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  1. Grande and Hamedi in karate perhaps. Also Yavi with an outside shot.
  2. Sure, you have to nail your tricks anyhow. I suppose it's also a competitive opportunity to become one with the park so there's that.
  3. When I saw the score for her first run I thought that was it and it looked like she thought so as well. Interesting finals but the seeding run yesterday was kinda pointless if it was just for the starting order.
  4. After Day 9 Rio: 161/306 events, 67 NOCs with medals After Day 9 Tokyo: 179/339 events, 76 NOCs with medals Already six nations with 10 or more gold medals. In Rio, only three after nine days. Today has been huge for Australia. All four medals shining golden. A better finish than in Rio (8-11-10 in total) is already in the bag. Should their remaining gold medal hopes deliver, there might even be 5th place total in it. That also depends on how the British handle the second week. Last time, the ninth day was their "Super Sunday" with 5 golds (and 15-16-7 unt
  5. Too bad they didn't ask if they can share 7 bronze medals.
  6. Kinda felt like the jury bullied the Korean a bit though. Sometimes athletes get white lights for those lifts.
  7. And Rojas has her WR, perfect build up in the last round.
  8. Yeah, I wonder where Malawi could win something.
  9. I wanted those three to make the podium in any order but unfortunately, Rhys messed up.
  10. The first half of the games are over already. Time for a little résumé in between. After Day 2: 5,03 After Day 4: 5,63 After Day 6: 6,40 The mood has been improving gradually over time. The last poll didn't have as many votes though.
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