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  1. It's mostly a young team. And have been in poor recent form except for Saurabh & Rahi. Rifle shooters were in horrible form. Hope they'll get better with experience.
  2. Angad Bajwa (73/75 after 3/5 rounds) in skeet is still in contention for a place in finals. Don't think Meraj Khan would be able to make it though.
  3. Not looking good in men's 10m Rifle as well. Both shooters towards the bottom of the table.
  4. Is he really or is it the boxing judges again?
  5. Deepika Kumari finishes 9th. She'll face Karma from Bhutan in first round, American/Japanese in second round, potentially Perova of Russia in 3rd & An from Korea in QF, if she goes that far.
  6. The number of teams playing and number of fans following contradict your statement though. Anyways, to all their own.
  7. Really? Even cricket has more countries playing and more followers.
  8. Which is the next olympics qualification tournament for any sport in which India has some chance?
  9. OQ will be a different tournament on Thursday. This is just for Asian Championship.
  10. Bajrang & Ravi win bronze. The cheater Kazakh lost the final within first period by technical superiority.
  11. India have reached semis in boys' hockey by beating Poland 4-2. In a big upset, Zambia defeated Australia. India will face hosts Argentina in the semis.
  12. Lakshya Sen reaches the finals of boys' badminton. He was leading 11-0 in decider when he allowed the Japanese no.2 seed to make a splendid comeback. Finally won 24-22. He'll face Chinese (no.5 seed) in the finals.
  13. India have won their first ever gold medal in YOG. Jeremy wins the 62kg men's weightlifting gold in style lifting a total of 274 kg (124+250).
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