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  1. When did hamilton change to his 3rd? No way Verstappen can finish the season with his engine, he will have to change it
  2. Since when is changing an engine is a penalty? is it on the first engine a penalty? i remember grid penalties for transmission changes, but not engine
  3. You don't think they will before the end of the season? Sky made it seem like it's coming
  4. Will be interesting to see if they will decide to do a bottas style engine change
  5. Yea I did. And it seems like a really smart mathematician tried to make a crazy formula that makes no sense. If anything I like giving points up to 8th place and add them all up. But what we have now is good enough, besides that there will always be discussions about the way the table should be sorted. By golds or by total
  6. How the hell is Max the one to get the penalty ??? It's such bs
  7. So usa or China have basically no chance to be number 1. We can't win thousand medals
  8. Yes but it was quite obvious that the race can't run, so why even put the cars on the track? they didnt see what happened to Norris??
  9. Well the ceremony was total bullshit, but i think that Verstappen did deserve some points for at least winning the pole. Were the fans at least given the money back? i sure hope so
  10. Well.... there was no race, so off course it's the worse, but what should they have done? postpone to monday?
  11. It was raining like crazy. After yesterday's accident what would you have them do? The first turn would be a pileup
  12. Crauser is not human. It was insane to stand very close and see how far this ball went comparing to all others
  13. Fun first night today, Hassan was far from the WR that she wanted but it was nice atmosphere in a chilly night in Eugene, OR. Very excited about tomorrow with so many medalists coming. Kind of disappointed that McLaughlin didn't come for the 400 Hurdles, but overall great start lists all over. Gonna be a fun day
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