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  1. I voted for Italy, but Netherlands have a very consistent and strong team.
  2. Serbia and Czech Republic. I hope that Egypt will defeat Ethiopia, but it's really hard.
  3. Another gold and 3rd medal of the day Thank Netherlands for the suicide
  4. Complete disaster for Jacobs and Manenti... A complete disaster.
  5. Campionati mondiali di staffetta, so relay world championship
  6. World championnn! Yay, not a great time, but good job!
  7. Olympic quota for Dominican Republic! And now the wrost format of the championship, hurdles relay :cheer;
  8. 5/5 in final (and at Olympics). Good result for the Italian team
  9. Italian commentator: "And they starts, well the Slovakian starts very very slowly"
  10. This is the frist time that i see the 2x2x400. And I hope that this will be the last one.
  11. The last week he was elected as CONI delegate, he seems in good election. Honestly I thank that all was going in the right direction...
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