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  1. I think thats highly unlikely as its still the 2020 Olympics not the 2021 Olympics. obviously some atlethes and swimmers will improve in the next year and make the time but theres no legislating for that.
  2. It will be the same qualification process surely? Just events and tournaments not held in 2020 are held in 2021. All rankings will be frozen until 2021. Anyone who has already qualifies remains qualified. Seems only fair way.
  3. Its still going to be the '2020' Olympics so all criteria will be the same. If you are ineligible for 2020 that will carry forward. All qualifying event due between March 2020 and June 2020 will simply be rescheduled to the same periods in 2021. Anyone qualified remains qualified. Only fair way. Similar was done in Golf for the 2001 Ryder Cup which was postponed until 2002 (9/11). The teams picked for 2001 played in 2002 regardless of how their form etc had changed since 2001. All rankings etc need to be frozen now until March 2021.
  4. Our jockeys are also the best in the world.
  5. would hope Irvine and Walsh x2 would be close. Think we will ge5 a most 4 men over the two qualifying tournaments but could also get 4 women. We look weak in the men’s heavier weights
  6. Looks like Ireland are confirmed as qualifying in the Mens Madison. Tough on Hong Kong but am delighted for our lads.
  7. I think UCI have to inform the NOCs by Monday of their quota allocation. Fingers crossed no more changes.
  8. South China Morning Post now has it that both their Madison teams have qualified. It looks to me that Ireland hadnt their sums done correctly on Sunday when declaring they had qualified. Very hard on Downey and English. How disappointed must they be today? Not sure how the Ukrainian women are feelling as Hong Kong had 800 points added to their total based on the 2019 World Championships!!
  9. Even the Hong Kong Cycling Federation and the local press there believed that Hong Kong had missed out on both Madison qualifications!!
  10. Very True. Utterly heratbreaking though for Englis and Downey.
  11. Last Week Hong Kong were on 5680, Portugal on 5210 and Ireland on 5200. Ireland came 11th in Final and therefore got 2 x 615= 1230 bringing them to 6430. Hong Kong came joint 16th and were awarded 2 x 390 bringing them to 6460. On Sunday I saw provisional results which had Hong Kong getting 2 x 360 as in 17th and last as they went out before the USA. This would be wrong according to my reading of the rules. Then again Rules 2 and 3 which I quoted above seem totally contradictory. The slence from Irish Cycling is worrying though.
  12. A. Bunch Races Riders who do not finish qualifying heats will be designated with one of the following depending on the reason for them not finishing: Did Not Finish (DNF); Did Not Start (DNS); Disqualified (DSQ). These riders shall not progress to the next round of the event. The final classification of the event shall be drawn up in groups in the following order: 1. All riders competing in the final and finishing (based on the UCI Regulations) will be ranked and will score UCI points according to the UCI Regulations. 2. All riders competing in the final and not finishing due to having been withdrawn by the Commissaires or suffering a mishap (indicated as DNF) will be given a tied ranking for the next available position after the riders in group 1 and will score points for that position.the UCI 3. In the case where qualifying heats were held, all riders competing in the final and not finishing due to abandoning the race (indicated as DNF) will be given a tied ranking of the last available position in the race, and will score the UCI points for that position. In all other cases (when qualifying heats are not organised), all riders competing in the final and not finishing due to abandoning the race (indicated as DNF) will not be assigned a rank, and score no UCI points. 4. All riders qualified for the final through qualifying heats, but not starting (indicated as DNS) will be given a tied ranking for the next available rank after group 3, and will score the UCI points for that position. 5. All riders qualified for the final but disqualified (indicated as DSQ) will not be assigned a rank, and will score no UCI points. 6. All riders competing in the qualifying heats, and finishing, but not qualifying for the final will be given a tied ranking for the next available rank after group 4, and will score the UCI points for that position. 7. All riders not finishing the qualifying heats, forwhatever reason (grouped first as DN Above are the UCI rules on ranking points. It seems the UCI are correct in awarding points to the DNFs as per 2 above. How the Irish Cycling Federation missed this is beyond me.
  13. I would be very hopeful that we can break the 80 mark for the team but a lot depends on how many qualify in Athletics. Currently we have 6 people inside the rankings but that will change when the competition gets serious later in the year. Sadly the Magees have fallen dow the rankings badly since Autumn and from being inside the qualifying mark have now 3 or 4 countries ahead of them. The big issue now is how many qualification events are going to fall to the Corona virus.
  14. Hi Folks. Can anyone direct me to the current Olympic Qualification Rankings for the Swimming relays? I cant find them on the FINA website. Thanks
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