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  1. DAS underperforming ? Huh ?
  2. If he doesn't get close to 20.40 (at least), I doubt the French federation or even himself will consider an individual participation.
  3. C'est normal, ces minimas sont quand même hauts et comme j'ai dit la saison n'a même pas vraiment commencé. La plupart des athlètes commencent tout juste à sortir, cette semaine à Ostrava ou Castiglione notamment. Pour ce qui est du ranking difficile à dire, ce système, avec en plus le gel des performances de 2020, est complètement biaisé en défaveur des athlètes qui vont percer cette saison mais un peu courts pour aller chercher les minimas. Ils vont devoir perfer, et le faire dans les bonnes compétitions en plus.
  4. Bon, la saison athlétique commence sérieusement en ce moment pour les français. On devrait avoir la sélection pour les Europe par équipe demain (ça n'engage pas à grand chose mais bon). Déjà quelques performances intéressantes qui font évoluer les pronostics de qualification : sur les haies hautes Laura Valette tout près des minimas (12.87/12.84), c'était prévisible mais ça se confirme, et plus surprenante, la progression de Just Kwaou-Mathey qui redonne confiance sur la possibilité d'aligner de nouveau trois hurdlers français à Tokyo (13.38/13.32). Tout ceci dans des conditions pas franchemen
  5. For Namibia it will depend on whether the 2 junior 400m runners are cleared to participate. I fear a Semenya issue. If they do, considering Naser's suspension, maybe Miller-Uibo focusing on the 200, they are strong contenders.
  6. Men's : Netherlands lock for Gold, GB lock for Silver, France Australia and NZ for Bronze. Women's : Germany Gold, Russia China and Australia battling for Silver and Bronze
  7. Mmh ... doesn't change anything in my opinion. Pidcock will be selected for the MTB event right away if GB gets the quota, no need for such a trick. If they don't, then he won't be able to replace anyone The text doesn't say you can rob Peter to pay Paul and make your own agenda, UCI be like "ok the field for women's MTB will have 37 athletes and the men's 39 thanks to GB"
  8. Don't think so. As Dcro said I'm pretty sure you need to have a quota in the discipline to do so. If not, what is the purpose of the qualification phase and the limited field ? Concerning the fake start I don't know if the rule has changed. I know we did it in 2012 to register a Keirin specialist (M.Bourgain) not taking part in the team sprint, but the Keirin quota did exist. Hard to make much more than the "bona fide effort"...
  9. I think no one has mentioned it yet but this race within the race could prove to be very important to the Olympic race in itself ... As we speak is 32nd in the rankings and therefore will not earn any spot thanks to it, whatever Tom Pidcock does in NMNM. So Pidcock, a man we can consider as a top notch outsider for the medals, even the title, is currently out of the Games. But, if Dascalu should repeat this top 20 and overtake Slovakia in the process, then Romania would be qualified via the rankings, thus releasing its U23 2019 WC quota (earned by Dascalu), which would transfer to t
  10. The question for Ireland and Samoa is : in which order will they qualify ? Mexico is very weak, weaker than Jamaica, Uganda is a bit stronger than Zimbabwe, Chile and Tonga are on the same level but this time it will be an experimental Tongan squad with 15 a-side European based players. All in all pool B is probably more homogeneous. For the 3 favorites the tournament won't be won before the semis.
  11. Hmm, not that much. It means Ireland/Samoa in semis and then in final, whereas having one of them in our pool could mean an easier semi-final.
  12. Speak of the devil ... here are the pools : Women's : Pool A : Pool B : Pool C : 2 spots up for grabs. Russia and France probably n°1 and 2 but having France in pool C is quite strange since the n°3 is usually drawn in this pool. It really was a draw, so full coincidence.The two european teams shouldn't face each other before the final though, being in pool A and C. Had they been drawn in pool B and C, one of them would be eliminated, which is total nonsense. Men's : Pool A : Pool B : It app
  13. Sad but their chances were slim. Will they be replaced though ? Good opportunity for Paraguay (who placed 4th at the 2019 SA qualifying tournament) to face stronger teams. I'd like to know how the seeding will be made. WS teams surely first, in which order though ? If we take 2018-2019 then it's Samoa-France-Ireland, if we take 2019-2020 then it's France-Ireland-Samoa. Not much of a difference between n°2 and n°3 but since there is a huge level gap between those three teams and the rest, n°1 is assured to avoid the other two until the final. Same question for the other teams by the way,
  14. I disagree, there's a lot of overtaking in these sports, almost never adjusted in ski/snow cross, more in short-track but it's like 5% of them.
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