleyball, athletics, tennis, curling, swimming although I love all sports, except BREAKING.
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    Mondo Duplantis, Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Niklas Edin, Andre DeGrasse, Damian Warner, Anders Mol/Christian Sorum, Sophie Bukovec/Brandie Wilkerson, PV Sindhu, Stephen Curry, Felix Auger-Aliassime, Summer McIntosh, Elliot Grondin, Mikael Kingsbury
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  1. Auger-Aliassime is now perfect in 2022 team competitions!! (Davis Cup, ATP Cup, Laver Cup)
  2. Won't* You mean? That sucks though, do you know if he ruled out competing at the 2024 CAT Championships?
  3. 2022 Sitting Volleyball World Championships- Men’s Final The final is set, with host-nation Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦 taking on reining Paralympic Champions Iran 🇮🇷 with a Paris 2024 Paralympics men’s sitting volleyball quota up for grabs to whoever wins this gold medal match. Egypt 🇪🇬 will battle Brazil 🇧🇷 in the bronze medal match
  4. 2022 Sitting Volleyball World Championships- Women’s Semifinals 🇨🇦 v. 🇸🇮 🇺🇸 v. 🇧🇷 Gold medalists will book their NOC a ticket in women’s sitting volleyball at the 2024 Paralympics, in Paris, France!
  5. I don’t watch too much artistic gymnastics, but Canada has a chance of qualifying for the 2024 Olympics here. Right?
  6. Here’s how I put it: In my mind, breaking isn’t a sport. It is an art. There is no concrete evidence to ever suggest one dancer is better than another. There is no set technique for the B-Boys/B-Girls to follow, and there is no definition of a “good dancer”.
  7. Canada’s Phil Wizard wins gold at the 2022 WDSF Breaking World Championships, a great chance for him to win a medal at the Olympics in a sport that will be making it’s debut. This “sport” doesn’t deserve to be in the Olympics though anyways, so I don’t care, and come the 2024 Olympics I probably won’t be watching.
  8. Something I DEFINITELY did not expect. Brandie/MHP would obviously be the best chance at a medal for Team Canada, but with how her and Sophie were doing this season I’m kind of shocked.
  9. Was one of my favourite winter athletes. Am sad to see her go, but glad she can retire with an excellent career in the books, including the 2014 Olympics gold medal, and the 2018 Olympics silver medal.
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