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  1. Italian President Sergio Mattarella decided to visit Codogno, the 1st city hit by covid-19, for the republic Day
  2. France Date Athletes Sport & Event January 17th Mélanie Gadoulet Air Sport Women's Gliding - Women's 18 Metre Total 1 Latest World Championships Date Athletes Sport & Event January 17th Anne Ducarouge Air Sport Women's Gliding - Women's 18 Metre January 17th Aude Grangeray Air Sport Women's Gliding - Women's 18 Standard Total 1 Latest World Championships Date Athletes Sport & Event January 17th Céline Rault Air Sport Women's Gliding - Women's Club Total 1 Latest World Championships
  3. Medals obtained by Nations in Olympics as well in non-Olympics sport, considering the World Championships in 2020 for each Sport. Medals obtained by Nations without a recognized Olympic Committee (Scotland, Faroe Islands, etc.) will be assigned to the Nation for which they will compete for at the Olympic Games (if Scotland wins a medal in Men's Curling WCF World Championship, then that medal will be assigned to Great Britain etc.) Some World Championships allow Athletes from different Nations to compete as a Pair or Doubles Team. This is not possible at the Olympic Games, so in case a mixed team win a World Championships medal, half medal will be awarded to each Nation. Only the Medals obtained by Nations in events organised by IOC recognized federation will be take in consideration. Click on a Nation to open that Nation's Medals. Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total 1 Slovakia 0 1 0 1 2 Spain 0 1 0 1 3 Ukraine 0 1 0 1 Total Road to Tokyo 2020 1 1 1 3
  4. Golden Gala 2020 change (AGAIN)! the location... Not the Olympics stadium in Rome, not Naples, not more Milan. Actually the venuee (but it isn't over yet) is Stadio dei Marmi (5000 seats), in Rome.
  5. Honestly i think that it's absurd have WCh in 2022...
  6. And we go, FIS back the older dear FIS that we love. And they take on the most exhilarating decision that i could only imagine... The next step is the 15km blind and with with only one ski, I guess. Btw, from FIS website: The athletes competing in team competitions will score the following individual World Cup points according to the final ranking of their team. Relays will count for the Distance World Cup standing and Overall World Cup standing. Team Sprints will count for the Sprint World Cup standing and Overall World Cup standing. There is still the possibility that this will be drop in the autumn meeting.
  7. Apparently at the headquarters of the FIS they ran out of vodka, damn covid. Btw, without drink, they made a right decision... All the stage in the parallel events will be on two run.
  8. Italy-Netherlanda U19 floorball match on the MSChannel network
  9. Last time that i listen Volare i was outside my balcony in quarantine It's one of the best song ever...
  10. This isn't what i expected to an Eurovision
  11. Honestly i don't understand what we'll see tonight... Btw, let's hope in something of nice
  12. FISI announced today the team for the next season Men's Team Samuel Costa Alessandro Pittin Aaron Kostner Raffaelle Buzzi
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