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  1. Italian diver was 13th in the World Cup, that's why they won a quota.
  2. Acording to the qualifying process: a. NOCs with no male or female qualified athlete or relay team will be allowed to enter their best ranked male athlete or their best ranked female athlete in one athletic event, with the exception of the Combined Events, 10,000m and 3000m Steeplechase. b. This applies equally to unqualified female entries from an NOC with qualified males, and vice versa. So if you have no one qualified, you get only a quota. But if you have only one gender represented, you get one for the other.
  3. This is disgusting. They really give cheater Iván Zarco 's place at the Olympics?? Disgusting. He should be banned! He had another athlete running a marathon for him. Camilo Santiago runned a marsthon under Zarco's name and made the Honduras National Record for days until someone came across a photo of the event and recognised Camilo. Then the whole circus was discovered. He was running posing as the athlete so he could help him get a ticket for the Olympics. Camilo was given a deserved 2 year ban for that, but Zarco gets to go to the Olympics? He should be ban
  4. And for the women.... WOMEN'S 100 Veronica Shanti PEREIRA - 1082 points Nia JACK - 1059 points Regine TUGADEWATSON - 1017 points Valentina MEREDOVA - 995 points Charlotte AFRIAT - 927 points WOMEN'S 200 Charlotte WINGFIELD - 1074 points WOMEN'S 400 Shafiqua MALONEY - 1132 points Samantha DIRKS - 1070 points Maggie BARRIE - 1024 points WOMEN'S 1500 Betlhem DESALEGN - 1118 points Neide DIAS - 1040 points WOMEN'S 5000 Shanto
  5. I was bored so here's a small list of the best placed athlete in the ranking for countries without qualified athletes. According to the Athletics Qualification process, the Universiality Quotas would go for the best athlete in ranking for each country in their respective event. But this doesnt seem to be the case according to some decitions taken.... Best athlete in ranking for those countries yet without quotas: MEN'S 100 Aziza SBAITY - 1136 points [Not given quota] Barakat AL HARTHI - 1123 points [Confirmed place] Oliver MWIMBA - 1073 points
  6. So this is the team is apparently sending to the games: 7 athletes: 3 Men's in single: Pablo Carreño, Pablo Andujar, Alejandro Davidovich 4 Women's in singles: Garbiñe Muguruza, Paula Badosa, Sara Sorribes, Carla Suárez Carreño / Davidovich will play men's doubles, while Muguruza/Suárez & Badosa/Sorribes will play the women's singles. The Federation is waiting if #97 men's seed Roberto Carballes can get a quota.
  7. Pol Moya got the universal quota. Most likely in 800 since it's his best event by far.
  8. That depends on the country, here tennis is always going to be aired on TV before gymnastics.
  9. #03 Rafa Nadal #10 Roberto Bautista #38 Albert Ramos #64 Feliciano López #69 Jaume Munar #78 Carlos Alcaraz Doubles #11 Marcel Granollers All of them withdrawn from the games. What a shame, Pathetic for all of them. Pablo Carreño, Alejandro Davidovich (they'll form a doubles pair) and Pablo Andujar would compete. And Roberto Carballés is expecting if he enters, cause he wants to play.
  10. Men's 20km race walk Samuel Gathimba - 1:18:23 Women's 20km race walk Emily Wamusyi Ngii - 1:30:56 But where at the Kenyan trials but they don't show in WA's Road To Tokyo
  11. WA took out invitation in women's 200 from Road to Tokyo section Also, the 100m invitation dont took other quota places as of now. There are 56+ 4 invitations,
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