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  1. In fairness it was just hard luck at the draw. I don’t think they would rig the draw.
  2. A bad 24 hours for us. Brutal boxing draw, Shane Ryan injured and the Double Sculls disaster. Can’t seem how they can retrieve this. One of best medal contenders in trouble already. They skipped the press conference too which is not a good sign.
  3. Yeah. Exactly my thinking too. Definitely O'Rourke and Michaela will find it hard to medal now. Although if O'Rourke does win she should medal. Walker, Irvine and Brennan got brutal draws as well. Still in 2016 I though we were certain of 4 medals and that collapsed on the eve of the Olympics opening. As of now I'd be ecstatic with two boxing medals. Indeed very happy with one.
  4. Not as much as the doping by countries like East Germany did.
  5. I see are 80/1 to win the Gold Medal in Eventing. Is that not a bit high for current WC silver medallists?
  6. I really don't understand why all teams did not arrive in Japan at least two weeks before competing and then remain in their various bubbles. So far it looks like all cases were contracted before or en route to Japan. There are going to be cases. There were some during Euro 2020 and in some qualification events and competitors will have to live with that. Hopefully cases are kept to a minimum which to be would be 1% of competitors. But obviously some teams are NOT observing all the protocols. There will be hard luck stories but they happen in every Olympics its just this time there will be mo
  7. Noticed that too. Athletes knew from months out there would be restrictions Few if any were going 'just to party'. Its the pinnacle of their sporting careers not a jaunt. They seemed to have been treated well by locals at their training camps. Too much doom being thrown around by journalists. That said poor lads like Jack Wooley will be expected to be out of village by next Monday and on the way home with two weeks of the Games still to go! Not that he will mind if he medals.
  8. All our competitors travelled first class so this would have lessened the risk. I’m sure the Italians did the same.
  9. Oh ffs. The naysayers are really having a field day. 140,000 at the British Grand Prix today. Britain had 54,000 cases today and are still opening up. There were football matches in Japan yesterday with thousands in attendance. The anti-Olympic folk are using Covid as excuse to attack the games. Same as Zika before Rio in 2016
  10. Would agree with all of this and add that my big Olympic bet will be in rowing on the W4. For Gold. They will certainly medal along with and . Currently 6/1 for Gold.
  11. Not so sure will win gold. The Australians are odds on favourites. But I think and will medal in W4
  12. Definitely in some sports alright. Once the medals start arriving hopefully we wont notice.
  13. Definitely Yes for Team sports and they can be part of the match day squad as far as I know. Not sure about alternates.
  14. If you look back to 2016 a poll in Brazil in Mid July had 67% of Brazilians against the games taking place. Over 100 medical experts called for the games to be cancelled. Now I realise the Covid situation makes things different this year but I expect when the games get going and assuming all goes well regarding Covid interest will be as big as ever. I know my excitement is a lot less than for previous Olympiad but I expect once the games start it will rise. From reports from Team they say that they are receiving a very warm welcome from locals in their training and holding bases and no n
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