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  1. TEAM Men -60kg: Eric Takabatake -66kg: Daniel Cargnin -73kg: Eduardo Katsuhiro Barbosa -81kg: Eduardo Yudy Santos -90kg: Rafael Macedo -100kg: Rafael Buzacarini +100kg: Rafael Silva Women -48kg: Gabriela Chibana -52kg: Larissa Pimenta -63kg: Ketleyn Quadros -70kg: Maria Portela -78kg: Mayra Aguiar +78kg: Maria Suelen Altheman Nice to see Ketleyn Quadros returning to the Olympics after 2008 (when she was our first ever female medalist in any individual sport). Brazil didn't qualify an ath
  2. Bárbara Domingos' ball routine is one of the most beautiful of this cycle
  3. That's what you get for supporting Bolsonaro
  4. It's the same problem with the Volleyball federation, which picked the Beach players way too early (October 2019) and now most of them aren't in a good moment - for instance, Bruno Schmidt is having a hard time after being in the ICU because of COVID and rumours say that his partner seeked another player to replace him, causing further problems for the team. From what I understand in the BMX situation is that the federation mainly took into account old results that counted for the Olympic ranking, choosing Renato instead of Anderson, who was clearly the better choice at this moment
  5. TEAM Men Renato Rezende Women Priscilla Stevaux Carnaval
  6. Athletics- 1 Beach Volleyball- 1 Boxing- 1 Canoeing- 1 Football- 1 Gymnastics- 2 Judo- 1 Sailing- 1 Skateboarding- 3 (optimistic) Surfing- 1 Swimming- 1 Volleyball- 1 Total- 15 (3G, 4S, 8B)
  7. As the last 2 Olympics have proven, this isn't necessarily great - winner of the easiest group in London (Russia) and Rio (Brazil) went on to lose in quarterfinals.
  8. Brazil will play, but players will protest (whatever that means, 'cause for me the most meaningful protest would be simply not participate).
  9. Olympic quotas confirmed for and . That's the first time Costa Rica qualified an athlete in Gymnastics. Full results.
  10. Rumours that brazilian players from european clubs are planning a boycott, and other nations will follow. The coach might be fired.
  11. @thiago_simoeswas right. The last group of gymnasts won't come close to score.
  12. Surprised to see Yamilet Peña still competing. Sadly, not in great shape (only 12.567 on vault which I guess is her best event).
  13. Can't believe Lorrane scored lower than Alvarado, what a terrible day for her.
  14. Anyone from the last subdivision can achieve a higher score?
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