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  1. Though you have to say they always manage to have white and green themes in beautiful synergy.
  2. Call it arrogant but in my opinion people should have at least heard of all independent nations there are on Earth but take it from someone who, as a kid, studied all countries' flags.
  3. Patroness of Castelfidardo and Osimo, treasure seekers, butchers, against epidemics and storms, for stability in faith, money and lottery, the diocese of Belluno-Feltre. And no Catholic here.
  4. A delta for an A. That's a new one to me.
  5. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, nonetheless.
  6. I'm going to use the time (of likely 5 weeks) to finally satisfy my nerdy needs by reading lots of things. I also got some books in 2006 and I get to read them 14 years later. On my list are: - Hamlet's soliloquy, in fact The Tragedy of Hamlet itself - more about literature and theatre - a book about keeping reptiles in terraria (this is from 2006, when it still said there were about 7,000 species in the squamata order (ilzards, snakes) and today we know more than 10,300 of them. Also about the order crocodilia. - plants and trees - sewers - heraldry - geology, minerals etc. is interesting too - cooking - whatever else I can find, I've got architecture, space, historic people and much more but I don't particularly care about subjects like politics or economy Let's see I can do all of that, I might also end up listening to music and bang my head to it.
  7. The tournament includes one of the most beautiful names I've seen among athletes. Lancelot Proton de la Chapelle, Belgium
  8. Be prepared for people bitching about GB being boring should they win many golds in track cycling this year again.
  9. I had a couple of them a while back. I'll take you to the world of my crazy dreams... - I was behind the wheel in a race somewhere, had a speed of ~400km/h, crashed, died and then woke up... - Denmark vs. another team in a football match, with Denmark leading 3:0 after some minutes. The match was then stopped because of Danish superiority... - Simone Hauswald coming to the shooting range with a five-barrelled weapon, hitting all the targets in "one" shot... - after the first day of the Summer Olympics (no specific one), China was leading the medal table with 20 golds, ahead of "Milky Way" with 4 golds... - a new swimming event was added, the 6x18m Butterfly Relay... The first one made perfect sence to me. I dreamt of this at the time when I was scared of taking driving lessons.
  10. Once again our difference in taste shows because I like that pattern.
  11. @phelps Italy's got a new millionaire on Chi Vuol Essere Milionario but can the host drag out telling the answer any longer?
  12. What heywoodu meant was probably the spelling of the names. It's "Steyer" and "Vandenbogaerde".
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