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  1. Morocco and Nigeria are with one foot in Qatar. Egypt R.I.P. CMR vs ALG deadly match. Let's go Mali.
  2. [hide] Knockout Round January 23rd - February 6th, 2022 16 Nations, the Winners of each Round of 16-matches qualify for the Quarterfinals Round of 16 Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 January 23rd 2022, h. 17:00 Burkina Faso 1 1 Gabon January 23rd 2022, h. 20:00 Nigeria 3 0 Tunisia January 24th 2022, h. 17:00 Guinea 0 1 Gambia January 24th 2022, h. 20:00 Cameroon 2 0 Comoros January 25th 2022, h. 17:00 Senegal 2 1 Cape Verde January 25th 2022, h. 20:00 Morocco 2 0 Malawi January 26th 2022, h. 17:00 Ivory Coast 3 1 Egypt January 26th 2022, h. 20:00 Mali 1 0 Equatorial Guinea [/hide]
  3. 30 consecutive matches beating Djibouti was spectacular from Algeria but bumping into a powerhouse like and keep on winning was asking too much from them I think.
  4. Any particular reason the bet contest was abandoned? If it was time I could have helped but eh
  5. Dude, there is literally 0 chance of any non-democratic form of government to take over in modern Chile. The system and institutions there are too strong and established. Communist parties in Argentina and Brazil were part of coalitions in recent governments, and no, nothing anywhere close as a "full-scale takeover" took place. Much less would it happen in Chile.
  6. Olympic athletics team? Olympic shooting team? With that criteria every sport is a team sport lol
  7. I fear Chile, Peru and Bolivia will be punching bags in their respective divisions more often than not but, nonetheless, this is great news
  8. Olimpia Awards ceremony took place yesterday (most notorious sport award in the country, voted by journalists). Winner of the Olimpia de Oro ("golden Olimpia") and thus chosen argentine sportperson of the year was... Lionel Messi Extremely predictable winner must I say. This award historically has tried to stay away from footballers (this is "only" the 7th golden olimpia for a footballer in 67 years of the award and Messi's second) but this year there wasn't really any option. Also, tennis player Diego Schwartzman was retroactively given the same award but for 2020 (the ceremony couldn't take place last year). Here is a list with the previous winners.
  9. You guys know the car does 90% of the job these days, right? To me this is as exciting as scripted "professional" wrestling Real F1 ended 15-20 years ago.
  10. It should have been 2 teams and not 3 advancing from the first stage. If you wanted to have same amount of games then maybe make the teams coming from the same group play again instead of carrying the result. Another alternative with this same format I propose could have been making the round 2 groups composed of 4 teams all from different round 1 groups (eg. One group with: E1+F2+G1+H2). This way both the main round and the president cup become more exciting.
  11. Diplomatic boycott? what is this? Grow some balls and do a real full boycott if you care that much about human rights. Typical duplicity of anglophone international relations.
  12. You add a bunch more non olympic sports + hockey/rugby (absent here) + larger water sports presence + more serious competition in things like Cycling and the result is Colombia probably below Argentina again in Santiago (which won't mean our sport is great, far from it...).
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