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  1. #7 Wumo Pts. 100 Contact lenses are an alternative to people who otherwise use what? ♦ A: Wig ♦ B: Glasses ♦ C: Hearing aid ♦ D: Wheelchair Pts. 200 What would actor Matthew Paige Damon tell to close friends if he wanted them to address him in short?
  2. #6 toulousain Pts. 100 What is edible? ♦ A: Green room ♦ B: Cloakroom ♦ C: Bedroom ♦ D: Mushroom Pts. 200 Which of these is a water source? ♦ A: Modest ♦ B: Well ♦ C: Better
  3. #5 Olympian1010 Pts. 100 As much as we miss loved ones, it is said that absence makes the heart grow ...? ♦ A: garbeau ♦ B: monroh ♦ C: hepburne ♦ D: fonder Pts. 200 The German word for ...? ♦ A: simoes is "Thiago
  4. #4 hckošice Pts. 100 What supposedly "keeps the doctor away"? ♦ A: Apple a day ♦ B: Hammer in the morning ♦ C: Pizza for dinner ♦ D: Videogames all night Pts. 200 In a track relay race, what is passed onto each member?
  5. #3 OlympicIRL Pts. 100 A nerve-racking event is sometimes called a ...? ♦ A: bedwetter ♦ B: chain smoker ♦ C: nail-biter ♦ D: latewoodu Pts. 200 What would you shout to someone if you wanted them to lower their head?
  6. #2 Vojthas Pts. 100 What consists of multiple electric sockets? ♦ A: Power strip ♦ B: Moebius strip ♦ C: Comic strip ♦ D: Coastal strip Pts. 200 What do married couples usually spend together right after the nuptials?
  7. #1 mrv86 Pts. 100 The 553 metres tall CN Tower stands ...? ♦ A: hey Woodu ♦ B: wer Loc ♦ C: sin Do ♦ D: in Toronto Pts. 200 If you haven't eaten in a while, it is possible you're ...? ♦ A: liechtensten
  8. @mrv86 @Olympian1010 You'll be allowed in soon again, as well as others who have played before. I'll compile runs in "seasons" which allows for every player to play once per season. There has been a big gap after the first seven games, so I'll just declare Season 1 as over. Season 2 will be open for everybody interested again. Either starting this weekend or if I don't have the time, then next week.
  9. I was hoping for more than 7 runs before having the first return but I'll consider you an Olympian again in March.
  10. This weekend is open too if anyone who has not played yet wants a game.
  11. To be honest, for now I'd prefer as many first runs as possible before having a return, so we'll have to wait for that a bit.
  12. Does anyone like a game tomorrow?
  13. Ah, the time when JonTron made funny videos about games or dare I say, videos at all.
  14. And that would have been the right answer. It can also be the window right above the door. Pts. 500,000 A loanword for what developed in 18th century France from when German visitors asked them "Was ist das?" - "What is that?" ♦ A: Transom windows ♦ B: Spiral staircases ♦ C: Dumbwaiters ♦ D: Gas heating
  15. Another 250,000 Points it is then right after toulousain last time. Congratulations and I hope you enjoyed. TOTAL WINNINGS ♦ P t s . 2 5 0 , 0 0 0 ♦ And I'll let @toulousain do the honours and reveal the answer as I think he would know.
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