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  1. As Turkey, we were really close with multiple medals in all wrestling, karate, boxing and taekwondo. But we missed it in Judo with two 5th places ?
  2. If there is a point or warning they stop the match.
  3. I am not sure if it is so unpopular, I also find Karate much more enjoyable to watch.
  4. What a drama, Petriashvili can lose his mind over this, 10 seconds and 3 points advantage in the heavyweight and he lost it.
  5. Wow great move from Chinese wrestler against the American just 2 seconds before the end. This might be very important for the gold medal count at the end of the olympics
  6. Congrats to Sanchez, well deserved I am not sure but I think she opened Croatian flag after winning, does anybody know why that is?
  7. I really like kumite, they should stop the match less just like taekwondo and I think watching karate will be much more enjoyable than Judo
  8. Great performance from Stevenson, he easily beat Taha. Unfortunately even though I was hoping the other result, it was expected. I believe Petriashvili's gold is not certain, the Iranian and Stevenson seem very strong, Petriashvili did not look that good.
  9. By the way, I hope it will be even better in Paris, we will come with a team this time and hopefully get more medals, but I don’t measure success with medals for now for us, first we need to build the culture in this sport to be consistently successful, so joining with a team and making finals should be the priority.
  10. I’m not sure if we are spending a lot of money, gymnastics is still pretty new and no sport other than football and basketball in Turkey systematically gets a lot of money. It would be much higher compared to Armenia though, I agree. I think we suffered from lack of olympic culture in gymnastics in this olympics. Other than Arıcan, all of our gymnast attended an olympics for the first time. So although I think we really missed a lot of opportunities I can see why our gymnast could not perform at their best except Arıcan.
  11. Turkey should be 7, we were 6 yesterday and today we lost a boxing qf
  12. He did not look great neither physically nor performance-wise. Both Yasemin and Alperi could have beaten her if they believed from the beginning of the match. I think Alperi did not lose any point to her other than cautions.
  13. Adem Inceredible first vault, he was so close to the gold medal and he messed up in the easier one, really saddening
  14. Why would he want to lose in a world championship final?
  15. Wow this indifference to wrestling in the forum is frightening. Comgratulations to Lopez, he is incredibly fit and strong, I would say even more fit and stronger than 2016. This is incredible for a 39 years old. Cuba had an amazing day with two finals, 60 kg was real surprising.
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