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  1. Wrong information, and this list is yet to be made official...
  2. Could someone explain to me what this mess on the screen means. I'm understanding the 13-28 part, but not much else. Thanks.
  3. The only advantage a very minor sport has against other more established sports in any given country is that it allows a relative easier path for international representation. By allowing second rate foreigners to represent your country, you kill that one advantage...
  4. No fans (not even local ones) to be allowed at the Olympics ?
  5. Désolé, mais je n'y comprends pas grand chose...
  6. None. But we need démonstration sports back. They were nice for that reason, to show off local sports that for many reasons should not be at the olympics otherwise.
  7. Sorry, but we sucked at colonialism, couldn't even enforce or own language.
  8. Unknow language (some french worlds thrown in it, but that's it)
  9. Your sport <<<<< Rugby "can you believe what you're seing ?"
  10. Même chose que Foucras, le hasard Je me souviens qu'Onesta avait évoqué le sujet au lancement de l'Agence du Sport, mais je ne sais pas si on a avancé de ce côté-là. Après quand tu vois qu'on est quasiment infoutu de faire passer des mecs en vitesse du roller à la glace, on part de très, très loin...
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