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  1. Have the GB team pulled out? Maybe Covid? Seem to be a lot of DNS today? (Admittedly I haven’t really been paying attention) EDIT: Never mind. They’re back in action
  2. Scratch is one the races absolutely effected by the short track. Much easier to get a lap
  3. Ireland hasn’t competed in LW4 in about a decade
  4. Yeah, TV graphics were awful. I needed the longines timing site open
  5. It’s all about funding. The national federations have to focus everything on the Olympics to justify the grants they receive The singles is used as a rep for the third choice double sculler but the pairs and fours that used to have quite a few entries are now effectively done
  6. And we were missing one of our best horses. Less than a second off a medal 2 years away from the Olympics is very encouraging
  7. going to the Olympics at first time of asking Unreal
  8. Byrne and Corrigan were on the long list. Didn't get selected. Philip Doyle was on the long list for the single
  9. They haven't said what the "illness" was. In better news, every other Irish crew has made the A final
  10. And just like that one rower becomes ill and they have to pull out
  11. Very heavy rain tonight in Rome (according to the insta stories of some swimmers I follow)
  12. Small bit of Irish rowing history happened today. First ever womens 8 to compete internationally Made up of our 4-, 2-, 2x and a cox
  13. 9 of the qualifiers are known now (order to be decided Last spot likely for but if they have 2 fences down then it's
  14. Coyle had 2 faults. So for Ireland to qualify they need one of Brazil, USA or GBR to have a fence down or Belgium to have 2 Of course qualification for the Olympics is unlikely but if you're not in, you can't win...
  15. Need a clear round (or calamity elsewhere) to make it into top 10 for the final, never mind top 5
  16. On broadcasting, it seems most of the EBU members are all showing it (live and FTA). It's good to see tbh
  17. To be fair I don't think Denmark could ever really be considered a medal contender in Show jumping
  18. national broadcaster RTE has 3 hours live coverage today on RTE 2 (FTA channel that shows all sport). Coverage of the rowing heats currently going on are available on a secondary News channel and via stream on their player/website too. Tomorrow they're live for 5 hours. Next Monday (random day) they're showing 7 hours live. For context they didn't cover the World Athletics championship (or world swimming, world rowing in previous years, world gymnastics etc)
  19. TV schedules aren't about relevance. They're about the cost of acquiring the rights versus the amount of viewers they'll get. And while us sports nuts mightn't like it, repeats of sitcoms or reality shows get more viewers per dollar/pound/euro than most sports
  20. This is *at best* naive about how delicate the issue of citizenship is in Northern Ireland This is about more than sport but the fact that every other governing body is understanding of the situation (and has been long before the Good Friday agreement) shows how weird this stance from the FIG is People cannot be citizens of Northern Ireland (just like they can’t be citizens of Wales, England, Scotland, Isle of Man etc etc) and to suggest that only people who identify as British can compete for Northern Ireland is absolutely scandalous
  21. Looks that way. Pretty disgraceful that only gymnastics has made this ruling and only now for these games (as Rhys McClenaghan is already a commonwealth champion). In boxing, fighters from the Republic of Ireland have often represented NI at the commonwealth games. Last time out there were athletes and badminton players. Medalists at the last games in boxing and gymnastics represented IRL in international competition while the shooters represented GB. English born athlete Leon Reid in athletics was in the midst of transferring from GB to IRL. I suspect the FIG will reverse this decision once they give it an ounce of thought
  22. Slalom canoe existed before the Olympics. It’ll be fine. Likewise sailing. The Americas Cup is bigger than the Olympics and there’ll always be rich people wanting to sail Modern Pentathlon genuinely is in trouble of collapsing
  23. Double gold for Ireland Lisa O’Rourke started this tournament when she was 19. She hasn’t even won an Irish senior title yet but she’s a world champion Very exciting to see how she develops
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