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  1. it's hilarious because it's an original event dating back to 1908
  2. This is a very real tweet from the LA28 official page..... *Facepalm"
  3. I believe the groups for men are now: New Zealand/Australia/Argentina/South Korea Fiji/United Kingdom/Canada/Japan South Africa/USA/Kenya/Ireland
  4. Usa - I was gonna say day 1 however with no swimming on day 1 I'm pessimistic about those specific events in shooting and fencing. Israel - possible on day 2 with Richter in shooting. More realistic is day 4, Judo men's 81kg with Sagi Muki
  5. That's before players will start declining the participation
  6. Did i just watch Crouser break the WR???
  7. Why didn't the Americans just choose 3 players from the nba from teams that not in the playoffs?
  8. I finally got around to watching the first diamond league of the year, what is that shit of field events final?? top 3 gets one throw no matter what was the result?? so the leader who prior to that led by 10 meters having a bad throw and he's done??
  9. Could we actually see a medal for us in swimming??
  10. They are aided by the nolympic communities that are using this as a way to show their "comrades" that the Olympics are bad and destroy everything on their way. Just go to the nolympicsla Twitter. Or the nimrod that got through to the ioc press conference few days ago
  11. so defending ourselves is now acting fascist.... riiiiight......
  12. i am not going to talk with respect to someone who calls my country fascist, i can respect sport opinions no problems, but not someone who basically says that it's ok if we will be destroyed by rockets, that israeli life don't matter, then you can fuck right off
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