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  1. AUSTRALIA WINS THE 2020 TOKYO SUMMER OLYMPICS LEAGUE!!!!! After no British runner reached the Top 8 today in the Men's Marathon, they are now technically out of contest for the League victory too and it now will officially go to the Aussies (I didn't check the results and watched the replay of the end until a couple minutes ago). Day 16 Standings and Report will come when all competition is over and the standings on a Google Sheets spreadsheet will be updated, which will happen up to a couple of hours after the final match of this (and last) year's Olympics are over.
  2. Day 15 Report Welcome to the report of the penultimate day of the inaugural 2020 Summer Olympics League. I wasn't able to experience the s*itload of medal matches and races live, sadly enough, because I was away from my home town for the first part of the day and the second part was spent away from home in a town event and I pretty much took it slow at the start by watching highlights of every event one by one until I left for the town event and then I came back after midnight and I decided to just update the standings without watching the highlights and spent the entire night doing that up until right now at 6 AM my time. The Report is gonna be pretty lackluster, but I plan on making it an evolving report for the final day, where I change the standings fight status throughout the morning. OK, rambling aside, now - the Report. Full Standings: The Fight for the Victory: So then, there were 2 Australia (leader): Minimum 2976 pts (2967 + 9) GB (2nd): Maximum plus 4 Golds, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, a 5th and a 7th places (2722 + 272 = 2994 pts max) (set at 3:14 AM GMT with no looking at the results just yet) I can't believe we are almost at the end of this year's Olympics and, simultaneously, it's League. This concept may return for upcoming popular sport championships and Winter Olympics, but stay tuned for if they do. See you in the Day 16 Report, but for now, bye!
  3. Day 14 Report Welcome to the Day 14 of the 2020 Summer Olympics League Report. Yes, after exclusively working on this league silently via the Google Sheets spreadsheet, I am back on posting on this thread. The burnout just keeps growing as I had to delay the changes in Report style for 3 days and this post will be pretty lackluster but I may just be able to make it a full and extensive Report for Day 15. Ok, let's get into it. Full Standings (changed the countries' names in the total standings to: green, if they have a chance of winning the League, or red, if they don't have a chance to be at the top at the end of it all): Very short report of the countries that can still win the League and how much more medals and points each of them can add to their total medal/points tally Australia (leader of total standings): Minimum 2844 pts (2817 + 27) GB (2nd in total standings): Maximum plus 16 Golds, 6 Silvers and 3 Bronzes (2530 + 1088 = 3618 pts max) USA (3rd): Maximum plus 23 Golds, 5 Silvers, 5 Bronzes, a 4th and a 5th Place (2169 + 735 = 2904 pts max) Netherlands (4th): Maximum 11 Golds, 4 Silvers, a Bronze and a 5th place (2145 + 1089 = 3234 pts max) Again, I am very much hoping I can serve you a packed Report of the penultimate competition day and I hope you hope for that too. Good night and I'll see you later today my time (I'm, again, hoping). Bye!
  4. Day 12 Standings Hello and welcome to the Day 12 Standings of this year's Olympics League! I have decided to delay the whole Report changes for today's (my time) one because it was pretty stressful and time consuming to try and do it today and yesterday and the delay may help filter some teams very unlikely to win the inaugural Olympics League (atleast I am hoping it's not the last) and make the Report writing process way quicker and more enjoyable. Alright, daily apology and greeting over, now the good stuff. Full Standings: Biggest Gainers: 1. Kenya | 70th -> 46th (+24) 2. Iran | 61st -> 45th (+16) 3. Uganda | 71st -> 59th (+12) 4. Kyrgyzstan | 55th -> 47th (+8) 5. Egypt | 82nd -> 76th (+6) Newcomers: Syria (85th) Liberia (107th) Montenegro (112th) Botswana (115th) Trinidad & Tobago (116th) There's not gonna be a Day 12 Report, but a Day 13 one I will try to drop later today or at the very start of the next day (my time), but even if later, it will come up on this thread, because I feel like there was enough time without a report and want to stop the "no Report streak". It will be the same concept as the one I wanted to apply to the Day 12 Report but later decided to not and delay them, like I said earlier. Good night everyone, see you on the next post, which is hopefully gonna be the Day 14 Report. Bye!
  5. Day 11 Standings Welcome to the Day 11 of the 2020 Summer Olympics Standings. Sorry for promising a Day 10 Report and not delivering it yesterday, I started writing it at 1:30 my time, because of the burnout and the laziness I felt didn't allow me to work on it earlier, and so I went asleep in the middle of writing the Report and didn't complete it. Hopefully all 7 of you understand. Alright, let's get the apologising aside and get to the good stuff. Full Standings (no usual Top 10s of both the Day and the current Total Standings, because I don't really feel a point in making them): Biggest Gainers: 1. Armenia | 74th -> 43rd (+31) 2. Kyrgyzstan | 82nd -> 55th (+27) 3. Nigeria | 95th -> 73rd (+22) 4. Poland | 39th -> 23rd (+16) 5. Uzbekistan | 52nd -> 40th (+12) Newcomers: Namibia (76th) Ghana (87th) British Virgin Islands (96th) Algeria (109th) Bahrain (111th) Day 11 Report sadly won't come out due to it being 2 AM right now, so the Day 12 Report differences that may be applied to every report going forward I will say here. Today's Report will come out without the Fight for the Top, it'll come out without the Great 8 and the Other Guys and Gals Report segments and they will all be replaced by one giant segment: The Fight for the League, which will look over the teams left in the title of League Champions fight, their current league success and some other stuff associated with the battle for the League victory which I haven't decided upon yet. You'll see. Sorry for skipping 4 action-ful Day reports and from now on I am gonna try my hardest to put out a packed post which I will put my heart into making. Good night, and hopefully see ya later today with a new post!
  6. Day 10 Standings Welcome to the, what else, Day 10 Standings of the 2020 Summer Olympics Games happening around and in Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan from July 23rd to August 8th of 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Very sorry for not posting anything yesterday. I felt (and still kinda feel) really burned out from the League management and didn't bother to both complete the standings post and start writing the report post. I hope my interest in making these posts will revive more and more when the Olympics and, simultaneously, this league, will come closer and closer. Hopefully you understand and also enjoyed this league idea's execution and liked my posts so far and, if you did not, you are free to post any critizism on this very thread. I would really appreciate them as people have been only reacting to my posts and not commenting on them. Alright, apologies aside, let's get to the kinda useless stuff which is starting to become only a bump for this thread as most of my activity is on the spreadsheet. Maybe I will try and combine the trivia like Newcomers and Biggest Gainers to the Report post and have a single post per day, idrk. Final Day 10 Standings (Top 10): 1. Cuba | 110 × 4 = 440 pts 2. China | 218 × 1 = 218 pts 3. Ethiopia | 43 × 5 = 215 pts 4. Germany | 102 × 2 = 204 pts 5. Greece | 37 × 4 = 148 pts 6. Great Britain | 70 × 2 = 140 pts 7. Puerto Rico | 25 × 5 = 125 pts 8. Indonesia | 41 × 3 = 123 pts 9. France | 58 × 2 = 116 pts 10. Australia | 37 × 3 = 111 pts Current Total Standings (Top 10): 1. (-) Australia | 2154 pts 2. (-) Great Britain | 1622 pts 3. (-) USA | 1490 pts 4. (+1) China | 1383 pts 5. (-1) Netherlands | 1374 pts 6. (-) Italy | 1202 pts 7. (-) France | 1138 pts 8. (+1) Russia (ROC) | 1056 pts 9. (+2) Germany | 1045 pts 10. (-2) Switzerland | 1012 pts Biggest Gainers: 1. Kenya | 98th -> 65th (+33) 2. Cuba | 50th -> 20th (+30) =3. Ethiopia | 54th -> 31st =3. Morocco | 99th -> 76th (+23) 5. Kyrgyzstan | 96th -> 82nd (+14) Newcomers: Puerto Rico (63rd) Eritrea (101st) Bahamas (105th) Full Standings are always here: Day 10 and a little bit Day 8 and 9 Report (that's how it's actually called) will be out later today, with sections and their format all returning from the Day 7 Report and one new coming your way there. See ya!
  7. Day 8 Standings Welcome to the VERY late 8th day of the 2020 Summer Olympics League competition standings. Sorry for having this post super delayed, as I was away for most of the day (up until mid-evening) and later felt kinda lazy until 23:00 for me when I started finishing up the day and the current total standings. I will try my hardest to update the standings not that after an event which confirms atleast 1 of the Top 8 spots in a discipline rankings, something like that. Also, there sadly won't be interesting (hopefully) trivia like Newcomers and Biggest Gainers due to time constrains. Anyways, the standings. Final Day 8 Standings (Top 10): 1. Australia | 102 × 3 = 306 pts 2. Switzerland | 72 × 4 = 288 pts 3. Jamaica | 57 × 5 = 285 pts 4. France | 109 × 2 = 218 pts =5. Great Britain | 86 × 2 = 172 pts =5. Sweden | 43 × 4 = 172 pts 7. New Zealand | 40 × 4 = 160 pts 8. Italy | 77 × 4 = 154 pts =9. Dominican Republic | 36 × 4 = 144 pts =9. Netherlands | 48 × 3 = 144 pts Current Total Standings (Top 10): 1. | (-) | Australia | 1701 pts 2. | (-) | Great Britain | 1280 pts 3. | (-) | Netherlands | 1191 pts 4. | (-) | USA | 1101 pts 5. | (-) | China | 1023 pts 6. | (-) | Italy | 998 pts 7. | (+2) | France | 912 pts 8. | (+7) | Switzerland | 892 pts 9. | (+3) | New Zealand | 828 pts 10. | (-3) | Russia (ROC) | 804 pts Full Standings are always here: Day 8 Report is also not coming, but I will make a Day 8 + 9 Report later today, so stay tuned and bye!
  8. Day 7 Report Welcome to the final competition day of Week 1 of the 2020 Summer Olympics League. It has been an eventful day like any other competition one, full of rises and falls, strange occurences and surpirsing performances. Australia kept their lead of the League, but lost a decent-sized chunk of the said lead to GB, who massively outperformed its former colony (kinda). The Day 7 victory went to New Zealand, and how they got it will be talked about in... The Fight for the Top (Day 7 Edition) Competition technically began with Badminton, but the medal fights began in Rowing and that's where this segment ends, because New Zealand absolutely destroyed the field with 2 golds in Men's Eight and Women's Single Sculls and also a silver in Women's Eight. This was enough for New Zealand to keep the lead for the rest of the day. A pretty boring day for this segment, but let's move on. The Great 8 Here I talk about the Top 8 in the total standings and their Day 7 performance, but this time, it's slightly different. Tell me if you like this type of reporting more or not, also give critisizms and recommendations as I will really benefit from them. This day for the Great 8 was varying degrees of good. One team that really showed up yesterday is Team GB. A gold from Bethany Shriever in Women's BMX Cycling plus 2 silvers and 3 bronzes contributed to their second best daily points tally of 234, only behind the amazing Day 3 one of 270, which was what the team really needed to challenge for the League lead, because Team USA, the Dutch and Australia had very much below average days (based on points), with the Aussies earning the smallest daily points tally in this year's Olympics (disregarding Day 1 because then they didn't score any points). China had their best day yet (again, based on points) with 194 points, which was definitely helped to achieve by the 1-2 finishes in table tennis, badminton and trampoline gymnastics - clear dominance, which helped them to rise ahead of Italy to 5th. Speaking of the "Pizza Land", they would probably want to forget yesterday in its entirety, as they harnessed a record low 30 points, very out of character considering they were very consistently good before and out of the 15 they earned before multipliers were applied, 12 (4/5 of the Day 7 points tally) came from a bronze in the Women's Individual Archery from Lucilla Boari and 3 came from Rowing and Fencing. A piss-poor performance for the Italians. The rest of the Great 8 also had below average results, except for the Russians (Russian Olympic Commitee-ians), who did very damn well by earning 2 golds, 3 silvers and a bronze, them and some random event points totalling up to a decent 128 day point tally which helped them rise from 12th to 7th. In conclusion, an OK day for the Great 8, both current and the one after Day 6, and that OK-ness helped create a tight battle for the spots in the Top 8, with Russia (ROC) in 7th and Hungary in 13th only seperated by 74 points, which is funnily a smaller gap than the one between Italy in 6th and Russians in 7th. Everything is still up for grabs, just countries have to put in the effort to grab it. The Other Guys and Gals This section is simular to the Great 8 of today, except it features the rest of the field instead of the Top 8 of the total standings. Let's get into it, shall we? The Czechs are doing very well, as they became the only nation of which their day points tally was made up of 2 gold medals (25 points each) and nothing else. The gold medalists were the canoeist Jiri Prskavec in Men's K1 Slalom and judoka Lukas Krpalek in Men's Judo +100kg discipline. The nation you can't describe as "doing very well" tho is Hungary. It's athletes yesterday got just over half of Day 6's points tally with 6. I wanted to talk about the Athletics and how well the mid-African countries have been doing, but accidentally hit the "home" button in the browser on my phone and lost everything I wrote. F*ck. So that was the Day 7 of this year's Summer Olympics League Report. The day wasn't any different in concept: ups and downs, surprises, record breaking, the usual stuff, but just like any other day, it was way more different if you looked deeper into it. Hopefully you enjoyed today's twist on the report formula and if you didn't or felt it probably needed something to improve, let me know in the thread. Critizism and recommendations help immensely. Thanks for reading and see you later today (if you don't live in America (the continent)). Bye!
  9. Day 7 Standings Hello and welcome to the points tallies of the 7th day of competition and the total standings summary after Day 7. I may not finish the Day 5 + 6 Report today, but even though you probably wouldn't care about me completing it, I still want to finish it because of me being a slight perfectionist. Also, sorry for not posting this post earlier, as I woke up feeling pretty lazy and later just wanted to enjoy the Olympics and not stress myself out trying to update the standings the moment the official results are up. Anyways, time for the thing this post is even up for. Final Day 7 Standings (Top 10): 1. New Zealand | 81 × 4 = 324 pts 2. Great Britain | 117 × 2 = 234 pts 3. Croatia | 55 × 4 = 220 pts 4. Czech Republic | 50 × 4 = 200 pts 5. China | 194 × 1 = 194 pts 6. Ethiopia | 32 × 5 = 160 pts 7. Netherlands | 50 × 3 = 150 pts 8. Australia | 49 × 3 = 147 pts 9. Russia (ROC) | 128 × 1 = 128 pts 10. South Korea | 63 × 2 = 126 pts Current Total Standings (Top 10): 1. | (-) | Australia | 1395 pts 2. | (+1) | Great Britain | 1108 pts 3. | (-1) | Netherlands | 1047 pts 4. | (-) | USA | 968 pts 5. | (+1) | China | 891 pts 6. | (-1) | Italy | 844 pts 7. | (+3) | Russia (ROC) | 722 pts 8. | (-) | Japan | 712 pts 9. | (-) | France | 694 pts 10. | (+2) | South Korea | 682 pts Biggest Gainers: 1. Ethiopia | 89th -> 39th (+50) 2. Greece | 66th -> 38th (+28) =3. Colombia | 51st -> 33rd =3. Cuba | 61st -> 43rd (+18) 5. Azerbaijan | 80th -> 68th (+12) Newcomers: Uganda (52nd) Mauritius (=81st) Mozambique (=81st) Full Standings are always here: Day 7 Report will come out with differences which you'll see later. Stay tuned for the piece which will, as always, be written by a sleepy me at midnight.
  10. Day 5 + 6 Report Welcome to another two combined day report of the 2021 Olympic Games League, this time it's Days 5 and 6. Both days had a steady decline of the amount of teams earning at least a point per day, with a record-tying low 43 in Day 6, anx out-of-nowhere rise to the control of the league (so far) in Australia and par for the course ups and downs, surprise results and close competition up top, in the middle and at the very bottom. Intro over, time for the report which I will start with, as always,... The Fight for the Top (Day 6 only) The competition started with Rowing Finals A and B, during which Ireland won it's first gold medal in this year's Olympics in the Lightweight Men's Double Sculls discipline and took the early Day lead. Then swimming gave the eternal July 29th's standings lead recipient in Australia, as Aussies scored 60 points and 180 post-multipliers in Swimming alone and the gold in Canoeing Slalom plus some stray points in other sports helped the country take the easy Day victory. There also wasn't a challenge for 2nd, as Czech Republic, after getting a 1-2 in Men's Trap (Shooting), shot up to the place and never dropped it since. The Great 8 (Day 5 + 6) The Great 8 is where I talk about the top 8 in the total blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Also this section may be either replaced or joined by the Good 8 or the Good 4 (talk about the Top 8/4 in the Day's standings). 8th: Japan Japan from Day 2 onwards has been very consistent with their daily points tallies, but yesterday that consistency was slightly botched. 2 Judo golds and a bronze in Table Tennis plus a random plethora of points in various events wasn't enough for the hosts to keep up their triple-digit point per day streak, losing out from it by a measly 5 points. An OK day for them and Day 7 doesn't seem it will go much better, unless I'm just speaking stupid s*it and the results of the Japanese will explode enough to destroy the Olympic Stadium. (sorry the 5 people reading this for forgetting to write anything in this section about Day 5) 7th: Hungary Hungary's results have been like a rollercoaster - full of ups and downs, and this 2 day timespan has been a frightening rise with 57 points and a whopping 228 after multipliers leading into an equally frightening (if a Hungarian or a fan of the Hungarian team) fall with a measly 11 and 44 post-multipliers. 3 sports gave Hungary points in Day 5, in all it scored atleast a medal each, while only 2 sports gave Hungary precious points, in both of which Hungary was pretty short of medals. Currently they are limping on in the Great 8, may lose it today, we don't really know. A great Day 5 lead into a mediocre Day 6 6th: China China has been doing very well the first 4 days and Day 5 and, to lesser extend, Day 6, were definitely no exception. Day 5 had way more variety in events China earned points, with 6 sports being in which they earned points, and all point tallies in each sport were double-digit, where as in Day 6 China only earned points in 3 sports that day, but in 2 of 3 of them they did very well. In Swimming, China's women freestyle relay team scored a 4×200m WR and in Table Tennis, China secured a 1-2 finish, which we will see 2 more of in Badminton and in Table Tennis again, so China's league campaign is very much OK too, with some great Day 7 results awaiting in the horizon. I will complete the report when I will start working on the Day 7 Report, so stay tuned for the completion of this post later today.
  11. Day 6 Standings (with actually live updates!) Welcome to the 6th competition day standings post! I will try to update it minutes after one discipline's event of the day is over, but I will definitely will fail to update it here, but maybe not in the full standings. Keep an eye out for them. Now, standings. Final Day 5 Standings (Top 10): 1. Australia 96 × 3 = 288 2. Czech Republic 52 × 4 = 208 3. USA 158 × 1 = 158 =4. Italy 75 × 2 = 150 =4. France 75 × 2 = 150 6. Slovakia 25 × 5 = 125 =7. Netherlands 38 × 3 = 114 =7. Germany 57 × 2 = 114 =9. China 106 × 1 = 106 =9. Russia (ROC) 106 × 1 = 106 Current Total Standings (Top 10): 1. (-) Australia 1248 pts 2. (-) Netherlands 897 pts 3. (-) GB 874 pts 4. (-) USA 863 pts 5. (-) Italy 814 pts 6. (-) China 697 pts 7. (-) Hungary 624 pts 8. (+1) Japan 622 pts 9. (+5) France 608 pts 10. (+1) Russia (ROC) 594 pts Biggest Gainers: 1. Slovakia: 71st -> 38th (+33) 2. Ireland: 62nd -> 37th (+25) 3. Czech Republic: 35th -> 17th (+18) 4. Finland: 69th -> 56th (+13) 5. Croatia: 27th -> 19th (+8) Biggest Losers: This section got a little boring with the biggest fall being, yet again, only a single digit one and the stories behind the falls are nowhere near as interesting as the rise ones in the section of the standings post above, so I will skip it for today and maybe for the rest of the Olympics. Newcomers: San Marino (65th) Singapore (73rd) Uruguay (84th) Full Standings are always here (somehow forgot linking this): See you in the Day 5 + 6 Report post, which will feature a spin on one of the sections of it. Stay tuned for it.
  12. Day 5 Standings Good night, guys! Sorry for not doing live live updates since I was away for the entire day, only being able to see Rowing finals as I went to sleep at around 3-4 AM and also was able to update the standings with Rowing results. But whatever, time for the thing hopefully at least one person was waiting for. Final Day 5 Standings (Top 10 only): 1. Netherlands 151 × 3 = 453 2. Australia 150 × 3 = 450 3. Hungary 57 × 4 = 228 4. Germany 113 × 2 = 226 5. GB 100 × 2 = 200 6. USA 156 × 1 = 156 7. New Zealand 38 × 4 = 152 8. Italy 75 × 2 = 150 =9. China 145 × 1 = 145 =9. Slovenia 29 × 5 = 145 Current Total Standings (Top 10): 1. (+3) Australia 960 pts 2. (+11) Netherlands 783 pts 3. (-2) GB 780 pts 4. (-2) USA 705 pts 5. (-2) Italy 664 pts 6. (-1) China 591 pts 7. (+4) Hungary 580 pts 8. (-) Switzerland 528 pts 9. (-2) Japan 527 pts 10. (-4) South Korea 504 pts Biggest Gainers: 1. Poland: 57th -> 32nd (+25) 2. Ireland: 85th -> 62nd (+23) 3. New Zealand: 43rd -> 22nd (+21) 4. Lithuania: 84th -> 66th (+18) 5. Romania: 39th -> 23rd (+16) Biggest Losers: =1. Turkmenistan: 35th -> 46th =1. Israel: 38th -> 49th (-11) 3. Kazakhstan: 34th -> 44th (-10) =4. 10 NOCs (-7) Newcomers (1st appearance in standings updates since Day 1): Fiji (=38th) Latvia (=38th) Albania (68th) Moldova (89th) Random Trivia! Netherlands post-multipliers scored less points in Day 5 than only 14 countries in their entire league campaigns. Full Standings are always here: Also, the Day 5 and Day 6 Reports will be combined, simular to the Day 3 + 4 Report. And I won't share my schedule as I don't really have one. I am pretty sleepy, so good night the 7 people that will see this!
  13. Day 4 Report Welcome to the 3rd iteration of the daily 2020 Olympics League day reports. Yesterday, like every previous competition day, has been really eventful and close in terms of both the day and the total standings. Speaking of the latter, GB currently holds the league lead with a solid 580 pts, with USA having the most pre-multiplier points with 549. 65 teams got atleast a point today, the most of any day so far and Japan took over the lead in the medal tally with the current runners-up of the league the runners-up of the medal tally so far (USA). Alright, let's cut to the chase and start with... The Fight for the Top Yesterday, like Monday, the competition started with a triathlon event, this time - the women's, which again was the event to break the day standings as the Bermudian of Flora Duffy won her country's first ever Olympic gold and, simultaneously, the early day standings lead, which they lost after the swimming competitions were over. Then Australia became the leader and lost it to GB and USA after a couple of other events were over, until a shocking podium-sweep by Switzerland in Mountain Bike Cycling Women's Cross-Country Race (what a mouthful) which let them be fired up to 1st place of the day standings and they held it for the rest of the day. The Great 8 In this segment I talk about today's performance of the top 8 in the total standings and sometimes give my opinions about them. That's it. 8th: Switzerland Switzerland before yesterday was a middle-of-the-pack team, scrapping out a couple of points every day with the decent sized multiplier sparing the "neutral country" from the bottom. Until yesterday hit and chaos insued. Switzerland earned a 6th place in triathlon in the morning, which helped in tandem with the already mentioned podium clean sweep in Cycling MTB to launch them to the Top 8 and with the "big boys" and to keep up with them the Swiss will need to deliver good after good results or 1 massive one, like the one we saw yesterday. 7th: Japan The hosts had another very good day and continue to climb up the total standings as the teams with bigger multipliers can't compete with the sheer amount of points earned by teams that have no multipliers or ones that only get double their original points tally as the final one and Japan is no exception. With 2 golds in Judo and Softball, a silver and 2 bronzes throughout Day 4 and decent performances beyond the podium, Japan has comfortably placed itself into the Top 100 and isn't leaving it soon, atleast it seems like it. 6th: South Korea Pretty impressively, it seems like South Korea proved that they don't need Archery to be competitive in this league, as they earned more points than in Day 3 and almost 2 too, as they swept the usual "gold and bronze" combo for a 2 silver in Fencing and Taekwondo and bronze one plus a slight amount of random points, as usual, help them stay competitive up in the top. 5th: China China dropped 2 positions in Day 4 due to them only getting double-digit points and their rivals getting triple-digit (post-multipliers) point tallies. With only 3 golds to their name in the medal race and a bigger relyment on random points from random events isn't something that will help you win the league, for sure. Unless you are a team with gets added multipliers, which China isn't. Hopefully Day 5 goes a little better while staying as good for your competitors so we can see more great competition at the top. 4th: Australia The Land Down Under is a very consistent team when it comes to day point tallies and that helped them reach this spot. This time they didn't rely on Swimming to spare them a measly 400% of their points, as they've started to do better in other sports, as seen from 2 bronzes in Surfing and Canoeing Slalom each. Those, the gold from Swimming and an array of random points give Aussies the hope for a league victory thanks to multipliers. 3rd: Italy The Italians are as consistent as the guys and gals below them, but the consistently earned points didn't help them out, as they definitely needed more. Because of that, they fell 2 positions and are currently 3rd. With only a silver and 2 bronzes, plus lots of points from random points, even with a x2 multiplier, is not enough to win, as you need more big performances, instead of lots of smaller ones. 2nd: USA The United States has been very good, with no surprise, especially today, when they scored a whopping 214 points in a day without multipliers, which is a goal only 20 teams achieved through the entire Olympic Games with multipliers, which is insane. 2 golds, 5 silvers, 4 bronzes and a plethora of points from random events is a method of earning points which weirdly works only for USA, as they are definitely contenders for the league champion title. 1st: Great Britain The British are doing very well in this League as they are earning points tallies equal or way better than the teams that don't have any multipliers tacked onto their tallies, but GB gets every point they earn doubled which made it a cheat code for them to unlock the Lead the League mode. With a gold from Tom Dean in 200m Freestyle, 2 silvers and 3 bronzes plus a plethora of random event points, the "Bri'ish" earned 109 points pre- and 218 points post-multipliers and a strong 580 total points tally, still only 31 points ahead of USA and 188 points behind 10th place, Russia (ROC), which shows that every team has to be as good as they can, because one OK Day can make you drop positions in an instant, so the fight for the champion title is definitely not over and hopefully it isn't until the very end of league competition. Misc. Stuff So this is a shorter section of the Report where I will report on, like the title says, miscellaneous stuff behind the league. First of all, my schedule is roughly gonna be this: Staying up until around 3:30, then I will go for a short nap and wake up at 8:30 and do some personal IRL things, probably will return at around 11 AM and I will at that point stay up until late at night. Also, would you be interested in partaking in some polls to decide the very near future of this league? Let me know on this thread. Also, of course, leave some critizisms and recommendations here too, as they will help me to improve with the posting. Random trivia moment! I came up with these reports to not have lazy post to bump up this thread so it could get more attention as I only update the standings via the post by just editing it. I think I am taking this idea slightly too far, maybe it will be shorter to make, but for now, it's filled with, imo, too much of content which I hope you enjoyed reading and are following this league pretty closely. Again, sorry for the messy writing, I can sometimes barely keep my eyes open, because I am pretty tired. Thanks for your attention, now good night!
  14. Hello everybody! Sorry for not doing live updates of the standings outside of the spreadsheet, but at least you get the Top 10s (with little flags to make it look nicer) right now so here you go. Final Day 4 Standings (Top 10): 1. Switzerland 58 × 4 = 232 2. GB 109 × 2 = 218 3. USA 214 × 1 = 214 4. Australia 60 × 3 = 180 5. Canada 73 × 2 = 146 6. Russia (ROC) 144 × 1 = 144 7. Italy 67 × 2 = 134 =8. Bermuda 25 × 5 = 125 =8. Estonia 25 × 5 = 125 10. Serbia 31 × 4 = 124 Current Total Standings after 4 Competition Days: 1. (+1) GB 580 pts 2. (+2) USA 549 pts 3. (-2) Italy 514 pts 4. (+1) Australia 510 pts 5. (-2) China 446 pts 6. (+1) South Korea 430 pts 7. (+1) Japan 416 pts 8. (+12) Switzerland 404 pts 9. (-) France 394 pts 10. (+3) Russia (ROC) 392 pts Biggest Gainers: 1. Turkmenistan: 65th -> 35th (+30) 2. South Africa: 77th -> 51st (+26) 3. Estonia: 44th -> 22th (+22) 4. Poland: 76th -> 57th (+19) 5. Cuba: 67th -> 53rd (+14) Biggest Losers: =1. Pakistan: 62nd -> 74th =1. Saudi Arabia: 63rd -> 75th =1. Ethiopia: 69th -> 81st (-12) =4. Greece: 57th -> 68th =4. Niger: 58th -> 69th =4. Haiti: 71st -> 82nd (-11) Random Trivia: Brazil is the only "x1" team (no added points to the original tally) to not reach the top 10. Full Standings here: Day 4 Report coming at around midnight my time once again and I'll see you there later :D
  15. Day 2 + 3 Report Welcome to the report of the last 2 competition days! They've been full of ups and downs, out of nowhere runs and very impressive performances. While Day 1 ended with such countries as Kosovo and Ecuador relying on one athlete to carry them to greatness, Day 2 and 3 allowed the big boys to catch up and take the lead of the league. Speaking of it, the leader of the league is currently Italy with 380 points and 190 without multipliers, while as the Olympic team leading the league before any multipliers are applied is China with 351 points. Now let's get into the good stuff, like... The Fight for the Top (Day 3 only) Norway started the day off right by taking the clear lead in the standings thanks to Blummenfelt's victory in Men's Triathlon and they held that lead until swimming striked, and, together with it, Australia. It took the lead from Norway, but were unaware of the secret threat initialed "GB". The golds from Peaty, Pidcock and the pair of Daley and Lee helped the British athletes jump straight into the day standing lead and they kept it for most of the rest of the day. The Great 8 Now it's time for the Great 8, a report segment which features the top 8 Olympic teams in the total league standings and their performance, very rarely my opinion and not as rarely stupid trivia and jokes. No more meaningless fluff, let's get into the segment: 8th: Japan The home team had a mediocre Day 1, but it woke up on Day 2 way stronger than before and with 7 golds, 2 silvers, 3 bronzes and 2 triple-digit day points tallies in a row, Japan has found itself at the edge of the Great 8. Even tho it can't take advantage of the home crowd, it still dominates Judo with success in other sports varying a ton between each sport. A good recovery for the hosts. 7th: South Korea After an amazing Day 1, South Korea's day points tallies have been slowly declining, with 61 at D1 and 41 at D3 (pre-multipliers). The NOC still has 4 bronzes and 3 golds, although the champions for Korea have all been archers so far. Considering the way more increased event amount throughout the days, Korea's results have been really underwhelming the previous last 48 hours and Day 1 seemed like an NOC just taking advantage of favourable disciplines all lining up in the span of 15 hours. Still an OK showing so far. 6th: Hungary This team has been declining even harder than South Korea, and has way less medals than it - 1 gold and 1 silver, both in fencing, but there's the multipliers and how the Hungarians will take advantage of them is to watch out for the front runners. Not a bad run for Hungary. 5th: Australia Australia didn't even score a single point during Day 1, but had a great run in Swimming during Days 2 and 3, earning pretty much all the points in that sport. Aussies have 2 golds, 1 silver and 3 bronzes, all from Swimming. They will be brought back to earth after the Swimming competition is over, but for now, they are a threat and a half. 4th: USA Of course they will get here. During Day 1, USA was really bad for as big and sports rich of a country it is, with only 6 points under their belt. But, during the last 2 days, it picked up steam and is now in the top 5 and also have a Day 2 victory in their achievement collection. This team is definitely not trending away from the Great 8 unless all of the medal contenders get sick and have to withdraw but that is nearly impossible. 3rd: China China was as good, if not, better, in Days 2-3 as it was at Day 1. Moving on. 2nd: GB This team's Day 1 was a laughing stock as they earned a 1 measly point the entire 24 hours. Day 2 was very much OK and that helped then get into the Top 25 and during Day 3 they wiped the slate clean and, if looking by points and the sjeer quantity of good results that day, "won" the day. They ended the day with 3 golds, 3 silvers and a bronze, a pretty good medal tally, if I say so myself, and a good point tally too with 362 points post- and 181 pre-multipliers. 1st: Italy Italy is by far the most consistent Olympic team in this league, as they've been at the front at the end of the 1st day of competition and still are now. The medal tally of 1 gold, 4 silvers and bronzes each is a interesting one, I'll say that. Even tho they were at the near very top of the league standings, they, like every single other country not just in the Great 8, but the rest of the total league standings, couldn't pull away from other NOCs at all, which shows that this team ranking method is pretty good and makes me and, hopefully, all of you for an exciting close battle at the end of the Olympics. Hope you enjoyed the report of the last 2 competition days Day 2 and 3. Sorry if some of the report seems to be messy and inconsistent in terms of writing, my reasoning is that it was pretty late and I had difficulty to concentrate on and not do the previous 2 problems mentioned. If you have other critizisms or recommendations for these reports or the league itself, just tell me in this very thread. Thank you for your attention and see you at Day 4!
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