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  1. 40 countries with at least 1000 cases (16 countries with more than 5000 cases)
  2. 'Robot cars' enforce lockdown to curb coronavirus spread on streets of Tunisia
  3. President of the Republic Kais Saied had a telephone conversation with Italian President Sergio Matterella, in which they examined the health situation in Italy and Tunisia, and the world. The President of the Republic declared Tunisia’s readiness to dispatch a medical commission to assist the efforts of the Italian authorities, despite the modest means available in Tunisia because today situation concerns not only one country but the entire globe. The Italian President reiterated his thanks to Tunisia and its people for this noble stance.
  4. Tunisia suspend international flights and close its land border all gatherings and markets will be banned and work hours for state employees will be reduced to 5 hours curfew between 6 pm to 6 am
  5. they contested on TV because the assistant coach forces them, when they took part in international competitions , carrying cigarette boxes and alcoholic beverages, ...
  6. Our top 2 womens and hedi neffati are suspended by Tunisian federation ikram dhahri ,amani layouni
  7. And then western world will blame any Palestinian Resistance movement
  8. congratulations Egypte they deserve it Tunisia need a world class Coach like our neighboring countries
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