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  1. I expect 3-4: Rowing: 1-2 Gymnastics 0-1 Boxing 0-2 Taekwando 0-1 Sailing 0-1 Then again I expected 3-4 in Boxing alone in Rio and we got none.
  2. Is it official that they have withdrawn? I expect the IOC to give them time to change their minds.
  3. There will be an extra spot available at the final qualifier in LW2X.
  4. Ireland need to stay within 10 places of Belgium in the final fleet race tomorrow in order to go into the Medal Race in an unassailable position.
  5. And the reallocations are done based on World Rankings?
  6. I think it’s 17 races. 3 tomorrow and thursday, one fleet race on Friday and then the medal race.
  7. She's not listed on the Start List for Pre event training tomorrow.
  8. Thanks. Its likely that CYPRUS,KUWAIT OR TURKEY will pad IRELAND this week in Delhi. Strange that Aoife Gormally did not compete there.
  9. I am not on expert on Shooting at all but looking at the Womens Trap it would seem that POLAND will get the World Ranking Spot and that IRELAND should get the reallocation spot? If anyone could help it would be appreciated.
  10. Rio had 410,000 foreign visitors for the Olympics. Given the distances involved its unlikely Tokyo would have many more. If each spent 5000 dollars that about 2 billion and given the size of Japans economy that's nothing major. Irelands tourist loss alone for 2020 is more than that and we are 1/30 the size of Japan. Its not ideal but still not a catastrophe.
  11. I think thats highly unlikely as its still the 2020 Olympics not the 2021 Olympics. obviously some atlethes and swimmers will improve in the next year and make the time but theres no legislating for that.
  12. It will be the same qualification process surely? Just events and tournaments not held in 2020 are held in 2021. All rankings will be frozen until 2021. Anyone who has already qualifies remains qualified. Seems only fair way.
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