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  1. I have no words, Ibrahim Colak was my school-mate in the middle school, he was such a nice and humble guy, 5 years ago we could not imageine a world medal in gymnastics. He came 5th back in 2017 but last year he could not get into the final. I was not expecting this result, incredible. I am very happy for our medal but as a person who knows him I am very happy because I know that he really deserves this. I hope he can win a medal next year in the olympics. He already has written history for Turkey, why not expand the history.
  2. Disaster, complete disaster, how can there be a this huge difference between last year and this year Yasemin Adar who was the two-years ago champion and last year runner-up is eliminated in the first match. Our grekoromen team was a complete disaster. Huge disappointment
  3. Pretty excited about the tournament, so sad and angry about what has been done to Iranian team. Politics should not interfere with the sports. I hope this problem will be solved and Iranian team will take their rightful place in the tournament. About our team, I believe we have a good chance of winning medals almost every weight in women. However our men team has been lacking for a long time now. Emre Kutalmış (only 18 years old) is a hope for us alongside with Hakan Reçber. I think it is gonna be a great tournament with the competition and the exciting nature of taekwondo.
  4. Well, great success for the freestyle team of Turkey. We were pretty close to winning the teams and as MHSN pointed out it is a rare thing to see Russia in the second place. We just lost with 6 points, but Bölükbaşı would not have been enough anyway. I congratulate the team and the coaches but I wonder why Soner Demirtaş (74kg) was not on the team. He is the last European Champion (after defeating Chamizo in the semi-final). If he had been on the team and won at least a medal, we would have taken the first place. Anyway, good tournament so far. Taha was quite dominant against the Georgian, it is good to see his on his feet strong again.
  5. Did Çolak fall down, what happened, how come he is not gonna make the finals
  6. Wow what a final, Russian wrestler was quite a gentlemen though, he tried to console his opponent even though he just won a gold medal. Both of them are Avar origin, I think it was the reason but still he showed a good character.
  7. Okey, I did not know the change, thank you for clarification.
  8. I am really excited to see Sadulaev vs Synder. I think it is gonna be hell of a match. In women, Yasemin Adar reached the final again but the opponent is quite tough. Also, Japanese wrestlers were a disaster today. Not even a single final. I have one question though. There is 58 kg women wrestling class in the olympics. There are 57kg and 59kg in the world wrestling championships. Which one will be counted in the medal count of totallympics
  9. Well, if you spend all your energy in the first two minutes, of course you would dominate your opponent in those minutes. I believe Taylor was clearly better than Yazdani because it is a 6 minutes game and after the first two minutes Taylor was much more energetic and dominant than Yazdani.
  10. Wow, I was thinking Yazdani is a real beast but look at Taylor. He beat all the opponents quite easily, he was even clearly better than Yazdani. Great performance. 86kg is I think the hardest and most challenging one with 74 kg in freestyle.
  11. It was very bad to see a wrestler running for 15 seconds and he got no penalty at all. Demirtaş was really not prepared for this tournament. He could not score any point in his last 3 matches but still, the guys who try to win medals without wrestling was the reason that wrestling almost pushed out of the olympics and we still see it in the freestyle.
  12. I was not much surprised that Akgul lost before semi-final. He changed a lot after the olympic gold. Before the gold he was a very humble and hard-working guy. We had not seen him in TV's too much, he had not talked much to TV's. However, after the olympics, he talks a lot, he always says he is already a legend, his name will be in the history books even 100 years later (btw we have had great wrestlers in our history, much better than Akgul). I thought last year lost again the Georgian would be enough warning for him but he said the same things just before this championships. He also says there is not a guy strong enough to practice so he goes to United States to practice with Snyder. What I do not understand is that how come a 97 KG guy can be stronger than a 125 kg wrestler even if he is not an olympic champion. Akgul also said right before the championships that last year was bad luck and Georgian was lucky. However, to my opinion, last year final was a great match and the Georgian was not lucky at all. He was just very good. Anyways, I am sorry that Akgul lost but I am not surprised, if you lose yourself in these kind of sports you would always be remembered. Luckily, it was not in the olympics. At least we have two guys in the semi finals.
  13. 125kg is really quite a disaster. It should not be so hard to create proper seeds before the tournaments.
  14. TEAM 4 World Championships Gold Medalists, Taha Akgül, Rıza Kayaalp, Yasemin Adar and Metehan Başar. Of course Soner Demirtaş has quite a decent chance for medal. I will also carefully watch Kerem Kamal (18 years old world youth winner), Fatih Cengiz, Selahattin Kılıçsallayan, and some of our women wrestlers. We have quite a young team (especially in olympic kg's) and I am very optimistic for the olympics in wrestling. Freestyle Grekoromen 57 kilo Süleyman Atlı 55 kilo Ekrem Öztürk 61 kilo Recep Topal 60 kilo Kerem Kamal 65 kilo Selahattin Kılıçsallayan 63 kilo Rahman Bilici 70 kilo Mustafa Kaya 67 kilo Atakan Yüksel 74 kilo Soner Demirtaş 72 kilo Murat Dağ 79 kilo Ayhan Sucu 77 kilo Fatih Cengiz 86 kilo Fatih Erdin 82 kilo Emrah Kuş 92 kilo Serdar Böke 87 kilo Metehan Başar 97 kilo Fatih Yaşarlı 97 kilo Süleyman Demirci 125 kilo Taha Akgül 130 kilo Rıza Kayaalp Women 50 kilo Evin Demirhan 53 kilo Zeynep Yetgil 55 kilo Bediha Gün 57 kilo Elif Yanık 59 kilo Elif Jale Yeşilırmak 62 kilo Aslı Tuğcu 65 kilo Aslı Demir 68 kilo Beste Altuğ 72 kilo Buse Tosun 76 kilo Yasemin Adar
  15. Turkish crew. We have 55 athletes, 26 of them men, 29 of them women.
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