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  1. No, they are not allowed to take parte in single, for example the italian girls are qualified in sincro but cannot partecipate in single.
  2. I think they are qualified, also in Doha the ralay DSQ in final took the olimpic ticket
  3. Oh, i dont think it works like that, the qualification is nominal, not for the Noc, the federation cant change the lifters
  4. Probably for Moradi it will be enough to overtake the guy from Kirgizistan, remember in your calculation that Colombia is a silver level tournament.
  5. The relays that will make the final in Poland will be qualified, the rule changed a lot of months ago, so in the remote scenario that the 8 finalist in Poland will be different from the 8 already qualified Jamaica will be out. But it's very unlikely, so there will be some spots that will remain open and will be assigned through ranking.
  6. At the moment nothing official and the Junior Worlds are not in Saudi Arabia anymore, will be held in Tashkent Probably we will have to wait the last document that IWF sent to CIO 3 weeks ago.
  7. No, the entry list for Colombia tournament are closed, there isn' t any online event and Saudi Arabia event.There is only the junior worlds at the end of May but only for under 20 (born from 2001)
  8. I think we already have the qualified in this category, in my opinion we will have : Chn, Uzb, TUR, Col, Ita, JPN, Ina (if Deni won't be allowed but I think he will, probably Spain could qualify, to make a full men team) , Fra, Geo, Mex, KOR(India could have a small chance but he need to improve in world junior next month) , Madgascar, Samoa
  9. I think that in the new qualification document that IWF propose some days ago to CIO(but nobody knows what is written inside) that rule will be cancelled.
  10. I try with Italy Archery: 0 (chance with Nespoli in individual and mixed team) Athletics 0-1 best chance Tamberi, small chance in 20 km race walking Boxing : 1 i think 1 girl could take it Canoeing sprint: 0 (small chances for k2 1000) Cycling MTB: 0 (small chance for men) Cycling road 1-2 : best chance Gannain ITT and Longo Borghini in women Cycling track 2-3 : men team pursuit and omnium women, chance also in women madison Fencing 4-6: individual foil men, team foil women, team men epee, team men sarbre, individual women epee Gymnastic
  11. Nagy will be ahead of the Austrian guy, I think the only problem is if Bulgaria choose 109 instead of 61 and there should be the risk for Ruiz (Spa) to finish out from the qualification in 109 and choosing the +109 where he will be easily qualified, but it's really difficult.....
  12. Cycling, rowing, sailing and you have 10 gold medals, then there is hockey, judo, archery, Hassan and something else.....
  13. Are you joking, I don't see Netherlands with less than 12 or 13 gold and 40 medals....
  14. Difficult to say, he should be good for European spot if Orsag stay in top 8 and Mart Seim doesn't show in Colombia.
  15. Is he paid for doing the coach or is a hobby? He doesn't know anything on how the ranking works, the final placement doesn't matter, the important thing is the total kg lifted, and there is no chance for Veronyka to qualify. She has a lot of European lifters ahead of her.
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