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  1. Well, this sounds like fun! Ski jump would draw a lot of attention just for the weirdnest of the event, it could be a great headline maker! I like all the possible aditions (besides breaking). This would make the European Games way bigger. More team sports were needed, and Rugby 7s and beach handball work perfectly, although is sad they apparently took out beach football.
  2. So, the off-shore sailing event proposed for Paris 2024 is starting to attract some interesting names: For Spain: Iker Martinez (2004 49er gold medallist, 2008 49er silver) and Natalia Via Dufresne (Silver in Barcelona92 in Europe and in 2004 in 470) have team for the next European Championships... With it being a more skill-driven tham physical event, I can see a lot of older great sailors giving it a go!
  3. We all new Senegal wasn't ready..... Why didn't award the games to other nation and had them host in 2026 from the beginning??? Thomas Bach wanted the "Olympics hosted in Africa" before it was realistic. And that's the price to pay. Cause I don't buy that cheap excuse they are putting. They should let other country jump and host the 2022 ones,....
  4. This seems kind of unnecesary to me. At the time there are not 12 good teams in the world
  5. No word on Artistic Swimming when it's their biggest problem when we talk about equality in the games. If they boot the sport they would have room and quotas for everything else they are asking.....
  6. World Athletics enlists Najma Parveen as an Accepted Universiality Place for Pakistan in womens 200m.
  7. There are four categories in Taekwondo, even three in Karate. It isn't ideal, but...
  8. UWW has now 18 medal events. How about: 4 men's freestyle 4 men's greco-roman 2 mens beach 6 women's freestyle 4 women beach If they used the same athletes from Freestyle to Beach, I don't think IOC would oppose to giving them 2 more events so they'll have same events per gender.
  9. Give me coastal rowing, more race walking and High Diving and keep everything else, please and thank u.
  10. There was talk about droping lightweight events in rowing and replacing them with Coastal Rowing, I would absolutely LOVE. Also the new sailing event that was aproved seemed dope. I hope those changes happend. Some events added last time where a mistake: swimming 1500 and 800, mixed judo team, even BMX freestyle witch I love seems out of place with that short field.... I hope they get ride of those. And I migth be controversial but I wouldn't mind the six team events in fencing getting droped and just do a all around team event for each gender.
  11. I just realized taht all of this means we get an extra year of 50km race walking
  12. July is perfect for me, since I don't have to work or study. Better than spring.
  13. Nursing homes in Spain are one of the biggest centers of infections....
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