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  1. TV schedules aren't about relevance. They're about the cost of acquiring the rights versus the amount of viewers they'll get. And while us sports nuts mightn't like it, repeats of sitcoms or reality shows get more viewers per dollar/pound/euro than most sports
  2. This is *at best* naive about how delicate the issue of citizenship is in Northern Ireland This is about more than sport but the fact that every other governing body is understanding of the situation (and has been long before the Good Friday agreement) shows how weird this stance from the FIG is People cannot be citizens of Northern Ireland (just like they can’t be citizens of Wales, England, Scotland, Isle of Man etc etc) and to suggest that only people who identify as British can compete for Northern Ireland is absolutely scandalous
  3. Looks that way. Pretty disgraceful that only gymnastics has made this ruling and only now for these games (as Rhys McClenaghan is already a commonwealth champion). In boxing, fighters from the Republic of Ireland have often represented NI at the commonwealth games. Last time out there were athletes and badminton players. Medalists at the last games in boxing and gymnastics represented IRL in international competition while the shooters represented GB. English born athlete Leon Reid in athletics was in the midst of transferring from GB to IRL. I suspect the FIG will reverse this decision once they give it an ounce of thought
  4. Slalom canoe existed before the Olympics. It’ll be fine. Likewise sailing. The Americas Cup is bigger than the Olympics and there’ll always be rich people wanting to sail Modern Pentathlon genuinely is in trouble of collapsing
  5. Double gold for Ireland Lisa O’Rourke started this tournament when she was 19. She hasn’t even won an Irish senior title yet but she’s a world champion Very exciting to see how she develops
  6. Interesting tournament. Not many Olympic medalists returning. Some injured. Some retired. Some have gone "pro". Good see all 4 continents (as per boxing qualifiers) with finalists; 11 for Europe, 6 for the Americas, 4 for Asia pacific and 3 for Africa 2 for and in the finals is impressive. 5 for the hosts There are 4 former World Champions in the finals; Yu-ting (2018, different weight) Bylon (2014 - different weight), Ferreira from 2019 (silver in Tokyo) and the only Tokyo Champion Surzmeneli Not to denigrate any World Championships medals won but this tournament is more of a development tournament than previous Worlds with several very young (on boxing terms) medalists.
  7. The federation has claimed they have qualified in Luge fwiw
  8. The Guardian report on it
  9. Sorry, I meant to say Irish born! I’m not suggesting Ellis isn’t Irish, I meant more that Megan and Emma were developed in Ireland so it’s a great sign for our coaches and systems etc!
  10. Emma Slevin is the first Irish gymnast to ever make an all around final. She made the European final earlier this year. An historic year for gymnastics with Meg Ryan being our first ever female olympian too.
  11. Just on this, both will be part of the existing Sports Ireland campus which sees many sports share facilities. Works pretty well to be fair. Velodrome has been talked about for 25 years or more so we’ll see if it happens Brilliant to see our women’s team pursuit win bronze. Obviously the huge nations are weaker than normal but it’s still a great achievement. Ireland’s first ever team medal at this level Another medal today: young JB Murphy in the scratch race. That’s a brilliant return for Team Ireland
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