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  1. Some nice stats, after 31 events San Marino have more gold than Spain, France and Portugal combined
  2. Bronze medal for San Marino in the men's raffa
  3. Gymnastics finals starts Really enjoying finals, with Italy that already won the vault final.
  4. Rashed Alswesi and Mahmud Issa wrote the history! Libya defeated 12-0 the Algerian pair in the men's raffa bronze final and won an amazing bronze!
  5. Boules results are still missing? Anyone know if Libya won the bronze?
  6. 1st medal for San Marino, sadly against Masotti
  7. Bronze medal for Cyrprus in men's AA
  8. Adem Asil won in the men's gymnastic. It cold be cool known the others on the podum
  9. Aaand, the italia NOC tv interrupted the streaming with 1 routine to go.
  10. As expected, gold for Maggio, silver for D'Amato and bronze for a French
  11. The 1st of the 8 finals of the day is about to start, and it's the most important for the Italian Team, with a possible 1-2. Maggio and D'Amato seems the two favorite for the win, with the French just behind for the bronze.
  12. Lodadio had a crash and apparently suffered an injury
  13. Now it's works, at last for me.
  14., channel 1. You need Italian VPN
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