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  1. Official: Bradbury golds are the best golds It's also the first gold medal for a french relay in an international championship
  2. Olympic collective sport. At least, we had the mens OQT on live television last time. Not sure, if it will be the case this year.
  3. That was part of the agenda 2020. Didn't really happen though ...
  4. Also they're simply a discipline of the so called 'aquatic sport' (FINA), if WP was run by an indépendant IF, the sport would be much more at risk. Which is also the reason why there will never be an indépendant WP federation despite the numerous calls for it.
  5. And yet your girls are ranked 8th in Europe. Show how incredible small the sport actually is.
  6. It must be weird when your only way of measuring your 'progress' is the margin of your loses .
  7. Yes, they should have wasted some much needed extra energy just to secure for themselves a harder path to the olympic games. Sure
  8. Je rebondis ici au post de @SalamAkhi Est-ce que le changement de présidence de la FFSG, s'est accompagné de changements sportifs (encadrements, moyens, autonomie...) pour les disciplines qui ne nécessitent pas de justeaucorps ? Le problème de cette fédé, c'était pas juste le gobblin à sa tête, mais sa structure en elle-même (en fait son existence même), et sans une refonte de fond en comble (ou au mieux sa disparition mais ça c'est pas au programme), on est reparti pour le même néant en terme de résultats, juste sans le mépris.
  9. -Breakdancing (2) So there must be two events missing somewhere. Edit : and we have also two more climbing events.
  10. First time ever that the overall number of events goes down ? Didn't think they would be able to do that.
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