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  1. For those who have no idea what this is (like me), it's a Dota 2 tournament.
  2. The next goal has to be table tennis.
  3. I wonder why they've taken out events like 10,000m, triple jump and pentathlon in recent editions. Bring all of that back.
  4. Worst of all, only two medals awarded. Something like that should never happen. What a waste. Some people complain about shared gold medalists but this is worse.
  5. When 107 golds are only good for second place but they really had over 900 medal events back then. Wow.
  6. @MHSN Why is the technical superiority in GR a lead by 8 points when it's 10 in Freestyle?
  7. Aside from the powerhouses, it's nice to see De Lange winning a medal for South Africa here.
  8. Karavus 9-0 up and all of a sudden Bagavudinov found a way to turn it around. Russia is always winning these finals.
  9. Isn't running target considered its own discipline, not necessarily counted as rifle?
  10. A 300m rifle event or running target would bring more variety to the programme but I guess that won't happen.
  11. And here I am wondering where the last 5 years have gone.
  12. In all my observations I failed to notice that the Tokyo games were the best for Bulgaria since Sydney 2000. Well done.
  13. Not a big fan of some of the changes (breaking, extreme canoeing, flatwater canoeing programme looks odd, no baseball) and I was hoping for some other changes/additions but I was told before the programme was pretty much final. At least the speed discipline will be separate in climbing which is nice.
  14. Fencing 1st Joe Choong - 25+1 (252 points) / Annika Schleu - 29+0 (274 points) 36th Alexander Savkin - 7+0 (142 points) / Marcela Cuaspud - 4+0 (124 points) Swimming 1st Amro El Geziry - 1:52.96 (325 points) / Gulnaz Gubaydullina - 2:07.31 (296 points) 36th Ed Fernon - 2:10.85 (289 points) / Maria Iêda Guimarães - 2:32.16 (246 points) Feels like fencing is way too important while swimming doesn't really matter too much.
  15. The gold China needed as there was also a demonstration team event in taekwondo which they won.
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