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  1. Effectively a European B championship with all the Olympic horses missing. Shows the strength in depth for Sweden
  2. That’s not true in the It’s weird. won gold in Rio and repeated here in Tokyo in B tandem and everywhere I’ve them listed in Ireland as Katie-George Dunleavy and Eve McCrystal. Always listed as a pair. To the point where you’d have to look up who had the disability or impairment as the names were just always listed together Until this year on the official site and on the graphics and it’s just Katie-George Dunleavy competing. Ireland is still calling them by the duo names though
  3. In the app you can click into the dates though and jump to whatever one you want. Not that bad tbh
  4. I just wanted to share one of my favourite interviews ever. Silver medal winner Nicole Turner’s joy is infectious
  5. So happy for Ellen Keane. What a star. Her first global gold medal
  6. A mix of both is fine and most sports have a system that suits them. I prefer direct qualification for most sports but rankings definitely suit some The tokyo delay added a few complications but it’ll be back to ‘normal’ for Paris you’d imagine
  7. I think he has a much better shot but his hurdling does need to improve. Hit at least 3 in his semi final
  8. To be fair the UCI rankings aren’t bad. You have sites like CQrankings and procyclingstats doing similar too. Have a look at their methodology
  9. And before tiktok it was snapchat, before that Instagram, before that twitter, before that Facebook, before that chat rooms and before all of them video games and before that even TV was being talked about as a reason for ‘the youth’ being less interested in sport People have more choices than ever before but sport and the Olympics is still huge
  10. I honestly can’t see how anybody could have any sympathy for weightlifting They've had years to try and clean up their sport
  11. Not to mention many of the top athletes will clearly prioritise the world championships
  12. Good start for with Lara Gillespie fastest qualifier in the u23 pursuit
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