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  1. Italy doesnt buy anyone, only some tier 3 athletes come competing for Italy because they find more difficult to make the team in their country. Look at Tokyo medal table, there is only the bronze medal of Conyedo won by a foreign athletes, 1 bronze medal among 40 medals......I think Andy Diaz Is the First very strong athlete that comes to Italy in many years ( After Chamizo 8 or 9 years ago Who married an italian girl). Zane Weir Is completely different, he Is a product of italian system, when he started asking for italian citizenship ( he had an italian grandfather) in 2019, he was a fantastic 19.50 thrower , then he came to Italy, trained in Italy with italian coach and other italian athletes, with italian facilities and became a 22 metres thrower . Many others , especially in athletics, are Born and raised in Italy or came here when they were 5 or 6 years old children, they are more italian than me, I dont think anybody could say that Ovtcharov Is Ukrainian and not German.
  2. No, not Wierer, but Vittozzi probably had this problem.
  3. Italy Archery : the dream Is the full team bug It Will be hard, i would say 3 men and 1 women. 4 Athletics: we can qualify all the relays ( probably women 4x400 Will be the harder ti qualify), i think around 55 Artistic swimming : full team 8 Badminton : very difficult to qualify 1 man. 0 Basketball : i Hope we qualify 1 team among men and women, i dont think we Will qualify in 3x3 this time . 12 Beach volleyball : i think 2 men couple and 1 women. 4-6 Boxing: 4 women and 4 men 7-8 Breaking: i dont know, probably 1 women is very likely. 1 Canoeing slalom: the goal Is the full team . 4 Canoeing sprint: i think and hope to qualify both c-1 and c-2 and probably K 1, obviously all men. 4 Cycling BMX : 1 man. 1 Cycling Mountain bike: 2 men and 1 woman. 3 Cycling Road : we are in the worst period ever for men Road race, i think 3 men and 4 women 7 Cycling track: both men and women pursuit, Madison and omnium, the dream Is to come back in 1 individuale sprint event . 8-9 Diving: not Easy to say, i think at least 1 syncronized springboard, then 1 or 2 individuale in platform. 4-6 Equestrian: we must qualify both eventing and jumping this time, but im not sure at all. 3-6 Fencing: full team . 18 Field hockey: very slim chance for women . 0 Football: no chance for women, a slim chance for men. 0 Golf : 2 men and 1 or 2 women. 3-4 Gymnastics artistic: i Hope both teams but for men It Will be a Battle. 6-10 Gymnastics rhytmic: full team despite the last scandal. 7 Trampolino: we have a small chance this time 0-1 Handball: Oh, my God......0 Judo: we can try to qualify more than the last times. 10-11 Modern pentathlon: I think we Will go with 2 women and 1 man. 3 Rowing: difficult to say because almost all the crews are going to change, probably 13 men and 8 or 10 women. 21-23 Rugby sevens: no chance. 0 Sailing: the hardest to qualify Will be both 49ers. 10-12 Shooting: full team in skeet, probably only 3 in trap, 2 in rifle, 2 or 3 in pistol. 10-13 Skateboarding: i dont know, probably the same as Tokyo, 2 men and 1 woman.3 Sport climbing:we should qualify more than 1 in both men and women. 4-6 Surfing :1 men. 1 Swimming: more men than women, i think around 35. 30-36 Table tennis: 1 women. 0-1 Taekwondo: 2 men are very likely, the goal Is to bring back 1 woman After many, many years. 2-3 Tennis : from 6 to 8 triathlon: 4-5 Volleyball: both teams. 24 Water polo: man for sure, difficult for women. 12 Weightlifting: i think 3 are sure but the goal Is the full team. 3-6 Wrestling: the goal Is to qualify 1 woman. 2-3 The Total should be around 320-330 athletes
  4. Matthias Mayer suddenly ends his career....
  5. Sinceramente i risultati di questi giorni dei circuiti inferiori e giovanili fanno vedere una luce in fondo al tunnel, si sono viste cose buone in tanti settori , anche di scarsa tradizione , da ragazzi giovani, su tutti i risultati di Matteoli ed anche Monteleone nello snow e sci freestyle....... Vittozzi, Wierer, Goggia, Curtoni, Bassino, Brignone,lo short track maschile, Pellegrino, Dominik Fischnaller , snowboard alpino, Visintin e Sommariva che sono comunque competitivo nonostante una 2 giorni brutta a Cervinia,Sieff, Ghiotto, Giovannini, Peveri nella mass, mi sembra che ci siano diversi atleti, fra loro con livelli di competitività diversa chiaramente, che possono garantire ancora diverse stagioni ad alto livello, sono un numero considerevole. Senza dimenticare Paris, le veterane dello short track femminile, la Lollo, Moioli , Hofer che sono assenti o in difficoltà. Ed anche i giovani hanno già fatto vedere qualche sprazzo di indubbio talento come Giacomel, Deromedis, Della Vite, Franzoni, Pirovano ( che non è più giovanissima ma di stagioni intere non ne ha praticamente mai fatte)una certa verve nel biathlon con diversi ragazzi e ragazze da cui si può sperare esca qualcosa di veramente buono, alcune ragazze nelle discipline tecniche dell'alpino hanno ottenuto buoni risultati in Coppa Europa e si sono affacciate a punti in Coppa del Mondo, Felderer che ha fatto intravedere qualcosa di molto interessante , Bresadola, aspettando poi lo skeleton in cui sono curioso di vedere il livello medio dei nostri..... Insomma, secondo me non siamo poi messi così male, e comunque meglio rispetto quanto potesse sembrare qualche mese fa, pur essendoci qualche settore che sicuramente è in difficoltà come lo sci alpino maschile o addirittura agonizzante come lo sci di fondo femminile e il bob .
  6. Italy: Sailing: Tita and Banti in Nacra 17 are actually the best gold medal chance of entire olympic italian sport Fencing: If Russia will not be in Paris both women and men team foil are big gold medal chances. Track cycling: if Letizia Paternoster recover well i think we are going to win 1 gold medal among women madison or women omnium Swimming: the dream is to win the men mixed relay, it will be about how fast Dressel and Peaty will swim in 2024 Judo: I think it' time for Italy to win 1 gold medal, 1 among Parlati, Carnà, Bellandi, Lombardo, Scutto can win the gold medal.
  7. I think you are speaking about Andreas Zingerle
  8. Beyond the ridicoulous, well beyond the ridicoulous......
  9. I think It doesnt work likes that, if Eliiot was in final, the last spot would have gone to the third with best score in oth semifinals, in this case Al Athba Who scored 28....
  10. Oh no, not this time, the ranking Is right, Nicola not as good as usual in execution and having a quite low D score the score Is right. In women floor It has been a big robbery with a clear 1-2 for Italy.
  11. We have a lot of young fencers, Di Veroli, Marini, Favaretto, Torre, Gallo, Isola ( also others but are too young). Apart from women sarbre we have many talented young fencers, but fencing s different from 20 Years ago and its not possibile winning as in the past. It could happen some tournament where everything turns Well and you win a lot, like France in these days winning almost all the quartetfinal, semifinal and final matches 15 to 14, or 45 to 44, but this Is not the rule, in the future as in the recent past medal Will go all over the world
  12. Oh no,i dont think so, It was the other One that was gifted to french Guy, they both were clearly Szilagy' s attacks, there was no pause and the First Attack reached the target both times..Sometimes referees are going to search something that doesnt exist.
  13. You can try on CONI site , the are live streamings from 2 channels , i think you must Have italian vpn .
  14. Jonathan Milan is not in Glasgow, he is not healthy, its impossible to know what he has, I hope is not something serious.....
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