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  1. I wonder where eugene2021 moves. I was planning to go there for the whole week
  2. As a psl holder in SoFi I would love to see a much bigger participation. Though beyond soccer there really isn't much they can host. It's way too big for rugby. Right now the stadium is not even in the plans for 2026 world cup
  3. 1) I have no clue how they will fit the track and field events into the coliseum, it's setup for football, so very oval stands with no room (and a horrific area and transportation to get there, i only went to 3 games there and hated every aspect of the stadium) 2) SoFi stadium is not part of the olympics in a big way, half of the ceremonies, soccer and archery in the lake outside, thats it, probably could've done more with it, but there was no need 3) There could be another venue, with clippers building an arena next to SoFi stadium there are still issues for them to clear however it's suppose to be built by then, so probably a venue to move women's basketball or gymanstics to
  4. But you'll have athletes who can't even train, you will have athletes who will refuse to go. You're from italy, is any italian athlete still training?
  5. I feel like the longer they go without announcing postponement the worst it will get as far as damage to the olympics, and more power those anti olympics groups will get. Just enough to see the replies on twitter to each of their posts about the fire flying to tokyo, and not just by noylmpicsla, but a lot of people calling for that.
  6. No qualification system should be changed, whatever is done should be left, doesn't matter if it's for tokyo 2020, 2021 or 2022
  7. why 2022? it will be same year as world cup (even though world cup will be in december) will be also weird to have 2 winter games with no summer games in between
  8. there is no chance it will happen this year, i would love it to, but it won't, athletes pushing back already, sooner or later IOC will announce a postponement (especially with UEFA postponing euro that was suppose to end 2 weeks before the olympics).
  9. what's the rush? there is still a year and 3 months until the olympics
  11. Damn just yesterday they announced that everything will go on as usual
  12. Currently is the correct word, my kids schools also closed for 2 weeks, but no one promises that it won't be more (hopefully it's just 2 weeks, my son's birthday is in april and he is all set on a disney trip) I don't mind having the games behind closed doors, but it will definetly be weird, tokyo will probably rather postpone because they will loose so much money on it, and while ioc might not loose, tokyo most definetly will and yes waiting until may is fine, and hopefully it will be ok, the last thing i want is olympic postponement but if we go by current situation a postponement is the right thing, but waiting for 2 months in hopes of containment is perfectly fine (plus japan really should work on some sort of technology that they will put in all the venues that recognizes if a person have the virus before entering)
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