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  1. January - POL, NED, TUR, GER, BEL, BUL - it will be very hard, luckily without Russia
  2. Our team doesn't deserve a wildcard. When Kim Rasmussen was the coach, Poland was one of the best teams in Europe. Now we have problems even with weak opponents. But I believe that we will beat Serbia in volleyball (OQT).
  3. Ewa Trzebińska is my hero today
  4. I know that. I'm looking for the website with current olympic ranking (without points scored before 04.2019). On FIE I see only ranking for 12 last months.
  5. Poland: Volley M - 90% - our only really good team, WCH Volley W - 20% Basket M - 15% Handball M&W - 15% Football M - 20% Hockey M&W - 5% Others no chance, I don't know Basket3x3 2004 - 1 team (volley M) 2008 - 3 teams (volley M, W, handball M) 2012 - 1 team (volley M) 2016 - 2 teams (volley M, handball M) 2020 - 1?
  6. This is info from Polish Volleyball Federation (PZPS). (in Polish). PZPS got the message, that one of team resigned. FIVB confrimed Poland could take part in OQT, probably in group with Serbia.
  7. Poland will take part in world olympic qualification tournament (women). Anybody knows which team resigned? How do new groups look?
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