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  1. Ok guys, I know that there is a lot of excitation here, but this is too much
  2. It was a nice race, Pogacar was just too strong today for Masnada
  3. Great victory for Balsamo I can say, without any doubt, that this is our year in sport
  4. Podium for Beda This is totally unexpected, whitout any doubt it's the surprise of this WCh.
  5. I think talking about the Czech defeat. It's a shock see both Prindis and Hradilek eliminated..
  6. Wow, what a start for the Brazilians! The women's team beats Russia and the men's team Italy and they qualified both for the quarterfinals
  7. We are, once again, on the top Only 1 month after the Tokyo's failure, with a youngster team, just wow. Congrats to Slovenia, I really like how they played and I really appreciate the match
  8. Matteo Galvan, 2009 indoor European championship in the 4xq00, announced his retirement.
  9. Wow, what race Btw, once again, CAMPIONE DEL MONDO It's a magic summer for the Italian sport!
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