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  1. I'm the only one who likes this song? Not for regular listening, but as a multi-sport games song it's pretty effective. It also brings back good memories!
  2. Oh, that sad feeling when something great has come to an end And what a perfect song to end it! Congrats @dcro on the amazing contest, one of the best in TISC history
  3. DAY 1 Emicida, Pabllo Vittar & Majur - "Amarelo" DAY 2 FKA Twigs - "Two Weeks" DAY 3 Jason Mraz - "I'm Yours" DAY 4 Paramore - "Grow Up" DAY 5 Robyn - "Call Your Girlfriend" DAY 6 Dua Lipa - "Physical" DAY 7 Carly Rae Jepsen - "Run Away with Me" DAY 8 Lana Del Rey - "High by the Beach" DAY 9 MIKA - "Grace Kelly" DAY 10 Labrinth - "Jealous" DAY 11 Beyoncé - "XO" DAY 12 Sixpence None the Richer - "Kiss Me" DAY 13 Chico Buarque - "Construção" DAY 14 Emmylou Harris - "A Love That will Never Grow Old" DAY 15 Madonna - "Ray of Light" DAY 16 Radiohead - "Creep" DAY 17 ABBA - "Dancing Queen" DAY 18 Tracy Chapman - "Fast Car" DAY 19 Beck - "Lost Cause" DAY 20 Los Hermanos - "Casa Pré-Fabricada" DAY 21 The Beatles - "Eleanor Rigby" DAY 22 Sara Bareilles - "Brave" DAY 23 Brandi Carlile - "The Joke" DAY 24 Móveis Coloniais de Acaju - "O Tempo" DAY 25 Luiz Gonzaga & Gonzaguinha - "A Vida do Viajante" DAY 26 Kacey Musgraves - "Butterflies" DAY 27 Fiona Apple - "I Know" DAY 28 Ben Platt - "Grow As We Go" DAY 29 Mamonas Assassinas - "Pelados em Santos" DAY 30 Dear Evan Hansen Cast - "Waving Through a Window"
  4. I agree that everyone have their own style, but regarding Shawn Mendes, I might not vote for any of his songs, but I would probably give points for "In My Blood". So even if I dislike an artist's body of work I can still analyze a song and maybe be surprised by it
  5. I've searched for a few minutes and found nothing for Brazil This might prove a little more difficult than simply send a song.
  6. The gaming/virtual idea seems a little complicated to get everyone involved, but I like the idea of other talents involved other than songs.
  7. Oh I get now, but I seriously don't believe Old Town Road or any Lizzo song would get many points either. "Bad Guy" on the other hand was a worldwide hit and I think could get more votes that the Charlie Puth entry.
  8. What? 1. "Bad Guy" is great. / 2. I honestly believe it would have scored more points for USA. But to each their own ofc
  9. Remembering the time I used some footage of the Rock in Rio (2017) Shaw Mendes concert at the Olympic Park for our annual contest in 2018
  10. I like your idea. And I think this doesn't need to have a "host", just a group of individuals willing to give their time to put on a good show. Honestly I would be more than happy to help with visuals and whatelse is necessary. I remember some years ago there was an idea of these "special editions", with some theme. If we go this route, I think a good theme for this edition would be music about something sport-related. Don't know if it's feasible for all nations here, but it would be a nice way to relate the contest with the Olympics that would have happened about the same time. Of course this is just an idea, this special contest could be anything else as long it's not a traditional "Annual" or "Open" edition.
  11. Honestly I'm not on the Shawn Mendes' bandwagon either, but I always thought Canada would do good in TISC with a song by him (I think I even suggested the submission of "Life of the Party" years ago!!!). Anyway, China would be such a good winner ugh
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