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  1. I don't think so. He is in a 28 days quarantine back in Australia after 7 months away, I doubt he is moving from there soon. And Raducanu said she'll do some trials with coaches in the off season.
  2. Amazing from the youngsters, but from what I could watch both Sabalenka and Sakkari were tragic out there. Hope Fernandez and Raducanu don't dissappear after this tournament and can be consistent like Swiatek and not another Ostapenko. Changing names at every GS gets a bit boring.
  3. I think Pliskova and Sabalenka will put an end to the fairytale, but we'll see.
  4. Can't think of many athletes as clutch as Lasitskene. Even when she is not at her best, under pressure, against fierce competition, she still delivers. Mahuchikh will start to dominate this event soon, though.
  5. Krejcikova was dead, don't know how she pulled the win. Muguruza must be mad, it was going to be an epic comeback. I think Sabalenka gonna make the final from that half and Pliskova/Bencic in the other one. Rooting for Iga, but hasn't been great so far. Men's draw is kinda done. Anything other than Djokovic/Zverev vs Medvédev would be a shock.
  6. After 1R, 12 seeds already out in the men's draw. Only 3 women* *Ostapenko withdrew so there are 31.
  7. I saw this event in the YOG and even if I don't understand a bit how they do the scores (the same happens to me in artistic swimming or rythmic gymnastics tbh). The russian guy who won gold was amazing. I think this is one of those events you have to watch with an open mind and just enjoy it as an entertainment.
  8. As long as local clubs survive and put kids into sport + national federations keep proving some kind of "professional structure" to the elite players, we'll remain competitive in team sports. That's the only succesful "sports policy" we have. But individual talents will be wasted with no incentives, 2018 YOG won't have any lasting effect and that's terrible.
  9. I give it a 4. It was bad, but expected. And we had some great moments at the end. The big surprise was the volleyball team winning a medal beating USA, France, Italy and Brazil in the process. That'll be remembered as one our best sport performances over the years. The heartbreaks were no gold medals at all, especially for the women's field hockey that can't win it yet, no medals for Lange/Carranza in sailing and Pareto in judo, and Chiaraviglio's covid positive before his competition. Don't know what it was the goal here. I expected 2-4 medals and we won 3, so that's fine, but it's the least amount of medals since 96 and first one without gold medals since 00, so it's kinda bad. Invest more? Are you kidding, right? With the current economic state of our country we'll be lucky to at least keep what we have now, which isn't too much. As long as we remain competitive in team sports and the generational talents in individual sports can deliver we have a shot to win a couple medals in the Games.
  10. Highlights of the Games for me: from a perspective, besides the 3 medals, Paula Pareto giving her all even injured in her last fight ever. Lucas Guzmán performance in taekwondo, especially that epic win in the last 3 seconds of the first round. And the big standing ovation for Luis Scola in his last match ever. Overall: Yulimar Rojas world record. Tamberi and Barshim sharing the gold moment Lasitskene winning gold after being denied to do it in Rio Allyson Felix reaching 11 olympic medals Ingebritsen and Warholm races Lisa Carrington 3 gold medals Jason Kenny epic keirin gold Sky Brown last run to win a medal Hafnaoui upset in 400 free Paltrinieri and Quadarella winning medals after recent physical struggles Katie Ledecky's entire tournament, from the great Titmus matchup in the 400, to the emotional 1500 gold, the crazy 4x200 split and the 3peat in the 800.
  11. Had never seen skateboarding before and really liked the Park competition, the best from the new sports IMO.
  12. Draw out Barty/Peers in 1R
  13. Menos mal que existen los mexicanos, todo muy lindo con los hermanos Gil pero que te pasen tiro y ni enfoquen los platos en vez de finales de natación... Yo sigo confiando en el hockey y Lange/Carranza, pero a esta altura creo que es más wishful thinking que otra cosa. Era pesimista, pero esto está peor de lo esperado.
  14. Oops, it was going to happen with 3 hours of sleep
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