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  1. Same here 😂 it seems like @Vojthashas higher standards for us than we can accomplish 😁
  2. Oh no, my friend, the tracker is not wrong it was just in a slow, holiday mode
  3. TRIATHLON DAILY SCHEDULE Total Events 3 Total Medals 9 Venue Odaiba Marine Park Competition Days 3 First Competition Day Last Competition Day Monday, July 26th - Day 3 Saturday, July 31st - Day 8 Qualification Tracker OPEN Discussion Thread OPEN Results Thread OPEN
  4. Yes, you are right. The women's waterpolo tournament is the next direct qualification event, followed by canoe slalom asian qualifier (Jan 28 - 31). But I expect many more changes to the calendar, but sadly, no in a positive way where they would add more events....
  5. Slovenia landed in Russia yesterday, so they're in (unless if they'd out due to testing
  6. Totally agree, they're pushing way too hard these mixed gender events, I wonder what the perception of it will be in Tokyo, as it could also backlash on the IOC if everything becomes more "artificial". And I'm not even gonna comment on your last statement
  7. Matej


    Thanks updated
  8. Yes, after the postponement of the Games WKF decided to reverse their decision and continue the qualification process. So the Rankings will be published in May, after completition of all competitions they wanted to include
  9. World Sailing announced the remaining Olympic qualification events. Full updated calendar here:
  10. For the moment this is not listed by FINA as a qualification event, but they update the list regularly, here is the link and you can check it when you need
  11. Let's hope for the best, but to be honest, if they would've cancelled it, they already would, since the teams are in the final stages of packing to go for Moscow in the next days
  12. Sadly I can't, but I can confirm that European Gymnastics decided to not held any Olympic qualification in 2020, so no European Championships will count on Road to Tokyo in all events. I can't find information if next year's Rhythmic Championships (held in Varna in June 2021) will be a qualification one or not... The competition will start this week, but we can expect Olympic qualifiers only next weekend. But at least, the competitions will start
  13. My suggestion: count them. If a country has more than 3 athletes in event, count them as 3. If 1 athlete achieves standard in more than 1 event, you count him/ her as 1 quota (unless the standard is achieved in event that already has more than 3 athletes with standard)
  14. WOMEN'S 10km SWIMMING 11/25 athletes 9 countries QUALIFIED ATHLETES * quota in this event is awarded to athletes by name; max 2 athletes per NOC NOC NAME QUALIFICATION NOTES Australia LEE Kareena 2019 World Championships, 7th Place Brazil CUNHA Ana Marcela 2019 World Championships, 5th Place China
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