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  1. Tvorogal is currently in third position, Chasazyrovas in 8th.
  2. Same can be said about Biathlon and Cross Country skiing
  3. You are wrong. To be certain I rewatched the race. It confirmed that Verbij was 0.01 faster than Krol at 600 metres, and he is renowed for his excellent final lap. Without this incident he would have beaten Lorentzen’s time and probably even Dubreuil’s. It would have been close for first.
  4. Before the Summer Olympics the NOCNSF website also did not mention several qualified athletes. I mailed them about it, but got a very vague answer.
  5. Yes, Teletekst is still hugely popular in The Netherlands. Especially page 818 with the Eredivisie scores is followed massively.
  6. Apparently our first gold medal in a World junior champs since 1978, and only the second overall
  7. Rather exceptional for a country with little or no wrestling tradition. We are much more a traditional Judo country.
  8. I looked it up, Tyrone and Marcel are twins. Tyrone finished 17th in the European Youths
  9. Yes, I believe they are brothers. Can’t claim to know much about wrestling. Jessica Blaszka won some medals for us in the past, but she ended her career after not qualifying for Tokyo
  10. If it’s Marcel Sterkenburg, he was third at The European Youth Champs this year
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