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  1. I presume it was a typo above. 2019 WCH is the only semi logical answer but as has been said, that’s if there’s an Olympics at all...
  2. Rowing Ireland has been informed that the Olympic qualifying regatta has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled. They’re waiting on info from world rowing as to how final places will be allocated
  3. I wasn’t commenting on the fight, and I don’t really mind what happened just found it funny that one poster here gave 10-8 in one round and another went 8-10 in the next. I’d like to know if it ever happened
  4. I doubt you’ll find any fight in history that was 10-8 to one fighter followed by 10-8 to the other. That’s a little task for anyone there looking for something to do. Find that amateur fight
  5. Speaking as a football from I really hope we don't object to the request and I hope both games are postponed until more appropriate times
  6. Or Dublin, which has a US customs and border immigration pre clearance
  7. And back to the virus, the Americas qualifier in Argentina is postponed
  8. I'm all ears if you actually want to provide any details...
  9. Winners of todays quotas (the final quotas to be awarded) Mens 51kg Men's 57kg Men's 63kg Men's 69kg Men's 75kg Men's 81kg Women's 51kg
  10. "The UCI confirmed that Team Ireland has qualified a quota in each of the Men’s and Women’s Madison and Men’s and Women’s Omnium events. The Olympic Federation of Ireland and Cycling Ireland formally accepted the slots this morning. " Press Release Great news for
  11. We now know all the final qualification bouts. Winner of these will earn a quota: Mens 51kg v v Men's 57kg v v Men's 63kg v v Men's 69kg v Men's 75kg v Men's 81kg v Women's 51kg v v
  12. We're also relatively good at lightweight rowing too. Kings of the european little people! meanwhile Carly McNaul has replaced Ceire Smith in the women's 51kg flyweight event
  13. Yeah there’s been a few Nevins on the scene With an OK draw I’d expect Nevin and Walker to qualify. Harrington and O’Rourke on the women side others might need a bit of luck
  14. FWIW have won 15 Olympic medals in men's boxing and all but 4 of them have been 60kg and lower! 48kg - 2 51kg - 2 52kg - 1 54kg - 3 56kg - 1 60kg - 2 67kg - 1 67kg - 1 75kg - 1 81kg - 1 And here's our team for the European qualifiers Men 52kg – Flyweight – Brendan Irvine 57kg – Featherweight – Kurt Walker 63kg – Light-welterweight – George Bates 69kg – Welterweight – Aidan Walsh 75kg – Middleweight – Michael Nevin 81kg – Light-heavyweight – Emmett Brennan 91kg – Heavyweight – Kiril Afanasev 91+kg – Super-heavyweight – Dean Gardiner Women 51kg – Flyweight- Ceire Smith 57kg – Featherweight – Michaela Walsh 60kg – Lightweight – Kellie Harrington 69kg – Welterweight – Christina Desmond 75kg – Middleweight – Aoife O’Rourke
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