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  1. Hein y Santillán son super talentos, tienen récords de categoría a lo loco, incluso algunos de Delfina. Y lo más loco es que son mejores amigas y se retroalimentan en la competencia. Pero de ahí a que se desarrollen como Delfina hay un mundo y ya con la natación me quemé demasiadas veces, dependerá de ellas, sus familias y sus entrenadores cuánto terminen creciendo. El resto de esa lista salvo Nazareno son incógnitas. Y lo de él creo que hay que agradecerle a Germán Lauro, porque bien podría haber seguido el camino de los que dejaron.
  2. Is Van Vleuten the best female athlete of 2022? I mean, to win it all at 39yo and become world champion with a broken elbow...
  3. No creo segundos, seguramente terceros. Cuarto sería malo, pero tampoco una sorpresa a esta altura. Acá los deportes que entregan plazas a los Juegos Panamericanos. Criterios de Clasificación XIX JJ.PP Santiago 2023 - 11.8.pdf
  4. Cuatro años después de Buenos Aires 2018 me puse a contar cuántos repiten en la delegación de los Juegos Sudamericanos y encontré 28. Pensé que serían menos la verdad. Igual qué triste que tantos de esos que prometían hayan dejado de competir.
  5. Well, tecnically all the russian athletes from team sports can still compete internationally, only not for their national team.
  6. Aside from national interests, it's mainly athletics and swimming for me at the Olympics. Tennis would be next as is my number 2 sport after football, but I don't care that much about both at the Olympics compared to the regular calendar (but tennis is more interesting per level reasons). Then if I have to mention two sports that I like to watch and don't follow that much outside the Olympics are archery and fencing.
  7. I hope Carlitos can do it, but it might be too much pressure for him and Sinner has his number.
  8. Popovici ended with a 47.13, has 9 of the fastest 10 times in the 100 FR this year. Crazy kid. No medals here, but a great week for the argentinian kids. Matias Santiso the MVP lowering the junior national record 3 times in the 50 FR and twice in the 100 FR. Julia Christen and Ulises Saravia also set national junior records. And Malena Santillán and Agostina Hein (both 14yo) also with some PBs and solid times overall. Let's hope these kids can develop and not end burning out like the 2018 YOG group.
  9. If they both reach the semis, Alcaraz and Nadal would battle for #1 (Carlitos also has to win the final). Ruud has an outside chance by winning the title and Rafa out before SF. Everything else gives Nadal the #1 spot.
  10. Un, yeah. Not an expert, but if the investigation confirms that the gun was charged, don't know what else can you can call it.
  11. A national tragedy avoided by luck. We dodged a bullet like, literally.
  12. And Brandon Holt wins! The 303° against the 12°. Day of upsets in the US Open.
  13. Brandon Holt will make his US Open debut after winning in qualies. He celebrated with his mother Tracy Austin, former #1 and youngest US Open champion ever. And now will face Taylor Fritz, whose mother is Kathy May, former #10 in the WTA. Austin and May played once and now their kids will meet.
  14. Weird case in Winston-Salem, haven't seen it before. So many last minute withdrawals and already the 4 players who lost in qualies got in as lucky losers, so a guy who lost in the first round of qualies got in too, the 377th Michail Pervolarakis, known best for being the other guy in the Tsitsipas bros ATP Cup greek team @Makedonas
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