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  1. Just as expected Japan with Bahrain together and Egypt (=IHF) with both of them and Portugal just in case
  2. Evaluating the situation in each group... A: Should be Portugal v Serbia all the way to the end, likely the decision will come down to the very last game. B: Should be Spain v Sweden all the way, don't see the other teams challenging, not even Greece. They can get a point or two from the big kids but struggle too much to score. C: I don't see Italy or Switzerland dropping a single point to all the other (awful) teams, so everything should be decided in the h2h games. D: France is not playing great but they will easily qualify since all the other teams are close in le
  3. This was the definition of "pecho frio".
  4. It's amazing how the russians are just mocking everyone with these anthem proposals. And to be fair, they are right in doing so since the imposed sanctions are a complete joke (in the sense of being less than a slap in the wrist) to begin with.
  5. She and her husband live and train in Ukraine since start of pandemic. I guess it makes sense to change back sport nationality if you will live there now.
  6. Doha 2064, Argentina qualifies in archery, diving and badminton. Mark my words.
  7. I said it last december They should fire De Boer soon and hire Ten Hag or Bosz.
  8. Both teams play bad, it's just the dutch have an awful coach on top of that.
  9. I don't understand why they can't play the home games. From what I understand the clubs from Germany have freed all players now (and the prohibition was for travel to UK only anyway). Edit: oh I guess there's some restriction placed on Slovakia by Germany?
  10. Does Gil win the quota in skeet? Qatar almost winning was frightening. edit: oh i see there's a WC in Lonato in May for Shotgun.
  11. Because there are 3 teams and you already have a win and a draw. Argentina can't finish above Sweden anymore.
  12. Yes, it's very evident that you don't watch handball
  13. Yeah yeah, sure. Can we ban this guy already?
  14. Brazil was 9th in the world championship, so they got to play OQT1. If you wanted more european teams they should have performed better.
  15. On what basis is Iceland better than Brasil??? They lost to them in 2019 WCH, finished lower in last 2 WChs...
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