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  1. Mama Africa ! Such things happen always and only in Africa because of the corruption inside CAF the refereeing quality is bad... Tunisian players were already showering and preparing to leave, while the captain was writing the technical reserve... there was no sign play was gonna be resumed Apparently the referee had a sunstroke he seemed not OK at all even when he was going towards the VAR he was running in the wrong way 😂😂 even his decisions were wrong At the 80th min he already showed to the 4th assistant🖐 5 min of extratime. I bet in his clockwatch he had 90 min i guess 😂😂😂 that s why 5 min later he blew the whistle.. If you count the VAR stops, the cooling breaks, the 9 substitutions, at least there were 7 to 10 minutes to add as extratime. Hopefully there is VAR in this edition otherwise we would have seen more robberies ...
  2. I didnt really like that the Miscellaneous prediction contest events are not in order ? Also disappointed about none of the sports team having any prediction contest .. the bracket site is not working well for me .. at first no bracket were available then now im late and ccouldnt enter my prediction and error when i try to click on brackets ?
  3. Joined I'm using the same nickname ✌
  4. Hello how come there is no Tennis Roland Garros prediction contest ☹
  5. I m really upset . I thought Curling begins on April 3rd as on the general calendar .. i had scheduled to put my predictions today before it begins . I see you dudnt correct the mistake yet on the calendar !!
  6. I had better results in Biathlon 5th than Alpine Skiing 14th . Hope To make better in Nordic Skiing
  7. I finally got a Perfect prediction after many 0 points lol. Was not far frpm podium ? Congrats To all medalists ✌
  8. The replacement was announced 2 days before the start of the tournament and 3 days before those teams games so users had time to change their predictions for those teams. And if someone didnt or couldnt let it be and count it as it is . I honestly prefer having those teams games counted in with old than excluding SUI and MKD. What happens later if they make it to Main Round. Should we not count them too? ? it wouldnt be fair not counting their games in some round then counting them in another round
  9. Its better to keep the games and count SUI instead of USA and MKD instead of CZE cuz it would be unfair to count only 3 games from groups E and G
  10. i did say van Vleuten when i picked her so i wasn't wrong after all
  11. So tired as if i was doing Tour of The Netherlands??? Danke heywoodu and good luck☘ ??????
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