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  1. What he want, some seats for his friends?
  2. Vedrai che vinceremo anche le gare di domani... E il fiasco delle gare individuali verrà nascosto come polvere sotto il tappeto
  3. Germany's gold in the team events it's now really at risk
  4. Once the race is resumed, the brawl for the individual podium behind Jung will be interessing
  5. The television footage is embarrassing ... certainly not worthy of a world championship.
  6. @dcrothe Chinese have some chances to do a good XCO? Honestly I never see him, I haven't idea about how Don Geniro is
  7. Italy need an over 35 for the podium. We already do it plus time in the season, let's hope..
  8. Total debacle for the Japan, the podum for Israel seems a bit more close.
  9. Canada withdrew few moments before the start I haven't idea about what happened
  10. The long weekend of rhythmics begins with the team competition. Israel will be in group A, Bulgaria and Italy in group B.
  11. This is only the qualification, Olympic quota will be awarded in the all-around final.
  12. Varricchio sensationally in the final, a totally unexpected result.
  13. Apparently it was an old interview (and that's explain Borjana's bad performance at last world challenger). Luckily she will be in
  14. Apparently Kaleyn is out from the WCh for covid+an injury
  15. On one of the days that enters the history of Italian sport by right, horse riding wanted to make its contribution. In Warsaw, Italy won access to the next Nations Cup (on a path that is honestly very boring, but at least the streaming was free)
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