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  1. It's been years that Italian athletics was improving ! But winning the 100m..! Congrats !
  2. Between Rojas, Barshim and Tamberi, I don't know who has the most "over the top" reaction. Incredible Triple Jump & High Jump competitions.
  3. After 6 days, the results are pretty disappointing for because many expected medals were not won : VTT H & F, Triathlon H, Basketball 3x3 F, canoeing slalom, some individuals in fencing, Wiet-Henin in taekwondo... And thanks Judo ! Above all, I feel like we didn't get any "surprising" medals, except maybe Canonne in Epée (but we were expected one of the other fencers to win it anyway). I mostly sad for our Shooting Federation that put a lot of effort these last years to improve in every disciplines, and the results are frustrating with 5 finalists but 0 podiums. Team
  4. Well, another big disappointment for us. 😔 I really wanted at least a medal for Pauline Ferrand-Prevost, because she had been through SO much these last years ! Congrats to team Swiss!
  5. For , maybe... - Our flag bearer Clarisse Agbegnenou, -63 kg in Judo, 5-times world champion. - Mixed relay in Triathlon - I don't really know the sport, and I understand that the team's results lately weren't the best, but we are twice world champions in a row. - Charline Picon, former olympic champion for RS:X. I read on this forum that there are 3 girls who are above the field, and Charline is one of them ! An honorable mention for our 3x3 women team in basketball.
  6. When is the first realistic medal chance of the Games for your nation? When do you think your nation will get their first medal and in which event? I will "steal" @dcro reply form .. Optimistic - Day 1, has some serious opportunities : Shirine Boukli in Judo -48kg, Oceane Muller in Shooting, and both our fencers in Epée and Sabre Individuals. Realistic - Day 2, with Amandine Buchard in Judo -52kg, and once again in both Fencing Individuals. Pessimistic - Well, let's say Day 4 and the Women's Cross-Country.
  7. What a stressfull game.. And so many miss !! But yay for the ticket !
  8. This championships being so close to the Olympics, it seems that teams are sending a B-squad, minus Poland ? France sends many ""young"" athletes to introduce them to senior championships. Sad that Ukrainians had to forfeit. Anyways, very excited to follow the championships!
  9. Kaisa Mäkäräinen's retirement saddens me even more than the retirement of Martin Fourcade. Two wonderful champions who are gone.
  10. Very happy (and surprised) for Susan Dunklee and Lucie Charvátová ! I hope that the latter will continue her good results for the end of the year and in future years.
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