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  1. On the plus side, it's good to see they didn't include shooters like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike or Fortnite.
  2. Women's Sabre seems unpredictable right now. After last night, I wouldn't have guessed on Greece losing to Uzbekistan for example. Two good fencers aren't enough with Mpenou as the weak link in the team.
  3. Fun times with music television in the early 2000s, thanks to Gigi and Albertino with Super, in this case.
  4. 4-0 4-0 14-0 I'd say the level has increased.
  5. Nice strategy, in their absence they could still claim they are the best African team. Wish a Subsaharan team would have been the first to reach a semifinal.
  6. I had a feeling you would say that but would you stake your life on Pizzolato being clean for sure? You never know with weightlifters, despite me liking to watch it.
  7. The more exciting rugby WC coming up next year. Too bad it's not on the same scale of "importance" as football and with not as many nations participating.
  8. Many Chinese snooker players, including Yan Bingtao, suspended for alleged match-fixing. Currently under investigation...
  9. 1/4 for me as I am cool with France. You're lucky England are too dumb for this sport.
  10. Any winner depresses you unless it's Italy, Argentina or Janja Garnbret.
  11. Yeah, I had to look up xG and h/t. Don't know why everything needs acronyms nowadays.
  12. Funnily enough, I've heard this piece recently. Am I the only one who thinks of Israel's anthem Hatikvah upon hearing 1:08 to 1:38?
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