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  1. This image is of Indian cricket captain Saurav Ganguly twirling his jersey in Lord's Cricket Ground balcony London after India beat England in Natwest Trophy final on 13 July 2002. Set a target of 326 to win in 50 overs by England, India slumped to 146/5 after losing wicket of Sachin Tendulkar. Yuvraj Singh (debut 2000) and Mohammad Kaif (debut 2002), helped India to a famous victory. Saurav Ganguly had also twirled his shirt in response to the same act by English all rounder Andrew Flintoff a year earlier. In hindsight, this match this was a turning point of Indian cricket history as the team became more mentally stronger, aggressive, preference to fitter and younger players, better in chasing totals, and no over-reliance on one batsman Scorecard - Match Highlights -
  2. Do you think Satwik-Shetty are genuine medal contenders. Indonesia will finish 1-2 in this event. Bronze could go to China or Japan
  3. Interestingly and ironically I am getting such Google ads in this thread even though I can do nothing to influence this
  4. If the discussion is about India having 'talent' but not able to perform because of improper nutrition we can consider India's urban population which itself is comparable to small countries - Delhi (18.6 mil), Mumbai (22 mil), Bangalore (12.4 mil), Kolkata (4.6 mil), Chennai (4.9 mil). The urban population just doesn't play cricket but football, badminton, table tennis, basketball are quite popular too. Restaurants and pubs also air non-cricket matches but of course nothing can be compared to cricket games. Recently there was a tournament of U-14 teams from English Premier League (including teams from Manchester United and Chelsea) and Indian Super League in Mumbai, where the Indian teams did well. Inter district and state competitions of various sports are held regularly and is quite competitive The issue is not dearth of talent but absence of grassroot level coaching and youngsters not choosing sports as a viable career option except for cricket. But this might change with the introduction of Khelo India (multiple sports) and Baby Leagues (football) to identify and groom young talent, and hopefully they take up the sport professionally. Many of our young shooters like Saurabh Chaudhary, Manu Bhaker are products of Khelo India
  5. The Indian men's Archery team reaching the final was a miracle and totally unexpected. Don't think it will be repeated in Olympics. My predictions for this event are 1. South Korea 2. Chinese Taipei 3. China
  6. The spike was more due to the religious meet in Delhi and the participants then going back to four corners of the country. More stupidity is that they aren't co-operating with the authorities. They have became the new hotspot cluster.
  7. We crossed 1600 yesterday with highest jump of cases yesterday. I was starting to believe we were controlling the spread as the rate of new cases per day was slowing down. With the govt not wishing to extend the lockdown period, the window to contain the virus spread gets shorter. Economic realities will compel to end the lockdown
  8. That lathi (bamboo stick) beating is just normal and some people need a stick to understand. Just an article how online buying of groceries and other essential items is playing out
  9. We do have online delivery of essential items in Bangalore, India but its delayed. We had ordered on Sunday but its scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. Normally lead time of online delivery of groceries in Tier I cities is not more than a day
  10. There are still some stupid people
  11. Even if the numbers are under-reported its still quite low given the population size and urban population density. Here, the pandemic is still at an early stage and we intend to keep the curve flat. Its not feasible to test everyone so only those who arrived from abroad or show symptoms are tested. We are trying to beat the pandemic by lockdown and most institutions like schools, colleges, banks and offices are closed. Our PM requested everyone to follow a virtual curfew on Sunday. The roads of Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India and has the worst traffic in the world, has sparse traffic nowadays and its surreal to see so few cars on the road
  12. I too agree on the overall number but still would nitpick on few numbers. For example, do you really think we can qualify a team in Women's Archery. I really don't trust Deepika Kumari and co. Also we will qualify 4 golfers. 7 players in Badminton is a long shot now unless the qualifying period is extended which it should as many events in April is suspended. Biggest regret so far definitely is Table Tennis team qualification, hope we clinch it in 2024. Can you elaborate who do you see qualifying in Taekwondo and Canoeing in 2024
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