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  1. [hide] Knockout Round - Round of 16 June 26th - July 11th, 2021 16 Nations, Winners of each Round of 16-matches will qualify for the Quartfinals Round of 16 Date & Time (GMT +2, CEST) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 June 26th 2021, h. 18:00 Wales 0 2 Denmark June 26th 2021, h. 21:00 Italy 2 0 Austria June 27th 2021, h. 18:00 Netherlands 2 1
  2. You mean Portugal?, Ukraine is qualified already.
  3. Honestly feel like Hungary could have made more damage if they weren't so focused on just defending their lead...
  4. mmm if I had to write it in english it would be something like "the check-oh" haha we have a funny guy in our tv that narrates all the games of the team and when Loser scores a great point he sometimes says "why do they call him loser? he's a winner!" (he says winner in english) this guy has many other catch phrases like that when he's narrating games, really wholesome fellow.
  5. Groups B and E going down means we'll have Belgium v Portugal/France in next round.
  6. We're entering the period in which if you get a sickness (from covid to anything more serious) you say bye bye to medals, unless you're part of a team sport squad.
  7. Martina Dominici positive doping test at pan american championships. Bye bye Tokyo.
  8. I mean, what are the regular afghan people doing about it? do they support taliban or what?
  9. Without going into the details, Group F is basically a consequence of Portugal failing to top their qualification group (finished below Ukraine) and France not winning enough points in theirs despite topping their group. The seeding was based in qualifiers performance alone, not fifa or uefa rankings as usual. As for the R16 bracket... it was just bad luck that Group F is also the worst group to be placed into in that respect.
  10. I said before the match that Denmark was going to beat Russia 200%, now I will say they will 300% beat Wales It's 1992 again.
  11. Yes, I know but that game is played later. It's unlikely that Finland will get that result but they can't just assume that, much less in a sport like this where you're always one red card or one bad defense away from losing to minnow.
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