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  1. I'm almost sure that's Trentino. Taranto is in the South of the country, they have some amazing beach
  2. Congrats to @Henry_Leon @SteveParkerand @Pablita! I never doubt about the great Pablita song tastes I'm hope to have enough time to join the next time after missing 2 contest in a row
  3. Amazing results for Brazil in the 5 hoops, with a 35.000 and a 3rd place in qualification ahead Italy, Bulgaria and Ukraine (!!!) @thiago_simoes
  4. I do a totally mess with pool C and I confuse Men's and women's team Never write at university meanwhile you should listening the lesson
  5. My predictions A: Brazil and Italy. It's hard to see a dark horse, it's a pretty close pool B: Toughest pool, Japan, USA, Serbia and Slovenia will compete for two spots. This will be really fun C: China and Poland. The dark horse is Netherlands if the old team will back, but without Guidetti the Netherlands team isn't the same
  6. I'm surprise that it's only cannabis and not some cocaine
  7. Personal problems, characters that are difficult to reconcile and they quarreled. Mosaner returned to compete in pair with his girlfriend.
  8. Costantini/Arman won the Italian mixed double championship, defeating 7-2 the youngsters Lacedelli/De Zanna. Only 3rd place for the other OG Gold Medallis Mosaner, in pair with Cobelli. Obviously, the national championships are also valid as trials for the world championships
  9. And there isn't, unless if I didn't see it, a complete livetiming for the XCO
  10. This year the livetiming isn't on as usual? @dcro
  11. Yep, that's why i put the facepalm on the post
  12. Bonazzi 7th Someone should kill me, it's a torture follow the Italian team...
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