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  1. @Benolympique I think you can add relays in swimming. Rankings are closed today. 1. BTW there is no quota for Poland in badminton single W, because Jordan Hart doesn't have Polish citizenship and can't start in Olympic Games. 2. There is the mistake in K2 1000 m men (kayak). OQ is for Hungary, not for Poland.
  2. Men K2 1000 m - should be only 1 quota (for Hungary). Unfortunately Poland without olympic quota.
  3. I don't think so. Covid situation in Poland is making better.
  4. It shouldn't be 4 places in each event in synchrones?
  5. You forgot about Zawrotniak (#14) and Freilich (#19). There are 7 fencers in top 50 and only one will win OQ
  6. Qualifications to Tokio are worst in our history. We have only individual and team OQ in epee women. Michal Siess, who was highest ranked in foil, lost today in quarterfinal. Tomorrow we have chance to improve our situation. I'm not optimistic...
  7. January - POL, NED, TUR, GER, BEL, BUL - it will be very hard, luckily without Russia
  8. Our team doesn't deserve a wildcard. When Kim Rasmussen was the coach, Poland was one of the best teams in Europe. Now we have problems even with weak opponents. But I believe that we will beat Serbia in volleyball (OQT).
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