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  1. Yes, they were rock solid before, they can win too.
  2. Thats true, has happened many times before. This season is rather specific, its a battle between Granerud and Eisenbichler. Now with ban of Polish team, i can only name Lanisek as a dark horse, he has decent results last couple of times.
  3. Mate is his successor, younger than him, so i am not so dissapointed. He will always be remembered because of Rio. Enough from him.
  4. Somehow i feared that this option is plausible. Which would be pitty. Vlasov is dominant, but in my opinion, Nemes deserves to be in Tokyo. Having them fight before final would be disastreous.
  5. Yes, his plan was to retire in Tokyo but after it was moved to 2021, he decided to retire in Belgrade.
  6. Teska povreda Lekic i propustanje kvalifikacija u martu. A Madjarice du nas bas razbile. Da li smo bili indisponirani zbog povrede ili nesto drugo...
  7. Zato sam i rekao. 13 mjesto nije bas neka sjajna uvertira. Mada da sacekamo kraj. Inace, Zabicka nikako da napravi neki dobar rezultat. Steta.
  8. Sa ovim sportom sam na Vi, tako da si vrlo vjerovatno u pravu. Nisam ni znao da je ovo EP kvalifikaciono za OI.
  9. Gejo 13 ali u polufinalu je. Nisam optimista ali ocekivano posle povrede.
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