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  1. @Wumojust a question, I can do the stage prediction day by day?
  2. You're right, maybe its launch? Btw, my awful english is nothing new
  3. ITU become World Triathlon. The new brand will be lunch today
  4. Walkover for Serena Williams, i have no idea why.
  5. It's time for the political debate with two dumbs that are candidate for become US President, honestly i don't know who is the worst, i would never be American and have the right to vote... In other news, the main Italian political channel start the live coverage (Chicco we lo you )
  6. Belgium, Spain and Italy should pulling the peloton...
  7. Men's KL3 500m Final Results Juan Antonio VALLE 1:56.74 Erik KISS 1:58.46 Artem VORONKOV 2:01.88 Rank Athletes Nation Result 4 Strahinja BUKVIC 2:04.97 5 Adrian MOSQUERA 2:07.97 6 Viktor POTANIN
  8. Men's KL2 500m Final Results Markus Mendy SWOBODA 2:04.72 Andras ROZBORA 2:15.50 Csaba RESCSIK 2:19.92 Rank Athletes Nation Result 4 Ahmed NAGUIB 2:28.74
  9. Women's KL3 500m Final Results Nelia BARBOSA 2:19.39 Larisa VOLIK 1:01.88 Nikoletta MOLNAR 2:37.76
  10. Men's KL1 500m Final Results Peter Pal KISS 2:14.34 Robert SUBA 2:19.86 Remy BOULLE 2:29.33 Rank Athletes Nation Result 4 Artur CHUPROV 2:32.66
  11. Women's KL2 500m Final Results Nadezda ANDREEVA 2:23.20 Pascale Rachel BERCOVITCH 2:36.75 Katlin VARGA 2:42.32 Rank Athletes Nation Result 4 Anastasiia BELOGUROVA 3:07.23
  12. Women's KL1 500m Final Results Alexandra DUPIK 3:33.18 Erika PULAI 3:52.01
  13. This new pursuit format on the road is quite nice
  14. Di Liberto won the K1 200m Honestly It was completely unexpected for me!
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