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  1. Day 4 Report Welcome to the 3rd iteration of the daily 2020 Olympics League day reports. Yesterday, like every previous competition day, has been really eventful and close in terms of both the day and the total standings. Speaking of the latter, GB currently holds the league lead with a solid 580 pts, with USA having the most pre-multiplier points with 549. 65 teams got atleast a point today, the most of any day so far and Japan took over the lead in the medal tally with the current runners-up of the league the runners-up of the medal tally so far (USA). Alright, let's cut to the c
  2. Hello everybody! Sorry for not doing live updates of the standings outside of the spreadsheet, but at least you get the Top 10s (with little flags to make it look nicer) right now so here you go. Final Day 4 Standings (Top 10): 1. Switzerland 58 × 4 = 232 2. GB 109 × 2 = 218 3. USA 214 × 1 = 214 4. Australia 60 × 3 = 180 5. Canada 73 × 2 = 146 6. Russia (ROC) 144 × 1 = 144 7. Italy 67 × 2 = 134 =8. Bermuda 25 × 5 = 125 =8. Estonia 25 × 5 = 125
  3. Day 2 + 3 Report Welcome to the report of the last 2 competition days! They've been full of ups and downs, out of nowhere runs and very impressive performances. While Day 1 ended with such countries as Kosovo and Ecuador relying on one athlete to carry them to greatness, Day 2 and 3 allowed the big boys to catch up and take the lead of the league. Speaking of it, the leader of the league is currently Italy with 380 points and 190 without multipliers, while as the Olympic team leading the league before any multipliers are applied is China with 351 points. Now let's get into the good
  4. I finally did it! I was able to sort of go sleepless as I only went for a nap in the middle of the night. Now back to business. Due to me being pretty lazy after returning home yesterday up until midnight I updated the standings throughout the night and I am about to give them now. I will post more trivia after all the medal events are over and I may lump today's and yesterday's league competition talk into one Day 2 + 3 Report, you'll see if it will be like that later. Right, time for the standings. Final Day 2 Standings (Top 10): 1. USA 194 × 1 = 194 2.
  5. Hello everyone, had the same moment as yesterday when I tried to go the night sleepless and then got too exausted, fell on my bed and while using my phone went asleep. F***. Sadly, I can't do live updates today and hopefully only today, but the updates will arrive today, just a couple of hours late. Hopefully you understand and are excited for when the standings updates come later, but still today.
  6. DAY 1 REPORT Welcome to the first daily report of the 2020 Olympics League! The first competition day went pretty well with lots of ups and downs and random out-of-nowhere rises to the top of the standings. A total of 43 NOCs earned at least a point today with Kosovo as the "winner" of Day 1 and current total standing leader. The Fight for the Top The league competition day started with a Chinese shooter Quin Yang's victory and Switzerland's rise to 1st place in the standings post-multipliers. Then Iran took the lead after it's shooter Javad Foroughi won hi
  7. Tried to do a sleepless night and failed So I'm just a little late, but can still get around to make the standings. FINAL Day 1 and Total Standings: 1. (NC) Kosovo 25 × 5 = 125 2. (NC) South Korea 61 × 2 = 122 3. (NC) Serbia 30 × 4 = 120 4. (NC) Hungary 29 × 4 = 116 5. (NC) Ecuador 25 × 4 = 100 6. (NC) Italy 49 × 2 = 98 7. (NC) China 92 × 1 = 92 8. (NC) Belgium 22 × 4 = 88 9. (NC) Netherlands 28 × 3 = 84 10. (NC) Thailand 27 × 3 = 81 =11. (N
  8. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Men's 400m Ind. Medley Day 2 July 25th 2021 Brendon Smith Wang Shun Leon Marchand Max Litchfield x Broadie Williams Any Hungarian
  9. Happy "this league will technically start only in around 8 hours" moment! As I said, I will give you the format of the standings posts in this one post. Hopefully you like it and if you don't, you can tell your critiques or if you have some, recommendations on this very thread. Ok, rambling over, let's get to the format! At around 2 AM GMT of every day from tomorrow all the way up to August 8th, a post will be up listing (in order): 1) Current standings of that day (updates throughout the day) 2) Current total standings (updates throughout too)
  10. Hello guys, I will do the live updated standings for @El Greco 21 as he can't do them himself. I'll post the format of how the updated standings will get to you here later but you won't have to wait long for it. Also, sorry if I seem a little shady, I am a slight Olympic fanatic like most of you all, but I only found out about this site a couple of weeks back and I am also not a big fan of just talking about sport and the Games, so when I found out about this fun idea and also that the guy who came up with it can't do live updates, I created this account a week ago and asked if I can do them f
  11. [hide] General (25) 1 - The number of Asian NOCs that win a medal will be higher than the number of Pan American NOCs that win a medal. [YES - 8] 2 - A medalist from the 2017 Jeux de la Francophonie will win a medal. [NO - 1] 3 - At least one individual medallist from Athens 2004 will win an individual medal. [YES - 2] 4 - Japan will win at least 3 medals in team sports. [YES - 7] 5 - Spain will win more than 22 medals (their record). [NO - 3] 6 - The youngest medallist will be younger than 14. [NO - 5] 7 - United States will win a
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