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  1. ATHLETICS Qualifying Standard: Alex ROSE - Discus throw Qualified by ranking at 09/04/2020: N/A Best in ranking by points: Women's 100m - Toea WISIL - 1123 points (Best Men: Daniel BAUL - 400m hurdles - 1058 points) Men's 200m - Ratu Banuve TABAKAUCORO - 1104 points (Best Woman: Heleina Valetta YOUNG - 100m - 1032 points) Men's 800m - Alex BEDDOES - 1081 points (No woman in rankings) Woman's 200m - Regine Kate TUGADE - 1017 points (No men in rankings) Men's 110m hurdles - Talatala PO'OI - 989 point
  2. yes, the qualifying rules for Spain said that they are going to wait until World Athletics reports how the rankings end to make a decision, so they would select knowing who is in and who is out.
  3. But the federation can just not select the athlete with the standar if they know that other three athletes would be entering by ranking...
  4. So federation just released their qualification rules for the OG. I have a doubt. if anyone could help me.... If a country has 3 athletes with the standard, can you withdrew one of those places and select one athlete thats on a qualifying spot in the ranking? And, if you have an athlete with the standard and a lot that qualify in ranking spot, can you withdrew the standar quota place and select three athletes from the ranking? Im talking about 50 race walk in this case. Could the federation reject Corchete's place even though he has the standar and s
  5. no Charlotte Purdue? :o
  6. That's why placing on the event counts too.
  7. I posted this in another threat the other day, and I said I smelled something fishy. Well, now it deserves to go here, cause there is something really fishy behind: Apparently, the real Ivan Zarco is injured and couldn't run the marathon, so Camilo Santiago put on the bib and the outfit of the honduran athlete (Camilo even used long sleeves and high socks, what he never does while compiting, to cover his recognisable tattoos) and run the marathon not in his full potential (has a 2:09 PB), but in a good enough time so he beat the Honduras national record and Ivan Zarco wo
  8. A new record in marathon for was set last week in Germany by Iván Zarco with 2:17:46. Nothing groundbreaking or weird to this, except for the fact that it wasnt Iván Zarco running. Photos of the event show that it was spanish athlete Camilo Santiago running with his bib. Idk what happened there, but WA is giving it as a national record for Ivan when it wasnt even him racing. I smell something fishy.
  9. Both ships DNC in the first race... They are the only africans here. If I'm not wrong, they just need to end one race to qualify
  10. I cant find anything. The event is called "Copa Pirineus", but I can't find anything more. Sorry
  11. Probably you all arent aware of the storm that is happening at the spanish canoeing team. The federation decided to hold trials for the olympic K4 event, and only invited 6 athletes to take part on it. The trials were last week by they were so obviously tampered by Saul Craviotto (several olympic medallists) and Carlos Arevalo, to benefit their friends Marcus Walz and Rodrigo Germade made the team with them, that the federation had to repeat the trials this week. Obiously the federation wants Sauk Craviotto happy since it's a very popular in Spain and want that press in
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