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  1. Absolutely obvious wild cards. Only two other decent options were Serbia or Macedonia but no profit for IHF there.
  2. Finished Dark at last. Yet another Netflix series that should have been finished in less episodes. Liked it better at the beginning when it was a darker Back to the future than at the end when it became a sugared version of Rick & Morty. Didn't like the whole star-crossed lovers theme of the protagonists (had me rolling eyes all the time), but at least they went for a bittersweet ending.
  3. Lol the average gamer in 2020 is anything but progressive. More like the opposite.
  4. Oh yeah, you watched korean archers winning the individual events?, now you can watch them win even more easily in the team event (btw by "team" we just mean an addition of their individual performances). Super fun.
  5. Happiest day in my life will be when each and every team event of an individual sport is scrapped.
  6. So, I'm the second biggest lefty in the forum after olympian, no surprise. Btw that question that correlates your concept of art to your political compass is very ideological on itself Economic Left/Right: -7.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.03
  7. Wtf Of course, because when you mature you watch sport all day and post in a forum 10 times a day
  8. Both sports make constant substitutions. It would be bad for player's health to reduce 1 in handball (7 on court players with 6 of them running from end to end) and terrible to take 1 from hockey (11 players out of which 7/8 run box-to-box all game). I would argue that it would be worse to take a quota from these sports than from basketball.
  9. Softball: Basketball: Men's field hockey: Women's field hockey: Men's volleyball Women's volleyball:
  10. These protests shouldn't have any influence in the outcome of the trial for the murder of this man. They are completely irrelevant for the case.
  11. Came to see what the opinions here were and was not surprised to see heywoodu, Federer more worried about tvs being stolen lol
  12. All my posts for when the shooting prediction contest is opened: "Any other" "Someone from China" "Any other"
  13. aaah the shirts. I have had only two original (=non counterfeit) football shirts in my life, Argentina 98 and Holland 06 (the one with the collar, something unusual for nike).
  14. I remember pretty well. I think I went to two group games and the final. Very nice tournament with many goals and stars. There were also Essien, Muntari, Kaká, Adriano.
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