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  1. Our team has been in Cairo all tournament but we've avoided all injuries, covid, stomach-aches, nuclear bombs and the 10 plagues.
  2. Draw. I predicted Egypt to win, but they missed two easy 1v1 shots in the last minute and allowed the draw. I'm so angry. Egypt has advanced to QFs, they will do it in first place if Russia wins.
  3. Wow I just saw the biggest stupidity ever, Slovenia was leading by 4 and they tried to play with an extra man in attack (why? You're leading by 4 on the 2nd half, just make long boring possessions). They lost the ball 3 consecutive times and Egypt scored 3 goals to an empty net by the first goal you should have stopped playing like that.
  4. Cooperation with russian space agency was signed in 2019.
  5. ahh I remember being so frustrated, our team also tied Russia in the 2nd game but then fell apart for the final games and even failed to beat KSA which would have qualified them for the next round.
  6. But Croatia is not out and they can still qualify wtf Woody Allen is old and tired.
  7. Not really, they need to beat a Denmark team that (probably) will already have secured 1st place and hope Argentina lose to Qatar. Both things are perfectly possible.
  8. I consider Egypt favorite against Slovenia and so do betting sites.
  9. Why are they invalid? Out of what total?
  10. Did this guy join the forum just to post about the cancellation of everything? What a bad troll.
  11. Not really, some countries have less some more cases, some countries are already vaccinating, others not. Not sure if every country would've taken the same decision of cancelling 6 months in advance (assuming that what the article says is true, of course).
  12. Yeah, IOC will be left almost bankrupt with this. They will have their "vendetta" with Japan in some way.
  13. Behind a paywall like every shitty english newspaper. Can someone give me some quotes from the article (that isn't the first paragraph)?
  14. That's because a world quota was awarded before the continental, so ultimately it's the same mistake I pointed out.
  15. I strongly support continental representation (of at least 1 team) at the olympics so yeah, that's the only mistake in my view.
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