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  1. Prema ocekivanju, vratili smo se u 2 grupu timskog sampionata u atletici. Mislim da je Kipar ispred nas zbog poslednje discipline. Rezultati za zaborav osim dva LR Topic 1.85 i Samac 81.35m. Ipak smo zavrsili ubjedljivo prvi
  2. I agree, money they invest in sports must be payed of, no matter what. If i am not mistaken, USADA has sole authority over USA athletes, meaning that USA athletes arent tested by independent ADAs. Someone should correct me if i am wrong. Is that fair? Surely not. One national antidoping agency cant be above all the others. 50 cm improvement must be checked. If he is clear - well done. We dont need another Armstrong, Marion Jones or Justin Gatlin.
  3. I know what you mean. I could be wrong but every WR must be carefully evaluated. When someone improves his PB almost 50cm, its really shocking. And its not like 20.50 improves to 21.00 m but 22.90 improves to 23.37. All i want is clear sports. Plus, USA had long history of using PS in shot put. Barnes himself, Kevin Toth, C.J...
  4. I hope that USADA is doing their job. I am not implying anything but improving Barnes' WR who was using PS throughout most part of his career should be carefully checked.
  5. I understand you completelly. Even though its not a popular opinion, i am still happy to see nations that do not import athletes just to win a medal. Like Sweden in table tennis or Greece in many sports. Serbia DID have a foreign born player in 2015. Its Danielle Page. She played in Rio too.
  6. Not that i like naturalisation of players but its inevitable, as it seams. Serbia just dont have better player on her position. Without her, results would suffer. Knowing that women sports are still unpopular in Serbia, maybe this was a way to popularise it. At least mens team wont have naturalised players.
  7. Turkey was so bad. Belgium was so bad. I can understand Belgium but Turkey was way bellow my expectations.
  8. Steta, ali ni on kao ni Lajovic nisu u formi. Pretpostavljam da bi i jos neko mogao da odustane
  9. Nije neka novost ali posto je zvanicno - Lupulesku bez kvote.
  10. Well, with him Serbia was medal contender. Without him, not so sure. He was team engine, Serbia with Jokic is Lambo, without him its more like FIAT Punto. You could be right in that sense. He is mentally outside national team, it would be hard to make a cohesive team around him in such short period. Its not a first time NBA stars avoid playing for NT. Pedja Stojakovic for e.g. I am furious because NT should be priority, OG specially. I can understand skipping ECh, even WCh, but OG... Gasol, Nowitzky, Parker, they usually played for NT even after harsh seasons.
  11. As long as i am concerned, he doesnt exist anymore. Doncic can play and he cant. Shameful really.
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