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  1. Summer McIntosh’s sister won a bronze medal at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships
  2. I really hope our diving team gets a tad more consistent that’s really cost them in the past.
  3. There was Faith Knelson a few years ago but she took the Olympic year off for surgery and I don’t think came back. I was hopeful she would be the missing link but maybe it ain’t so.
  4. All 6 of them were under the A standard. Wow!
  5. The 200m free final is going to be so intense. McIntosh, Oleksiak, Sanchez, Savard, Ruck and Smith. Such an incredibly deep field.
  6. Liendo! What an impressive time in 100m fly. Super impressed by Knox getting under the A standard.
  7. It should also be said that her time on the first 50 was under the A standard for the 50.
  8. According to Devin Heroux, Sydney Pickrem told him that was the plan for her to swim the first 50m. She honestly looked incredible in the first 50, I was so excited to see her return to the 100m fly.
  9. It was a rather poorly done as an April Fool’s Joke because it wasn’t obvious.
  10. Brent Hayden retires again. Truly what a comeback.
  11. So Tracy Fleury joins Team Homan and Kaitlyn Lawes is skipping 2 former members of Team Fleury. This is going to be interesting! Apparently I am much more invested in curling than ever before.
  12. I can't begin to say I know much about curling but there's going to be some interesting movement happening....
  13. That was a fun session for the Canadians - Wilkie and McKeever looked phenomenal and oddly not tired at the end.
  14. I've been not paying attention to curling - which I think has been good for me 😂. Was delighted to see Arendz come back from his 4th place with a gold in the middle distance biathlon.
  15. Liendo going 51.84 is pretty good too! These young swimmers are so impressive!
  16. It honestly feels like no one is watching the Olympics to even care. I think Max Parrot and his two medals will be pretty iconic given him fighting cancer in the same quadrennial - even with the judging controversy. But you are right - those are probably the medals that we will remember years from now. Even Jack Crawford's medal feels like a bit of an afterthought. I'm just hoping the result of Ski Jumping medal is more funding and infrastructure in Canada - even if it was somewhat fluky.
  17. I feel like every Olympics since 2006 Canada has underperformed at Speed Skating. Getting 5 medals and one gold doesn't totally feel like a total disaster.
  18. Extremely disappointing on the gold medal front - the total medals was about where I expected (with a few more shots in Bobsleigh). I was in a wikipedia wormhole the other day and realized that Norway went from 13 golds in 2002 to 2 in 2006. I just am feeling a bit more bullish about our future chances right now. This has just felt like the most muted Olympics.
  19. I’m a bit worried that the German in 4th is going to close in on Kripps. I hate how the Germans always role out their new equipment during the Olympics.
  20. A course delay due to one of the finishing posts blowing down in the wind.
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