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  1. if France wins. the 2nd will qualify for the Olympics
  2. what are iceland's chances of being in the olympics
  3. for the canoe, it's 18 minutes from Paris, to go from paris to Vaires sur Marne, you have to take the transilien, it's a Parisian commuter train.
  4. update scheduled
  5. thank you for your meticulous work!! could you give the details of the predictions by team sports? thank you very much
  6. Men's Hand-Ball World Championship 2023 Katowice - Krakow - Gdansk - Plock (POLAND) Gothenburg / Jönköping / Kristianstad / Malmö / Stockholm (SWEDEN) 11 January 2023 - 29 January 2022 HAND-BALL AT THE SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES PARIS 2024 - MEN'S TOURNAMENT TBD (14 Quotas)
  7. European Games Shooting (European + World Championships) Handball World Championships Swimming World Championships
  8. so the test will be the mixed ballet? categorized in the mixed category in the same way as the events (mixed doubles in badminton, table tennis, etc.)
  9. so the duo will be exclusively female? And the ballet will be mixed? so she will be in a mixed event? called ballet? or mixed ballet?
  10. ARTISTIC SWIMMING NEWS men can participate in ballet events; at most 2 can participate in ballet events; at most 2
  12. would that mean that a continent would lose a quota? europe because france is already a host quota?
  13. football taekwondo (added DATES TQO ) !!
  14. In France, all the journalists have made the connection.. you can celebrate your victory, of course, but not by making fun of it.
  15. we prefer to have this photo as a souvenir, it will console us...
  16. making fun of Kylian Mbappé is rather limited intellectual level.. by insulting M'bappé he also insults all of France..
  17. not necessarily you, but the Italians here in general, each time it's criticism
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