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  1. -Fencing is the sport that excites and amuses me the most, each medal here will always remain unique. - Péni István, Rifle. I believe he has the potential and medal in this sport has been missing since 2004 -Modern Pentahlon: a gold in this competition has a "mythological" charm to me. Maybe not one of frontline sports to watch, but one of the best stories to remember.
  2. - ALL (Janja Garnbret ) - A medal for in Gymnastic - Maria Magdalena Andrejczyk GOLD medal - Hughues Fabrice Zango, Men's Tiple Jump - Ruman Shana, Archery
  3. Well, Dressel is in great shape. 50.17 in 100 Fly Heats
  4. First rule of Women’s Water Polo: Avoid So we must remember at the Games, in case of direct match for third place at Group Stage, to lose it :D
  5. Íme a Tokiói kajak-kenu válogatott: Férfiak: K-1 200 m: Tótka, Csizmadia K-1 1000 m: Varga, Kopasz K-2 1000 m: Béke-Varga K-4 500 m: Nádas-Kopasz-Csizmadia-Tótka C-1 1000 m: Balázs, Fejes C-2 1000 m: Adolf-Fejes Nők: K-1 200 m: Lucz, Kárász K-1 500 m: Kozák, Csipes K-2 500 m: Kozák-Bodonyi, Csipes-Medveczky K-4 500 m: Kárász, Kozák, Csipes, Bodonyi C-1 200 m: Takács, Horányi C-2 500 m: Balla-Takács
  6. We lose quotas everywhere, but here we gaining too many. Well, I think the participation of Gulyás has no doubt for what she has shown in this early 2021.
  7. It would be fantastic, but unlike Men, a medal from girls would be a real surprise and a result above expectation. But my whole prediction is above expectation, so why not :D ? Gold to Lőrincz Tamás in Greco-Roman 77kg, He is the current world champion and he dominated the last European Championships in April. Regarding swimming, I'll have to correct you : 2 Milák , 1 Hosszú, Silver for Kapás, Bronze for Hosszú in 200 I.M. and Razovszky in Open Waters
  8. I Predicted the entire Games and assuming the lack of accuracy (caused by ignorance ) in some sports, these are my results (or my gambles ) for us: Gold: 8 Silver: 7 Bronze: 7 Total: 22 It is certainly an optimistic result, but not too much. I tried to balance the "surprises" with the "disappointments" (plus ONE BIG DREAM with the Gold in Men's Water Polo ) -Athletics: 1 (optimistic) -Canoeing: 5 (2 golds; realistic/underwhelming) -Fencing: 3 (1 gold; realistic/optimistic) -Judo: 1 (realistic) -Modern Pentathlon: 1(optimistic) -Sailing: 1 (realistic) -Shooting
  9. [hide] Preliminary Round June 13th - June 28th, 2021 10 Nations, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Nation from each Group will qualify for the Quarterfinals Group A Date & Time (GMT -3) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 June 14th 2021, h. 18:00 Argentina 0 0 Chile June 14th 2021, h. 21:00 Paraguay 4 1 Bolivia June 18th 2021, h. 18:00 Chile 1 1
  10. [hide] Preliminary Round June 11th - June 23rd, 2021 24 Nations, 6 Groups, the 1st and 2nd Nation from each Group + the 4 best 3rd-placed Nations will qualify for the Round of 16 Group A Date & Time (GMT +2, CEST) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 June 11th 2021, h. 21:00 Turkey 0 2 Italy June 12th 2021, h. 15:00 Wales 0 1 Switzerland June 16th 2021, h. 18:00 Turkey
  11. I don't think Kozák is our spearhead this time, but I see a competitive team as always. I Believe the usual 3 golds (K4 W 500, K2 500 W, Kopasz, Tótka Sándor, C2 W 500), it is a very realistic result.
  12. 1) Swimming all events, Fencing all events, Men's Water Polo 2) I enjoy the successes of neighboring countries: I admire because I consider them great sportsmen for such a small nation. It makes me sad is not having good time even in its most representative sports (Artistic Gymnastic )... I also like a lot too 3) Szilágyi Áron, Nagy Tímea, Gyurta Dániel
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