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  1. Not even an argument...... it was never an issue, there were always separate qualification tournaments, with 24,32 and even next time with 48
  2. Except that CONCACAF and CONMEBOL existed since 1948 and since 1958 when the qualifications started by continent there were different qualifiers for north and south america. (just like volleyball and norcaeca and csv)
  3. Wait until they start implementing nascar rules, 3 parts to each race, you finish the season and then there is playoffs for some reason, and some other insane rules that i don't even understand (don't watch nascar, trying indycar but also complicated)
  4. Probably cairo street race in front of the pyramids, they are all about landmarks now (tried to pull off a manhattan street race for years)
  5. It's the day before an NFL game, even if it was a raiders home game (which can be an away game with 18 months advance notice), The only football on saturday's is college
  6. They said this week they want 30 race calendars, they will end up just racing all year round, but rumors that SPA is gonna get axed
  7. in less the 3 hours a third USA race will be revealed in Las Vegas, it will run on a Saturday night, 2 days after thanksgiving 2023. I know it's a big hypocrisy to be happy about vegas after just saying that the saudi street circuit needs to go.... but with only 4 hours away, i can attend it and a race on a strip is intriguing, we'll see how the layout will look
  8. God I'm sick of those random street circuits. Not even happy about the vegas one coming up next year. This is such a dangerous track. Thank god the Vietnam race never happened. From the looks on f1 2020 game. It was another dangerous and unnecessary track
  9. If red bull starting their reliability issues that didn't plague them last year this will be a long season for them, also hard to believe that Ferrari will continue like this the whole season but one can dream. Mercedes will probably figure it out in the end like always
  10. Mercedes are really behind Ferrari and Red Bull..... and a big gap at that. I wonder how long it will last
  11. They are talking about Mario Andretti taking over the team
  12. So the American f1 team is kicking out the Russian driver? Sweet
  13. Fivb taking away the men's world championships from Russia
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