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  1. He did not look great neither physically nor performance-wise. Both Yasemin and Alperi could have beaten her if they believed from the beginning of the match. I think Alperi did not lose any point to her other than cautions.
  2. Adem Inceredible first vault, he was so close to the gold medal and he messed up in the easier one, really saddening
  3. Why would he want to lose in a world championship final?
  4. Wow this indifference to wrestling in the forum is frightening. Comgratulations to Lopez, he is incredibly fit and strong, I would say even more fit and stronger than 2016. This is incredible for a 39 years old. Cuba had an amazing day with two finals, 60 kg was real surprising.
  5. Crazy performance from Mete, so proud of him, still cannot believe he gets the gold, I think he was less excited than I was during the finals
  6. That is fair but I did not like how Bosnian guy fought either. He was constantly kicking below waist and Recber had injuries due to that. I do not think it was innocent from his side. All in all I would very much like Bosnia to win their first medal but we needed this medal as well, so I hope they get another chance.
  7. Wow, incredible incredible performance from our women, congratulations, I hope it continues, as a nation our main characteristic is to slow down and relax after successes, I hope it does not happen this time.
  8. Great performance from our gymnasts, we did not even have any finals in our history, now we have 7 in one olympics, it is really great, I hope we can win at least one medal to make it even more amazing
  9. For Turkey, I think it will be 12-15 which is a great jump after 2012, most will be bronzes though.
  10. I understand from our news that one of our quota is also taken back due to doping related issues so we will be able to have 2 quotas only now. Actually we lost not 1 but 2 quotas bevause we were also going to get Vietnam’s quota in women 49kg. That is sad but nothing to do.
  11. Him winning is not enough, he has to score really high, I believe more than 15.330 which rareely happens even for great athletes such as Petrounidas. But he did it in European Championships so I would say he has 50% chance
  12. Yes it is literally an olympic gold or not for Petrounidas and Greece. Although it will reduce İbrahim Çolak’a chances at olympics I still suppprt Petrounidas. An athlete this good should be at the olympics.
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