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  1. I attended the games in Barcelona and London. I arrived in Barcelona on the Wednesday of the first week without a hotel or ticket and within an hour of arriving had a hotel and tickets for Tennis, Boxing,Athletics and Volleyball. There were plenty of tickets on sale for most events and there were plenty of hotel rooms even though the city was packed. same with issue with accommodation and while I had bought tickets in advance plenty of others became available online during the games and you could buy and then collect at ANY venue. My advice is do not panic. There will be tickets floating about and Paris has lots of accommodation.
  2. I gave an 8. I was very apprehensive in the lead up to the games and didn’t enjoy the opening ceremony and felt little of the normal excitement I’d feel in the lead up to an Olympics. However on Day 1 of competition everything turned. Seeing competitors delighted in winning or distraught when losing showed me that the Olympics is really all about the athletes. The crowds at the men’s road race also added a touch of normality. As the games progressed I barely noticed the lack of crowd and following our athletes on social media showed that they were having the adventure of their lives. Thankfully no event was disrupted by Covid and by end of games. Covid was barely a factor and although cases rose in Tokyo it doesn’t seem games related. In the end I am so glad the games happened if only for the sake of the athletes. Sad as I am now the fact the Paris is only 3 years away is a major help.
  3. I’d agree with @dodge and @OlympicIRL . But appreciate the thought behind it. Thank you.
  4. 1/ 8/10. First time since 1932 that we won 2 golds by different competitors and the first time ever 2 Golds in different sports. 4 medals in total is our joint best result but we were so close in other events. With luck it could have been 7-8. 2/ Biggest surprise was Aidan Walshs bronze in Boxing and biggest heartbreak was Nadia Coyles horse refusing to behave in Pentathlon. Also Rowing where we were expected by most observers, to win 3/4 medals and ended up 'only' winning 2. Something happened our Double Sculls crew and I am sure we will find out later. 3/ Target was 3-4 medals and that was achieved. 2 Golds probably not expected. 4/ We invest (for political reasons) way to much in Horse Racing, Gaelic Games and Football. The latter because of financial mismanagement by the FAI rather than too much at grass roots level. We should invest a lot more in Boxing, Gymnastics and track cycling as in build a velodrome.
  5. Usually followed the next day by 'one of those OTHER days'!
  6. Although with no discards this time there could be carnage if the Cross Country turns out to be difficult.
  7. How difficult for to pull themselves into contention in the Cross Country?
  8. In fairness it was just hard luck at the draw. I don’t think they would rig the draw.
  9. A bad 24 hours for us. Brutal boxing draw, Shane Ryan injured and the Double Sculls disaster. Can’t seem how they can retrieve this. One of best medal contenders in trouble already. They skipped the press conference too which is not a good sign.
  10. Yeah. Exactly my thinking too. Definitely O'Rourke and Michaela will find it hard to medal now. Although if O'Rourke does win she should medal. Walker, Irvine and Brennan got brutal draws as well. Still in 2016 I though we were certain of 4 medals and that collapsed on the eve of the Olympics opening. As of now I'd be ecstatic with two boxing medals. Indeed very happy with one.
  11. Not as much as the doping by countries like East Germany did.
  12. I see are 80/1 to win the Gold Medal in Eventing. Is that not a bit high for current WC silver medallists?
  13. I really don't understand why all teams did not arrive in Japan at least two weeks before competing and then remain in their various bubbles. So far it looks like all cases were contracted before or en route to Japan. There are going to be cases. There were some during Euro 2020 and in some qualification events and competitors will have to live with that. Hopefully cases are kept to a minimum which to be would be 1% of competitors. But obviously some teams are NOT observing all the protocols. There will be hard luck stories but they happen in every Olympics its just this time there will be more than usual.
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