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  1. Yes there are other Italians that can take Berettini’s place, but our Noc says it's not possible and that after 16 July we can't change the players for any reason, I don't know if it's true.....
  2. There is sth wrong with qualification in tennis, the document says 84 players per gender. How many players are already qualified? I think much more than 84, there are too many only double players qualified.....
  3. It's Spoleto , in the right day Stahl can try the world record there. It's the same place where the Italian record was thrown 30 years ago, and the same place where Faloci, Di Marco and company threw around 65 meters already in past years, there are magic wind conditions . Also Di Marco throw almost 65 metres today, I will be happy if Faloci y will throw 60 M in Tokyo.
  4. It should be the oceanian quota given to the judoka not yet qualified with more points, but I think Bellandi is qualified through that rule
  5. Yes it's possible, he didn't play Davis Cup because he had better player than him and he had never been chosen to play, there will be no problem, also Karatsev has been allowed to play.
  6. Deng Wei didn't make the Chinese Olympic team, Toma without the Chinese was the biggest favourite, now probably will be Canada Chaurron the gold medal favourite.
  7. Romania officially banned for 1 year, so no gold medal for Toma in 64 kg
  8. I think Simone Martini will be replaced by youngster Gennaro Di Mauro for Italy
  9. Bulgaria is going to loose Hristov' s place, antidoping rules violations for Beytula
  10. After Vietnam, is just arrived the request of sanctions against Colombia.
  11. Now is clear, in the other post you wrote 50/50 to have Dake in round 1.???
  12. She will qualify for sure only if Colombia and Vietnam will both be banned, China will not select this weight
  13. It's not 50/50, Kyle Dake can go everywhere in the bracket, he can be drawn against every wrestlers
  14. I think Salvatore Cavallaro in 75 kg will be qualified through European ranking in the end.
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