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  1. Not sure if you are already aware of this nor if this is what you are looking for, but you can find the day by day schedule here:
  2. It looks like street skateboarding is contested in a park. Where is park contest then? Maybe in streets ?
  3. Sorry, I have just read it now. Maybe there is some maintenance at 2am CET which usually nobody notice, but for sure we can't have this in the next weeks. I will try to assure it will not happen in the next days.
  4. We can use this thread:
  5. Thanks, all of them have been added in "Smileys 2" list.
  6. Men's Under 20 Tournament Semifinals Finals TBD TBD X X X Gold Medal Match TBD TBD X X X TBD TBD X X X TBD TBD X X X Bronze Me
  7. No idea how he did that. Maybe @Griff88 you can explain us
  8. Probably that is possible, but will need some time to find out how and I currently do not have time to make tests, probably after the Olympics. Did they work before? And do Facebook posts get embed?
  9. until
    Athletics EAA Under 23 European Championships 2021 Tallinn (EST) - 8 July 2021 - 11 July 2021 Official Website Programme Results System Results Database Facebook Page Discussion Thread
  10. @Raimeda
  11. You can find posts statistics here:
  12. I think since some years the lucky losers are decide by drawing of lots. They entered this rule to avoid match fixing in the last qualifiying match of the top seed, which could "sell" his match when he was sure will be at least a withdrawal in the main draw.
  13. From time to time I see professional athletes registering on Totallympics. Some of them just find an event in our calendar and think registering on the forum will allow them to register for the event , but it would be nice to keep track of them. So far we surely know @brunamoura @Jesús @RaileanuEcaterina
  14. Do someone have the video game for PS4? Do you need Playstation Plus to play online?
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