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  1. It certainly was a qualification event, in terms of points, for the mixed relay - and quite a generous one, as it happens with the same 800 max points as a world series mixed relay event. I think only there may be only one mixed relay scoring event left, the World Series vent in Abu Dabai next march, before the cutoff on 31 March. I don't think there are any continental champs left to score in... The top 7 nations in the rankings get an auto 2+2 athletes in both individual and relay r
  2. The Rugby (15s) world cup used this system, after a fashion - 5 groups of 4 produce 5 group winners, 5 runners up and a best placed third team - the runners up and the third team played off for three Quarter final berths. It was a mess. So rugby changed to a 4 group of 5 system, and broadly speaking, it works great - top 2 go to quarters, third wins at least guaranteed entry to next world cup, always plenty to play for. In Olympic sevens - if we are sticking with 12 teams, I'd strongly push for 2 groups of 6 and a repechage/modified page system : If groups
  3. Aquatics - Diving [8] [11] 3m springboard (m/w) 10m Platform (m/w) Synchronised 3m Springboard (m/w) Synchronised 10m Platform (m/w) Team (mixed) : teams of 1 or 2 men and women - key is that women do 4 dives - 2 from 3, 2 from 10 - men do same - total 8 dives - no extra quota places required Open Air High Dive (m/w) Aquatics - Swimming [38] 50m Freestyle (m/w) 100m Freestyle (m/w) 200m Freestyle (m/w) 400m Freestyle (m/w) 800m Freestyle (m/w) 1500m Freestyle (m/w) 4x100m Freestyle Relay (m/w) 4x200m Freest
  4. Equestrianism A niche, expensive sport, but a tradition and well like one. The format for both the dressage and the showjumping is interminable. The end of the jumping this year was superb, a six way jump off - but by god it dragged getting to that point - the combining of some, but not all rounds for Team and individual jumping purposes is also confusing, I think, for the uninitiated. I'm tempted, to be honest, to an idea perhaps reminiscent of Artistic Gymnastics 2 days of qualification jumping - I'm easy as to whether to score by aggregate or best ri
  5. Page 3 Cont'd Canoe Slalom. VERY much EXTEND programme. If you're gonna build such a specialist venue, get your money's worth. Set, including Additional Slalom events : Men C1, Men C2, Men K1, Women C1, Women K1, Team C 'Relay' Team K Relay This would justify the addition of K1 women, so another 16-20 paddlers. Team Relay would simply be an event using aggregate times in relay succession - a la luge - Canoe Slalom relay for Men C1, Men C2, Women C1, so no extra required, followed by Men K1, women K1, no extra required beyond the alrea
  6. Currently we have two groups of 6 = 15 x 2 = 30 matches, plus quarters, semis, final and bronze = 38 match total Under my system we have 51 matches total (45 x 1, plus w/c, semis and medal matches). - approx 1 extra match per day average. I don't think that's insurmountable - there are sixteen possible playing days, and a maximum games per team of 12 In terms of making a venue pay, there's a lot to be said for 13 extra games, yet needing 24 less bodies - Basketball ticket sales are usually strong. Of course, you could use the London 2012 Handball scenario an have two ve
  7. I merely meant even up the number of events for men and women - I was not making any comment on the hyperandrogenism/intersex/transsex debate!!
  8. ...Cont'd Open Water swimming No changes except tighten up the officiating Water Polo Reduce the men's field from 12 to 10, increase the women's field from 8 to 10 - total change in athletes, nil Synchro swimming Remove from the Games; already difficult both as a judged sport, and a single gender sport, it's also too heavily into the 'art' element rather than the 'sport' - judging is one thing, artistic impression is another *Addition* : High Dive - outdoor super high platform The diving equivalent
  9. One has to remember that the Olympics cannot realistically be about only minority sports, because the huge casual fan-base that justifies the TV rights millions that fund said minority sports is hugely boosted by the 'popular' sports. an example is the golf, which was a shambles in terms of getting the best male players in....but had HUGE viewing figures, both in Golfing countries, but also in other places. Justin Rose, a previous major winner who won the men's event (and rightfully so, he and Steenson having backed the event to the hilt were worthy medalists) has stated that he did the Olympi
  10. I wouldn't really be for removing any events per se, although a few clever amendments could make some - 'painless' reductions. For example, instead of rotating the 6 team fencing events, make all team fencing mixed gender events (2 men, 2 women), so you only need 3 team events, and only 2 men, not three and 2 women, not three, for those every fencer still has the same number of golds to go for (1 indy, 1 team) but noone loses out because their team event is on an off year, and we have one less event. Do the same with Archery. Do the same with table tennis. Hey presto, you've saved t
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