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  1. You are completely wrong, what are you saying? , 2 or 3 seconds better than the other and 3 or 4 seconds better than Brignone in 1 slalom run.... Probably,I hope for you surely it's the first time yoau are watching alpine skiing..... For sure Shiffrin, Gisin and Vlhova, without going out, will be on the podium, but they usually have less than 2 seconds over Brignone with the same track (Brignone today doesn't start with 31 bib, but with 1, and in slalom is completely another story). Brignone for sure will go full gas and I think there will be good chances to go out or do bad mistakes, bu
  2. The problem for Wierer is the last lap, where she loose too much time, in the other laps she usually is very fast
  3. Without Goggia and Nicole Delago, Olimpia delle Tofane is the worst track (with Lake Louise) in world cup for the Italian girls.... No chance for podium (only a miracle of Pirovano in downhill)
  4. If Italy is a country that can't handle hosting alpine skiing races (but only alpine skiing, but all snow sports races) I don't know which country could handle, for sure not Germany.
  5. Bad knee injury for Sofia Goggia, out for the rest of the season, the hope is to be back in shape for next season...... I have no words, coming back to the hotel.....
  6. Ok, unfortunately it will be Ned vs Gre and Ita Vs Hun. Netherland can choose and will choose Greece
  7. European qualification tournament postponed to late April.....
  8. He is not in shape on cross country skiing, otherwise he would have tried at the beginning of last lap, he had covid at the end of november. The important thing is that, after many years, he has begun to find some very good jumps
  9. It seems the European 10 m shooting championships to be held in Finland has just been cancelled.We will see if and where they will be reorganised, but the sitauatio in getting worse and worse, i have bben certain the Games to be held in July until 2 or 3 weeks ago, but now i'm beginning to be a little more doubtful.
  10. Italy Gregorio Paltrinieri 1500 freestyle Gabriele Detti. 400 freestyle Marco De Tullio. 400 freestyle Thomas Ceccon 100 backstroke Federico Burdisso. 200 butterfly Niccolò Martinenghi. 100 breastroke Simona Quadarella. 1500 freestyle Martina Caramignoli 1500 freestyle Federica Pellegrini. 200 freestyle Benedetta Pilato. 100 breastroke Margherita Panziera. 200 backstroke Last week of March will be another chance to qualify with time limits a little more easy than the ones of las
  11. Fabrice Martin won't be in Tokyo, I think France will go with 4 singles player plus Herbert and Mahut who will play also mixed double with Mladenovic and Garcia, I hope for France with better results than Rio when France had the top seeds in all 3 tennis draws and won no matches being eliminated in 1st round in both doubles and mixed.
  12. Benedetta Pilato qualified for Tokyo in 100 breastroke in 1.06.02, Carraro 1.06.58 and Castiglione 1.07.01 not qualified yet, in March another chances with easier time to achieve. I hope at the end Italy will bring to Tokyo all the 3 girls
  13. It's sport, it happens, both Voetter and the double made very big mistake that cost a little less than 1 second....
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