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  1. Are they going to announce the sports one by one?
  2. Good for beach-handball, excited to see team sports making the games, even if it's this "beach" format... European Games needed it.
  3. No women's football....... The athletics events are a monstruosity. the programme is ugly- They took out a lot of things from previous years and didn't replace it with nothing.
  4. Spanish press talking about 35 km race walk with a 2 men / 2 women team, adding times to determinate the winner
  5. ok thanks. There was the small talk in Spain about the chance of Russia losing the right to compete in the Women's Rugby 7s final qualification tournament and maybe Spain taking their place....
  6. there's no chance Russia Neutral Athletes would lose any already won quota after this, right?
  7. Idk in other countrys, but events like Volvo Ocean Race and things like that are far more popular in Spain that any other sailing event. The Offshore event would have drawn some attention, at least here.
  8. Also, they really dropped the ball wlth no mixed Artistic Swimming.....
  9. So...... no team Golf, with one of the most exciting ideas. Sad. Mens road race needed a reduction and the womans an increse, good for that. Overall not bad, but nothing exciting.
  10. So they only rhing they accepted was Extreme Canoe, literally the WORST option of the bunch
  11. Squash is meh. Bring back Basque Pelota and do a Trinquete competition instead. That would be fun,
  12. Rowing in open waters. They propose to use the same venue as sailing for that. In Coastal Rowing there are no lanes and the races are longer (at least 6k). They have to rotate in buoys also.
  13. A 10k event (that could be held in the stadium or in road) and a 30k road one. But it only would happend if the tecnology for a better judging could be tested and it was confirmed efective. If not, they would do 20k and 35k. So, basically, we don't know nothing.
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