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  1. The wrestling world championship is an Important championship for india.. Our best Olympic sport...... For me points of interest 1) historically india has been averaging 1-2 medals per competition.... But in 2019 we were able to get 5 medals ( 4 FS, 1 W) .... This competition will give us a sense of where we stand there a genuine improvement ( in juniors and cadets last 4-5 years there has been a huge improvement, we have been ranking 1/2/3 regularly) This time our medal chances would be in men freestyle... free style with ravi kumar ( oly silver medallist) in 57 free, pankaj ( 61 free) - no major senior achievements but defeated rahul aware ( world champ bronze and ravinder dahiya ( u-23 silver) in trials Bajrang ( 65 free) 3 time world champ medallist, naveen 70 free - (world junior silver) , 74 free- sagar jaglan ( world junior bronze) , 97 free - viky ( world junior bronze) .... Unfortunately our 86 free deepak ( world champ silver) is injured 🤕... Or he would be a medal prospect.... In women's free..... Vinesh 53 ( world champ bronze) , 2) will we get a gold medal, we have just one gold around 10 years ago with sushil in 66 Free....
  2. I am not hoping for a medal in GR but a couple of GR wrestlers reaching the QFs would be decent result...
  3. Yes...... We see to have many vickys, ravis etc.... May confuse some opponents, expecting one vicky and the other comes along....
  4. Vicky chahar is the better known of the two, was earlier wrestling in 92 in seniors......Bronze at Cadet Asian in 2016, Won Senior Asia silver 2019 in China. He has also won Bronze in Junior World Championship 2019 Tallinn Estonia aug, 2022 Asian bronze.... Vicky hooda who is selected for 92 is almost unknown but wrestled well in trials but the opposition was very week...
  5. Vinesh Phogat, who completed a hat-trick of gold medals at the Commonwealth Games earlier this month, was up against newly-crowned U20 world champion Antim Panghal in the 53kg final. Vinesh Phogat won a bronze at the 2019 world championships and will seek her second medal at the 17th edition of the world championships to be held from September 10 to 18. In the absence of Rio 2016 bronze medallist Sakshi Malik in the 62kg category, two-time cadet world champion Sonam Malik claimed the slot by defeating Manisha 2-1 in the final. Sonam Malik, 20, had bagged a silver medal at the recently-concluded U20 world championships but is yet to win a seniors medal . Sarita Mor, a world championships bronze medallist and the world no.1 in the 59kg weight division, sealed her spot in the 57kg by defeating Lalita 4-0 in the final. Another worlds bronze medallist Pooja Dhanda, meanwhile, was stunned by Mansi Ahlawat with a 2-0 defeat and conceded the 59kg spot. Mansi Ahlawat, has been in top form this year and won gold at Almaty Ranking Series in June without losing a point in the championship. Asian championships bronze medallist Sushma Shokeen pipped Pinky in the 55kg on the virtue of scoring the last point after the bout was tied 3-3. U20 world championships silver medallist Priyanka (76kg) and bronze winner Reetika (72kg) were among other names to make the cut for the world championships.
  6. Indian team finally finalised Freestyle Team: Ravi Kumar Dahiya (57kg), Pankaj Malik (61kg), Bajrang Punia (65kg), Naveen Malik (70kg), Sagar Jaglan (74kg), Deepak Mirka (79kg), Deepak Punia (86kg), Vicky (92kg), Vicky Chahar (97kg), Dinesh Dhankar (125kg). Greco Roman Team: Arjun Halakurki (55kg), Gyanender (60kg), Neeraj (63kg), Ashu (67kg), Vikas (72kg), Sachin (77kg), Harpreet Singh (82kg), Sunil Kumar (87kg), Deepanshu (97kg), Satish (130kg). A few suprises.... Pankaj malik a relatively unknown wrestler defeated the feted rahul aware in final of the selection, surprised not to see gaurav baliyan in 79 FS...
  7. It is great to see both sania and bopanna are still doing well.... But sad no new comers are even coming close
  8. The Indian federation has said that barring bajrang , Ravi and Deepak for all other weights and for all women they will hold a new selection trial on 29th and 30th of aug so all the names except those three may change for India ....
  9. Indian interests will be to see Ravi in 57 with ugaev absent i will be hoping to see gold in 57 ..... If he does it that will be huge our first gold since sushil at least 12 years ago i think ...... In 61 no indian in seeded 8 but still so much talent will be hoping for an upset but In 65 we except a sure medal with our oly bronze bajrang but he has not been in great form so will wait and see .... In 70 i would say india maynot do well ... In 74 we are still looking for a long term spotholder In 74 we have wealth of talent will not be suprised to have a suprise medal ... In 79 gaurav baliyan has been touted as the next big thing in Indian wrestling would need to see if he is improving a medal prospect ....ranked 8th..... In 86 Deepak punia is of course a big name , silver last time because of an easy draw in 2021 .... This time with with Taylor and yazdani in two halves no chance for him to get in the finals but yes chance of a medal .... In 92 i was suprised to see viky ranked 5th .... @MHSN i did not think this guy was good but obviously has improved his ranking , would like your opinion on this
  10. Yes I am looking forward to all three matches in the higher weight categories though will miss the formidable sadulaev in 97 ...... And also am going to follow the giant Geno hopefully to gold in 125 ....but the Iranian Zare can stop him ...... It is in the lower weights that India will do well .....
  11. Great job by Iran as usual ..... India did very well this time with 16 medals ( on total medal count the same as Iran but well behind on gold medal count ) ..... After following Indian wrestling for the last 20 years can see huge +ve trend in India , we used to average only 2-3 medals till five years ago ...... I personally thought Priya( 76 kg silver ) and reetika ( 72 kg bronze ) in women along with antim ( sole gold medal winner for India ) in the lower weight categories may soon definately start moving into the main team , also an indian wrestler lost to Iran in the 125 free finals , @MHSN do you feel he is good ? ..... 125 free we do not have any good wrestlers , i also thought Sagar jaglan in 74 is someone look for in future ......
  12. This guys penis came out in the middle of the race Athletics U20 Championships due to a wardrobe malfunction. 18-year-old Alberto Nonino, who hails from Italy, was competing in the 400-meter of decathlon in Cali, Colombia when the incident took place. Alberto Nonino started off extremely well by gaining pace against his competitors, leaving the bystanders under the impression that he might win the race with quite ease. However, after Nonino passed the middle lane, he looked uncomfortable and kept reaching down to hold his crotch a couple of times. He came last ??
  13. Wrestling stopped because a light almost fell on the mat chairman .... Ouch
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