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  1. Weird - we don't normally see this from Canada. Accepting the quota is just strange.
  2. Do you think Canada may name more PGS athletes later? I wonder if they prepared the press release and forgot to edit it or something because to only send 2 athletes when we could send 7 seems wrong.
  3. They certainly have the potential as the last World Cup season has shown. I was pulling for De Haitre but it makes sense, I guess he didn't have enough time between Tokyo and now to prepare.
  4. I am wary of Homan after her performance in 2018, but Morris seemed to bring out the best in Lawes in 2018 so I think relying on his experience is key here. I agree that they seem to have chosen the obvious route here - I was really looking forward to the trials a few weeks ago, its a shame they got cancelled but understandable.
  5. Sidney Poitier was the first Black actor to win in a lead Oscar category - this lead distinction is rather important here because Poitier was the true lead of the film and an all around movie star. There's a lot to unpack with Hattie McDaniel's Oscar win - yes, she was the first black person to win an Oscar, but the role was very stereotypical of the mamie stereotype and when she attended the Oscars she was relegated to the back of the room.
  6. The Canadian team has been performing incredibly here. Maggie MacNeil's World Record was truly an impressive feat.
  7. I don’t really follow curling but I am relieved that Canada has Jennifer Jones for the womens side and a past gold medalist for the mens side. After seeing both the mens and womens teams struggle in 2018 it’s a relief that we will have experience and consistency.
  8. It was a pretty impressive performance. Pascal Dion is on a bit of a roll too and I suspect his confidence is quite high after 2 medals consecutive medals in the 1000m.
  9. I'm not sure what the criteria was but Maggie MacNeil won an awards for female athlete of the 2020 Olympics.
  10. Canada wins the first wheelchair basketball game - Kady Dandernault scored 32 points!
  11. i'm confused where this sentiment that Short Track is in a rebuilding phase - sure Girard's retirement was unexpected, but are we expecting Kim Boutin to be totally off form when she comes back? The first Canadian selection for the Olympic team is happening this week so we should have some early indicators. True it is more competitive than a number of years ago but I still think the Canadian team is in the mix for 4-6 medals.
  12. I wholeheartedly agree about Canoe/Kayak. I know so many people who Kayak recreationally, I imagine it is an issue of finding the right talent. It's bizarre to me that we aren't super competitive in either Sprint or Slalom. Cycling seems to be on the right track by identifying and developing athletes. I agree - big room for growth especially on the men's side. The issue with diving seems to be consistency - we have some of the best athletes in the world who can't perform on the day at the Olympics. While we still managed to win a combined 3 medals in the last 2 Olympics, this is a huge underperformance considering what could have been. The athletes coming up the ranks are really good (Zsomber-Murray and Wiens especially).
  13. So I just read on Instagram that Drew Mechielsen raced in Tokyo and made it to the final with a broken foot she didn't know about till after she got home.
  14. 7 gold is truly unexpected - I think the middle week of the countless 4th place performances that ended with the terrible morning of the two back to back beach volleyball losses really dampened the mood. However, this is a fantastic result for Canadians and there's lots of young performers up and coming. It showed the continued legacy for swimming and athletics, rebuilding of the rowing program (slowly) and real young talent in many sports track cycling, diving, judo among others. Looking forward to the Paralympics and 2022 Winter Olympics just around the corner.
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