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  1. The judges are completely drunk, evidently there is too much sake in the VAR room. The Netherlands not only had to be penalized, it was a dangerous action from direct YC. Shame on you!
  2. It was just for the wind conditions, the only alternative was cancelled the event
  3. Ouch, awful 2nd run for Robinson and she can say goodbye to the top5.
  4. Luckly on Eurosport Player the finals are available on demand
  5. I know that a lot of big names are missing, but 3rd podium for Italy Really good days for the Italians in Kitakyushu
  6. Arianna Fontana, at 32 years and 192 days, just become the oldest athlete to won an individual medal at WC
  7. Robinson's skiing reminds me a lot of Sofia Goggia's ... every descent is an all or nothing.
  8. Awful start for Bassino and Brignone Not the best way for start of the season...
  9. Honestly I'm completely shocking. Huge surprise see Bartolini won the gold
  10. Sofia Goggia will be the Italian flag bearer at the opening ceremony, Michela Moioli will carry the Italian flag at the closing ceremony.
  11. Ok guys, I know that there is a lot of excitation here, but this is too much
  12. It was a nice race, Pogacar was just too strong today for Masnada
  13. Great victory for Balsamo I can say, without any doubt, that this is our year in sport
  14. Podium for Beda This is totally unexpected, whitout any doubt it's the surprise of this WCh.
  15. I think talking about the Czech defeat. It's a shock see both Prindis and Hradilek eliminated..
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