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  1. My piece of solace is that none of our current top swimmers now won medals in 2018 other than Maggie McNeil.
  2. Did he retire for a bit or take some time off?
  3. Summer McIntosh splitting 53.33 on the freestyle relay minutes after going under 4 mins in the 400m is quite something.
  4. With the two golds in Judo and Para Swimming Canada is now 1 gold away from the 2018 haul of 15 (not that that is a huge benchmark but improvement is always good).
  5. Camille Berube won a medal in her last race before retiring. Ending her career on a high note.
  6. she's also 15 - lots of room for improvement.
  7. It was working sporadically for me today - not all the events were showing up at one point.
  8. I think it was a decent first day for Canada, great to see Summer improve on her time from her time from worlds. I am a little disappointed that the Canadian Team Sprint could only manage a silver. I am super curious to see the women's 4x100m tomorrow, super intrigued to see specifically how Summer does in that event.
  9. It seems like it was just a medal for a photograph.
  10. I'm pleasantly surprised that all 3 Canadians made it through to the semis in the 1500m.
  11. This is typical Canadian luck. Not only a 4th place, but losing out a medal to the countback.... I know this is not true on paper but it feels like the Netherlands does well in every sport.
  12. That's a huge blow to the relay teams for Canada but I hope she finds some success in the Phillippines.
  13. Really impressive work by Vallee who is extremely consistent in her diving. Intrigued how she does at synchro tomorrow.
  14. This is the first Canadian men's medal since 2009 and the first Canadian medal ever in the men's 10m Synchro.
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