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  1. This happens in my country every single government lol. Both with judges and prosecutors. Division of powers is sometimes a joke.
  2. This italian high jumper is shaved in one side of the face? wtf does he think he's funny?
  3. The "big masses" don't actually think that (at least not the ones that follow tennis, they mostly care about GSs and nothing else). Also I don't think austrians are particularly nationalistic to care much about it. Maybe in another more nationalistic country an athlete doing that would get a lot of shit. Thiem is on his right to skip the olympics. Sadly money talks and for these super professional sports like tennis, golf, cycling, basketball or football there is not much the NOC can do to enforce athlete participation other than hope for their good will to represent the country.
  4. First player born in the 90s to win a grand slam. Meanwhile among the women we already had winners from the 2000s.
  5. I don't think his achievements or status as athlete or the political use of IOC should be a point of discussion here. Rather if he's actually guilty and if it's true or not that his confession was extracted under torture (I don't know anything about the specifics of the case so I won't pass judgement on that).
  6. So Uruguay or Cape Verde will pass? lol
  7. 2 teams advance per group? What is second round format? play-off, group of 4, group of 6, group of 8??
  8. Yes you can. One thing are personal beliefs, another is defending the geopolitical interests of the nation. You also can't be pro-saudi at the same time if it was like you say. But he has to be because those are the interests of the nation.
  9. I still stick to my prediction from last year that Trump will win. But after covid it will be very close (I said easily before). The further away from pandemic peak the more chances he has. Biden could have won had they been held 1 month ago.
  10. It's also the only species (for now) that could protect the others from extinction if an asteroid approaches tomorrow just saying eh, ask the dinosaurs.
  11. Tbf you are all talking about "Africa" like it's a giant monolithic state or something. There are vastly different realities in Morocco, South Africa, Somalia, Congo...
  12. "Interest" is not something that can be generated out of nowhere. People from x place have interest in playing a sport mostly when they see there are opportunities for them in said sport. Those countries invest in summer sports because they are cheaper in general. Why do you think football is so popular in almost any country? because it's incredibly cheap to play, you just need a ball and a large enough space anywhere. And because there are many opportunities to become professional in that sport. On the other hand, other summer sports like golf for example aren't exactly popular i
  13. First you say this but in your following post you talk precisely about money and class...
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