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  1. Spain asked for a TOP100 in the ranking or 2 top30 in WorldCup or 2 top15 in EuropeanCup, that's why they rejected the female quota More stupid is the reason why we rejected the 3rd male quota... cause they asked for two TOP20 finished in TeamSprint and they only got one... and a 21st place
  2. Paris 2024 Paralympic Medal Events Programme and Athletes Quotas announced
  3. She was dangerously close to the water, glad nothing more happened cause that could have turned scary quickly
  4. This is a really dumb Qualification process. They pretend to find 60 marathon runners under 2.14 considering there's a World Championships in the same month???
  5. Karate is so boring. It's, by far, the most borig combat sport of all in the programme. And Katas are... well, something else. It's a slower and worst explained version of Taekwondo. If they want a combat sport that has both fighting and "performing" I wish they choose Wushu, a more entretaining one. But honestly I dont think the games need another martial art. Maybe in 2028 when inevitably Boxing gets axed.......
  6. Why would boys train for a sport where the world doesn't allow them to compete on. Spain is one of the few countries, not to say the only one, with a stablished men's rhythmic national championships and national league, in individual and teams, and there are thousand of kids taking the sport. A sport that totally neglets based on gender should not have a place in the Olympics. They have had years and years and years to do something about it, and no one moved. So, why not face the ax?
  7. I don't agree with you. RaceWalking is mostly about technique. Or it should be. Nowadays athletes dont have a great technique and it shows. Technology needs to arrive asap, and with technology, shorter races can be done. Cause the important thing is if they are racewalking correctly.
  8. Because men can't do Rhytmic Gymnastic cause "equality" only works one way....? ok...
  9. But is this official already? Last thing I heard was that the IOC didn't cancel the offshore event completely, they send it to have an overhaul and they would revisit in a future. They asked the Sialing Federation to choose a preferred substitute in case the offshore event was cancelled, and that's where they choose the individual kiteboarding instead of the team event. But if I'm not mistaken it's not official event cause the IOC can still choose the offshore event (wich is also the Sailing Federation favorite of the two)
  10. My proposal for the mixed event for the Olympic Games: It would be a 1m/1w team, during 3 days of competition and woukd race a total of 50km. Multiple day events are common in RaceWalking, with a event in China hosted yearly being super popular. The four first events would work as qualification for the last event, a modern-penthatlon style. First day: men's and women's 35km race walk. Different qualification for sex. First place gets 0 penality seconds, 2nd gets 20, 3rd gets 45... and so on. Second day: rest day Thrid day: 5km time trial. Different sex qualification. Same puntuation as the first event. Fourth day: 2x2x5km rellay. Here is where the total penalty seconds "won" in the 4 prior events get added. The relay starts in the order of the time penalty, just like in modern pentathlon. Every 5k theres a racer change. First athlete to cross the finish line, wins, and so on. Something like this would have 50km raced by every athlete, a 4 day event, a mixed event, different types of races and a "chase" style finale already proven a hit in modern pentathlon or the EuropeanGames DNA event.
  11. A lot of countrys (Spain, Portugal, Ukraine...) hosted 35km women national championships these year instead of 50km cause timeline for the Standar for 2022 world championship was already open. Some of the spaniards already have the standar but it's imposible to find a world list and I dont know why.......
  12. Anyone knows if there's a "Road to Tokyo" style page for "Road to Eugene"'??? I can't find anything. Also, somewhere to look at the women's 35km toplist results? It's nowhere to be found and the qualification for that event already started.
  13. Would it stay, though? Caught cheating with the shoes...
  14. Jon Rahm OUT cause of COVID. For some reason, they dont let Spain anyone in his place...
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