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  1. I'll predict 3 for Ireland - one gold (O'donovan/McCarthy in lightweight double sculls in rowing) Somewhat realistic chances in rowing, equestrian sport, gymnastics, sailing and boxing. Outside chances in a few other sports.
  2. Ireland’s biggest hope for Olympic gold is O’Donovan and McCarthy in the lightweight double and they pretty handily won gold here so that’s a good sign our women’s 4 haven’t qualified yet but silver here shows they’re in good form our men’s pair were a big disappointment finishing 7th overall
  3. I think has secured the quota in 49er. 24 points ahead of Belgium with only the medal race to come
  4. After 15 races 90 119 128 130 Belgium gained 14 points on Ireland today. One day to go.
  5. After a year away... A quick update to say that we've officially added one boxer (Brendan Irvine) and unofficially another (Kurt Walker will be in through the rankings). No one else but a lot more athletes are in qualifying spots and we'll hopefully add 2 sailors this week
  6. Belgium finished last in Race 11 and didn't start race 12. Ireland now has two boats ahead of Italy (3 boats) and Belgium. Ireland's lead over Italy is 38. I think they have to avoid any more disqualifications though!
  7. I don’t know exactly but I suspect the same. 3 more races each over the next 2 days (if weather allows) and a medal race on Friday The opening news story on the official site said ‘about 18’ races but I think that was based on 6 days of 3 races rather than 5 of 3 and a single medal race
  8. 49er is actually 16 races. 3 tomorrow 3 Thursday 1 medal race Friday The split into gold and silver fleets has happened
  9. For 49er, there's 17 planned. The gold and silver split is after 9 (today) with racing tomorrow and Thursday in that. Final medal race on Friday
  10. After race 6 in the 49er 21 35 39 44 46 46 are all effectively out Looks like it'll be between and and discard is only 8 so they have some breathing room over 's 17 and 's 16
  11. I presume it was a typo above. 2019 WCH is the only semi logical answer but as has been said, that’s if there’s an Olympics at all...
  12. Rowing Ireland has been informed that the Olympic qualifying regatta has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled. They’re waiting on info from world rowing as to how final places will be allocated
  13. I wasn’t commenting on the fight, and I don’t really mind what happened just found it funny that one poster here gave 10-8 in one round and another went 8-10 in the next. I’d like to know if it ever happened
  14. I doubt you’ll find any fight in history that was 10-8 to one fighter followed by 10-8 to the other. That’s a little task for anyone there looking for something to do. Find that amateur fight
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