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  1. WTA or not, how can you allow yourself to waste such a lead? Unbelieavable.
  2. I was hoping for Tsitsipas to win but yes, Nadal - Djokovic will be much more exciting than the forgettable US Open.
  3.ých_olympijských_hrách_2016 Jolien D'Hooreová, Anna van der Breggenová, does this even make sense? Also, seems like Chinese names are spelled in a totally different way in Slovak. Shi Jinglin becomes Š' Ťing-lin.
  4. Congrats to @OlympicIRL for the win as well as him and @mrv86 organising it, was pretty fun. My original first choice would have been Belgium but I never bothered to ask for it because I thought surely somebody took it already. South Korea and Mali were my initial choices I requested which were taken and ended up with Khadja Nin instead. Thanks to everyone who liked the Burundian entry, I think I wouldn't have made it as far with my other choices. Although to be honest it was annoying losing to North Macedonia. Alternate choices:
  5. I'm surprised you say that. If you knew about my favourite songs/pieces ever, you'd attest me a weird taste in music. My taste totally depends on rhythm and how catchy the instruments/basslines and vocals are. That's why I find something to my likings from any genre but my main three would be European dance/trance/techno from the late 90s/early 2000s, power metal and a mix of ambience and (modern) classic. I figured I had more chances making the KO stages with the latter style but I could have had fun with other entries.
  6. Or just accept that mainstream doesn't mean they're automatic winners?
  7. First Crucible maximum break in 8 years by John Higgins.
  8. Kyren Wilson gets a walkover because of that. Very unfair to Scott Donaldson, they should have allowed him to be a lucky loser and match up against Wilson.
  9. Doesn't it describe that melancholic, sad feeling when you're missing something?
  10. When talking about Japanese food, you can't forget about ramen. I've come across this video about one of Japan's most famous ramen restaurants, Ichiran. This restaurant also offers an interesting dining experience that includes customising your ramen per oder sheet and lots of privacy.
  11. Thanks to you I'm going for pizza today, but to your dismay it's with anchovies and olives.
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