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  1. Actually not the good video but still ... Article (30 words) in L'Equipe or not ? I'd say the odds are 2.10 for the website and 9.80 for the newspaper
  2. Nope, once again the qualification in short-track are held in 4 tournaments at the end of the preceding year (so september-december 2021).
  3. Of course But the overall performance of this relay was quite encouraging considering the roster.
  4. Hmm, most of them are here to fill the blanks I fear. Our best young athletes and prospects will not race : Quentin Fercoq (99), Diané Sellier (01), Gabriel Volet (03). Dmitry Migunov neither but I don't know if he's still in the team. Tawan Thomas seems to have progressed considering the few races in December but still far from the international level, the others seem to be even further. Not much to expect from these championships I fear apart from Tifany Huot-Marchand (she can grab a medal I reckon), maybe Sébastien Lepape. I have hopes for Aurélie Monvoisin in the future but she's
  5. I try hard but I can't ... I can't understand the strange case of Dr Julia and Ms. Simon
  6. Blah blah blah variant, blah blah blah cancellation ...
  7. First podium for Delphine Claudel Only the 3rd Frenchwoman to do so, the 4th podium, first since 2013
  8. You mean handegg and football ? I'd go with Pauline Ferrand-Prévot
  9. So no Junior WC for 2001 athletes
  10. His wife is pregnant and seems to have some sort of stomach pain (courtesy of French TV).
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