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  1. Il y a une explication sur pourquoi le volley masculin français a tellement explosé ces dernières années (dans le sens positif ! ), et pas le volley féminin français ? Je ne connais pas du tout ce sport, ce précise, et je découvre même ce système de "club fédéral" chez les filles.
  2. Est-ce que ce serait pas un problème de préparation ? Des nations (par exemple la GB ?) se concentrent beaucoup sur les JOs, et leurs sportifs sont maintenant toujours à 100% pour l'évènement. Et je parle de préparation physique et mentale ; souvent j'ai l'impression de lire que ce qui fait défaut à la plupart de nos sportifs, c'est bien le mental. Après est-ce que c'est vrai, je n'ai pas la réponse.
  3. I love the idea too ! It will be our job to make it active ! ---------------------- Alors, quel bilan des JO ? Avec les horaires françaises et mon travail, j'ai l'impression d'avoir tout manqué, je suis un peu déçu ahah. Mais je retiens la médaille d'or par équipe en judo que j'ai réussi à suivre en direct, c'était un vrai moment d'euphorie ! Le nombre de médailles est en deçà des espérances, et certains de nos "leaders" ou "médaillés attendus" ont raté leurs JO principalement. Et comme d'habitude, gros carton rouge pour France Television... Entre les coupures en pleine épreuve et les commentateurs chauvins comme pas possible, c'est terrifiant. Ça me donnerait presque envie de payer Eurosport..! Et ce même si leur appli France TV sports est plutôt cool.
  4. At this point I don't know either. I will be waiting for the "conclusion" made by every federation after these Games.
  5. So stressful ! Maybe two finales USA vs France (M & W) in basketball ?
  6. France seems strong today.. But with them, you don't really know. Keep hope !
  7. As long as there will always be the same leaders in our athletics federation, I have no hope for the future years.
  8. I feel like it's our hundredth protest claiming in these Games... Maybe our worldwide reputation for complaining too much is real.
  9. French medias say that Mayer is injured, so it could explain the underperforming. Hope he will finish his decathlon.
  10. It's been years that Italian athletics was improving ! But winning the 100m..! Congrats !
  11. Between Rojas, Barshim and Tamberi, I don't know who has the most "over the top" reaction. Incredible Triple Jump & High Jump competitions.
  12. After 6 days, the results are pretty disappointing for because many expected medals were not won : VTT H & F, Triathlon H, Basketball 3x3 F, canoeing slalom, some individuals in fencing, Wiet-Henin in taekwondo... And thanks Judo ! Above all, I feel like we didn't get any "surprising" medals, except maybe Canonne in Epée (but we were expected one of the other fencers to win it anyway). I mostly sad for our Shooting Federation that put a lot of effort these last years to improve in every disciplines, and the results are frustrating with 5 finalists but 0 podiums. Team sports are not looking good either (except for Basketball H or Rugby F). Moreover, as expected, Tennis and Swimming are two of the sports we had good results the last decade, but for these olympics, it's... well. It's the void. The federation leaders are incompetent anyway. I hope it will cause an electroshock for Paris 2024 (and I hope it will be the same for athletics or gymnastics). So yeah, right now, not a good sign for Paris 2024. But again, it was expected, as there is almost no emulation nor budget increases to improve athlete performance. I'm complaining, but 11 medals are still good news compared to many other countries, and I congratulate every french athletes of the team who are giving their best.
  13. Well, another big disappointment for us. ? I really wanted at least a medal for Pauline Ferrand-Prevost, because she had been through SO much these last years ! Congrats to team Swiss!
  14. For , maybe... - Our flag bearer Clarisse Agbegnenou, -63 kg in Judo, 5-times world champion. - Mixed relay in Triathlon - I don't really know the sport, and I understand that the team's results lately weren't the best, but we are twice world champions in a row. - Charline Picon, former olympic champion for RS:X. I read on this forum that there are 3 girls who are above the field, and Charline is one of them ! An honorable mention for our 3x3 women team in basketball.
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