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  1. -1. Rate the performance on a scale of 1-10 7/10. Many medals but few gold. If we talk about statistics, we have the second worst ranking in our history (15th), but how can I give a bad rating now that we are back to 20 total medals after 25 years? -2. What were the suprises and heartbreaks ? Both very few. Probably Hárspataki (Karate) like surprise, Siklósi (Men's Épeé) like "heartbreak". -3.Was your country's goal achieved? 13 medals according to Hungarian NOC, 28 according to media. I expected a middle ground and so it was. -4. Which are the sports that will be invested more in future? I really don't know. Handball????
  2. Almost all (except Milák of course) of that very promising generation are inexplicably declining. Kalmár, Holló, Késely... They're all going with higher times than two years ago.
  3. Gulyás Michelle - Modern Pentathlon Varga Ádám - Canoeing Sprint I’m generally pretty confident about our men’s K2 and K4. I see our young guys much further ahead than the others Kós Hubert - Swimming. Ok this is a bet… Or a hope…
  4. @Vektor Just like @Federer91said, new programmes don't help. And I guess it will get worse and worse in the future. Then if Brits and related continue to grow everywhere there will be even less space in the most traditional sports for us (Swimming, Modern Pentathlon speaking about ) . Yeah, double British gold from M Pentathlon is kinda painful(sportingly speaking obv), that was our house!
  5. Beautiful game so far. On the one hand it's better that we are not here.. For my health, I mean.. Now I'm very quite and my heartbeat is normal
  6. I still believe this is the final between the two strongest team of this tournament. This is stonger than
  7. So who are the big losers? , , …? Maybe Indian shooters?
  8. backs to 20 total medals since 1996 6 gold is fine, I had predicted 8 but 7 is what I really expected (one more gold from Hosszú/Men's Finn/Siklósi in Epee/Men's Team Sabre/W K2-500/Open Water), so a little bit disappointing. I've to say, I think we had a good team this year, far better than Rio. These are 20 clean medals without overperformances, without surprise medals and with 14 (!!!) 4th places.
  9. First unexpected medal for in this Games probably, deserved! ('cause yes )
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