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  1. Ranking works as I stated in the post.
  2. Accumulation of ranking points started after Roland Garros 2019. For every player is the best result in tournaments between the first week of grass season last year until the tour finals (2019 and 2020) and normal results for tournaments played in 2021 until Roland Garros. So, Djokovic and Halep Wimbledon 2019 points count as well as Nadal and Andreescu Us Open 2019 points. So will Us Open 2020 points, but not Roland Garros 2020, as they will be replaced by Roland Garros 2021 before the cut.
  3. Naomi made the statement, the tournament is just doing damage control IMO. A single one day off doesn´t change a bit for them.
  4. She is a better hard court player I think. Beat Rybakina in the final of Shenzhen at the start of the year.
  5. Lol there is no money here, little companies are dying and unemployment and poverty will spike big time. Imagine what will happen in sports. For small clubs there are subsidies in some communities and I guess some athletes can get the emergency assistance income (around 150 dollars).
  6. There are numbers that cannot be hidden. 54 deaths so far and 96 in ICU. The health vice minister just said there are 8,400 ICU beds and 6.400 ventilators.
  7. That´s old. Today´s number is 226 tests per million, which is still pretty low, but slowly increasing.
  8. Isn´t Germany counting the deaths in a different way from other countries, only the ones that died of Covid and didn´t have any other cronical problem? At least I heard that from a doctor here.
  9. Central bank and social security directors are to blame. Not only they didn't calculate that thousands of old people were going out as they couldn't take their money with the banks closed. They opened the same day that millions of people have to go to the banks to get their universal income. A perfect storm of stupidity. Now it was announced that banks are going to be open the whole weekend, but it's too late. In retrospective, it was a bad call to close the banks when the quarantine started. This gonna get ugly in the next weeks.
  10. Well, today is a terrible day. Banks reopened after two weeks, so thousands of people are in the streets, most of them old ones who coudnt't get their money and don't use electronic systems. This gonna cost lives and damage the opinion towards the quarantine.
  11. We are doing around 700 per day and increasing. It's one of the countries with fewer tests per million habitants, so many are focusing on that as the main problem. But I get it. There were a lot problems when everything started and we are doing what we can with the things we have.
  12. We have good numbers here so far: 1217 cases, 37 deaths, 256 recovered, 72 in ICU. But we were poor, on the verge of default before the quarantine and many people want to relax the measures already (ends on april 12th). We are going to crash hard. If not for the virus, the economy will be.
  13. Argentinian OC president confirmed in a radio interview that the Games will be postponed. Not that anyone cares.
  14. According to an argentinian journalist in Brazil, politicians across all parties are figuring out how to get the president out of his job before he kills thousand of people by being careless. Mexico will have a similar problem I guess...
  15. Delfina Pignatiello training for the Olympics Eric Moussambani style. She´ll surely catch Ledecky this way!
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