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  1. would it be possible to make a list of those who can still qualify via the olympic ranking?
  2. does that mean that the qualifiers in the Olympic classification are no longer qualified?
  3. I updated the quotas for the continents of Asia and Oceania
  4. I don't know how to calculate them? is this a reliable source? what do you advise me to do?
  5. so I started, but it's too long unless a charitable soul wants to help me
  6. Athlétisme france • Femme Susan KIPSANG JEPTOOO, Marathon, Athlé St Julien (74) • Hommes Morhad AMDOUNI, Marathon, Val d'Europe Athlétisme (77) Hassan CHAHDI, Marathon, Adidas Runners Paris (75) Nicolas NAVARRO, Marathon, Provence Clubs (13) Benjamin CHOQUERT, Marathon (athlète réserve), Nancy Athlétisme Métropole (57) Yohann DINIZ, 50 km marche, EFS Reims (51) Kevin CAMPION, 20 km marche, Stade Dieppois (76)
  7. I started to add the quotas in athletics, on the other hand I wonder if it would not be better that I add finally that the official quotas named by each country?
  8. would it not be easier to update each day in the form of surveys? ??
  9. I thought this weekend to add quotas for marathon and walk, but I want your opinion!
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