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  1. So we can expect a messy juggling as countries like japan have to drop a couple of teams , even India may have qualifiers in two events and need to drop one ...... But the rules simplify the choices as only the highest ranked boat qualifies .....
  2. I did see some asian atheletics tournament in may .....but I presume it may be cancelled then they may focus on the domestic events
  3. I would be slightly more optimistic 3-8 medals in shooting 1-3 medals in boxing 1-4 medals in wrestling 1 medal in weightlifting 1 medal in badminton Possible outside chances in archery , javelin , hockey ..... So 7 to a max of 20 .....likely around 10-12 .......... Big skew as most of the really good indian players are so young 18-20 .....see how the handle the pressure
  4. That is till semis : Final analysis would be after the semis 50 : JAP /IND 53: KAZ / UZB 57: IND /MGL 62: MGL/IND 68 KAZ /CHN 76 KGZ / MGLor IND
  5. Let us look at tomorrows womens qualifiers My take ....... 50 kg : 5 only ..... The top place would definately go to susaki of Jap ...... A double world champ ....I am suprised to see her here .... I would give the second to indias seema n this field maybe the mongolian tsogt would also be a contender .... But seema for me is definitely a strong quota prospect 53 kgs : tatyana in the upper draw and aktenge of uzb in the lower draw The 57 : the upper draw definitely Anshu from India And mongolian in the lower The 62 : upper draw definate
  6. Sorry to hear that ...... Get better fast .... But you can watch the qualifiers hopefully in peace .....all the best
  7. Also for the first time Indian woman sailor in olympics....... Our woman olympians really rock ..... In 2016 all our medals were from women atheletes
  8. Great job by India with 3 boats in the olympics for the first time ever .....
  9. I was suprised that we do not have divya kakran in 68 ........ She would have been a favourite ......
  10. I think we need to wait for the medal round at least for laser men ......?
  11. I believe after 10/12 races we have the medal race and pts are carried over ..... How many boats participate in the medal race and are the pts same for the medal race
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