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  1. I know but its still too much. Steady decline since 2010. Every cycle turns out for the worse.
  2. Tako sam nekako i rekao u temi o realokacijama. Besmislica je slati bilo koga, kad su vec ovako slabi. Nevena ne zavrsava ni jednu trku, vozi samo SVS. A o muskarcima da ne govorim. Doslo je vrijeme da imamo isti broj kao recimo Senegal ili Tonga.
  3. Ako koga zanima i nije vidio, odbacili smo 3 kvote u KK. Tako da cemo u Kini imati 2 skijasa.
  4. Thanks! Serbia had biathlon, bob, snowboard athletes, and now this. Nevena Ignjatovic is almost nonexistent in WC, men dont appear even in EC. So why sending them at all...
  5. I am shocked, this is pathetic. Just 2 skiers, almost same as some tropical countries.
  6. I agree, but if other tournaments or countries continue Australian policy, it will be difficult for him. I hope that Europe will show its progress and wont demand something AUS did. Plus, as a physician, i think that vaccination as a sole condition for entry isnt normal at all. Negative PCR, with or without quarantine, should be perfectly sufficient for national safety. But ok, in this case, medicine wasnt relevant from the beginning.
  7. Glad its over. Australia showed many weaknesses, hipocrisy, totalitarian government, how cruel it can be. I saw many episodes of 'Border Patrol Australia', even then it was obvious that their officials are enjoying to unnecessary hurt other people, their dignity, feelings. Novak could have done this differently. He should have known that their policy is not just strict but also robotic. Plus, giving wrong data, giving interview when ill didnt help him a bit. Both sides are guilty, IMO.
  8. Some of these comments are just pitiful and shameful.
  9. Posteno bi bilo da je ove godine nagrada bila preskocena.
  10. Izgleda da se lagano upada u CC, obzirom da u SK nismo redovni, a i kad nastupimo uglavnom smo na zacelju. Mada je ipak napredak naspram Koreje, tada je samo Rastic ucestvovao. U skijanju Nevena, i ko jos?
  11. Slazem se. Koliko ce nas biti u Pekingu? Po mojoj racunici dvoje u skijanju, dvoje u kros kantriju.
  12. Nacionalni savez proglasi naj igraca zbog dostignuca u klubu. Samo kod nas
  13. Exactly. I didnt know that exact name of yesterday holiday was Theophany or Epiphany. In my language (serbian) its called Badnji dan. Its very important day for orthodox comunity, eating meat and animal products is strictly prohibited. There are many more obligations on that day...
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