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  1. Amazing World Cup for France Finally a sport in which Paris 2024 effect seems to work
  2. This race is so exciting Justine
  3. I would really don't mind if Fialkova ends up 3rd in front of ACB.
  4. No fall with 10 men is the most WTF thing possible for this finale : yes, it's Short Track.
  5. Very happy with this podium (if it stays the same)!
  6. I must admit, I'm loving this drama in almost every races, but some decisions seem so illogical.
  7. This sport fascinates me as much as it scares me. I'm stressed for all the athletes at every turn.
  8. Story of the day (night) that may not interest you: my smoke detector woke me up (it apparently has no battery any longer, so it makes a very terrible sound), so I decide to watch the Olympic Games.. And the first thing I see is Clarey crossing the line in second place. Am I dreaming?
  9. Two 4th places for us . But the three girls on the podium were better, congrats!
  10. For , 23 is in the optimistic range, so thank you for being optimistic for us ! As written by @SalamAkhi, I guess a total close to 15 medals will be a good result. We're going to depend a lot on biathlon: and like many other sports, there is a bit of randomness in the results (especially, if I understood correctly, the races risk to be a lottery because of the wind?). But we have a very strong team (my only fear is that Sweden's/Norway's team will be even stronger), so I will predict between 5-8, including 2-4 gold. Figure Skating : Certainly our greatest chance of a gold medal (Papadakis-Cizeron), but also our only chance of a medal at all in ice sports. 1. Alpine Skiing : A few chances with of course Pinturault (Combined & Giant Slalom), Noël (Slalom), Faivre (Giant Slalom) and Worley for the girls (Giant Slalom). Let's say 1-3, but I could only see Clément Noël winning one gold. Cross-Country Skiing : We have to bet everything on the M team classical spint thanks to it being in freestyle style. One other medal (M relay, M mass start ?) is a long shot. 0-1. Snowboarding : Snowboard cross with Chloe Trespeusch for the girls, and Merlin Surget for the boys (but he's much more an outsider). But I think our biggest opportunity lies in the team event, thanks you Olympics for the diversity ! 1-2. Freestyle Skiing : Much more optimism in this sport! Perrine Laffont will be one the favourite in W moguls, same for Tess Ledeux in W Big Air / W Slopestyle (but Eileen Gu will at home ! ), Antoine Adelisse in M Big Air, and of course our strong ski cross team in men event. A shame for the women that Marielle Berger-Sabbatel will not compete, and Alizee Baron seems injured too. Let's say 3-5, with 2-3 golds. I'm not sure if I forget someone ! Pessimistic total : 11 (but 5 gold !?) Optimistic total : 20 (8 gold) My personal bet : 14 with 6 gold
  11. Very happy for Julia, finally her season can begin ! Elvira is so impressive, I hope she will dominate the world cup for a long time ! And I really like Hanna too, she seems to be a very friendly girl.
  12. Il y a une explication sur pourquoi le volley masculin français a tellement explosé ces dernières années (dans le sens positif ! ), et pas le volley féminin français ? Je ne connais pas du tout ce sport, ce précise, et je découvre même ce système de "club fédéral" chez les filles.
  13. Est-ce que ce serait pas un problème de préparation ? Des nations (par exemple la GB ?) se concentrent beaucoup sur les JOs, et leurs sportifs sont maintenant toujours à 100% pour l'évènement. Et je parle de préparation physique et mentale ; souvent j'ai l'impression de lire que ce qui fait défaut à la plupart de nos sportifs, c'est bien le mental. Après est-ce que c'est vrai, je n'ai pas la réponse.
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