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  1. There is obviously not enough swimming events at the moment
  2. Cecil Afrika Olympic bronze medallist (2016 Rugby Sevens)
  3. Yes it was really obvious after the IMPRESSIVE French performance in the group stage You're obviously demonstrating the concept of teleological bias Analysing facts as a function of the already known ending of the story. You know that France won, you think that this tournament was boring (partly because Germany was eliminated early) so you argue that it was destined to be and that everyone should come to this idea. Except it was not. The fact that major countries were not at their best is not an explanation. As you say it, I understand that only big countries can win and if all but one are eliminated then the only that remains is already assured of winning But Belgium or Croatia also can be strong and have the potential to go all the way.
  4. Another one in this situation is Kevin Mayer ... Injured in Doha so no mark since 2018, he was planning to qualify in the US in April (4-5 or at least in San Diego the 17-18th)
  5. Yeah yeah, but remember we're in february
  6. Clean sweep in the sprint for the Netherlands ...
  7. Hmm, not the first dangerous (voluntary ?) move from Mitchell
  8. Loving the live results for the individual pursuit
  9. You're right Didn't see her first time in the standings but she's there with 4 points (more than those who couldn't reach the line by her fault :))
  10. Couldn't see the live results so Wild (who got disqualified), made 5 of her opponents fall without falling herself
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