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  1. Someone in the swimswam comments said she may have a wrist injury. I would be more worried about the 4x200m than the 100m but let’s see how the rest of the trials pan out.
  2. Doesn't Japan get the host quota? Meaning Mexico qualifies as part of the top 9?
  3. I would love to see Canada medal in some unexpected events. Fencing? Archery? Sailing? One of them would be fun. A medal for the men’s swimming relays would be great.
  4. She looks so good now. And Ruck managed to get 2nd - not an amazing time but I'm feeling better about naming her to the 100m freestyle.
  5. I think Canada will almost certainly win a medal on Day 2, there are a few medal prospects that day Diving Synchro 3m, Swimming Women's 4x100m Freestyle. Plus there's also a shot with Pickrem in the 400m IM and Skylar Park in Taekwondo.
  6. I will add that Masse looked calm and in charge putting down a 58.13 in the 100m back. Taylor Ruck did not, but I'll wait till the final before passing too much judgement.
  7. Josh Liendo set a NR record in the 100m Butterfly in the Heats this morning at 51.40.
  8. It’s looking good for her. Definitley a gold medal possibility.
  9. Canada's trials start this weekend and go to the 23rd. Team will be announced after that I think.
  10. I love that you compiled this! It's certainly an interesting experiment to do it points wise - I'm sure if you did it by event it would look different, Cycling for example you have it at 9 points which would equal 3 medals, which I would say is too high. There are definitely places where we diverge. I do think you are giving Archery one point for the whole sport you need to include one point for Sailing. Men's diving as well I would give 1 point between the 10m Syncrho and 10m Individual. Judo - I think Klimkait both as the recent World Champion and as the
  11. This seems like a pretty impressive result: Not sure if Russia sent their A team but they beat Canada when they met during the last World Championships.
  12. It seems like to me that in a few of the sports we are losing quotas the team is stronger this time round: Gymnastics, Judo, Triathlon, Beach Volleyball.
  13. It's very impressive that Canada was able to increase in almost every event. The only decrease that is a major disappointment is in Wrestling (and Equestrian). I really hope we can net even with Athletics.
  14. Am I wrong that I thought there was a Hammer Throw as part of the Harry Jerome Classic but happening in Kamloops yesterday? Does anyone know if Adam Keenan inched closer to the qualification spot? @intoronto
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