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  1. So Basically, Sénéchal was the best belgian teammate of Remco and WVA the best french teammate of Laporte.
  2. Morning Is there a link somewhere with a recap of the first four hours ?
  3. Sambo. Also, the 2022 Bandy World Championships have been delayed to 2023 but are still supposed to be held in Russia...
  4. I honestly launched a stream only to watch this chicken live.
  5. Possibly, when the initial décision was made, it was expected that the war would be over soon enough and that russian sport would be reinstalled once the peace was broken. Now that it looks like that the war could drag for years, IOC might look for a new long term solution regarding the - athletes
  6. That's ridiculous National teams should not look like that.
  7. The donwnfall of the """Davis Cup""" is really something else. The channel who owns the rights of the competition here in France is broadcasting the second stage of the world famous cycling Tour du Luxembourg instead of the tie between and
  8. télévisions publiques sont limitées,depuis le 1er janvier 2009. 9 minutes max per hour for private channels and 6 for public ones (plus no breaks after 8 pm). But that's for FTA channels only I think, not sure how it works for other channels, it sure feel likes Eurosport is doing a lot more than that
  9. If I understood correctly, it's exactly the same way it is done in France and non one ever complained about the lack of anonymity here By custom, everyone take multiple ballots before voting.
  10. You can try to watch with the automatic translated subtitles on yt
  11. I think that 10 events for sprint canoeing is perfectly fine and that extra events for diving and shooting is definitely a no-go Generally speaking, if we want even more events and athletes than we already have, something radical would need to happen (splitting the summer olympics, having multiple hosts, an extra week, etc.) I know this is not meant be realistic, but still.
  12. I don't know how it worked back then, but this time both teams had to be ranked in the Top 25. I can't wait to see both the male and the female US handball teams in Los Angeles
  13. A fascinating piece from french TV about the backstage of this conflict. A lot of stuff we are not supposed to ever witness, calls between world leaders and the likes. This is something (future) historians could only dream of. There's a lot here. Who knew for exemple Zelinsky 6 hours before the strike didn't know for certain that there was going to be a war or that even after the initial strike he was still asking for Macron to call for Putin ? Or that the the russian leader apparently was ok with a meeting with Biden a couple of days before the war ? This is obviously in french and focused about Macron and his staff, but many of the calls are in english and you can skip between them. I highly encourage any of you to fire up any VPN you have and create an account. That's not stuff we are likely to see again anytime soon. Edit: it seems to be also available here :
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