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  1. You can try on CONI site , the are live streamings from 2 channels , i think you must Have italian vpn .
  2. Jonathan Milan is not in Glasgow, he is not healthy, its impossible to know what he has, I hope is not something serious.....
  3. He was simply not a medal contender, he will never skate 6.09 in a track like Beijing, it's not a question of choker, otherwise there are at least 5 chokers in this race because there were 6 or 7 skaters fighting for bronze. Italians probably aren't in best shape looking also at Giovannini and Malfatti but also in best shape Ghiotto will never skate under 6.13 in this track. He is very good on fast ice like North American, he instead seems more heavy in other tracks.
  4. My predictions for Italy🇮🇹 Alpine skiing: Sofia Goggia in Dh, Federica Brignone in Sg, Vinatzer in slalom. Then we ha ve Paris in Dh, Bassino in GS and some other girls in speed event. Less than 3 medals is a delusion. 3 or 4 medals. Cross country : Pellegrino not in his best season but I think he will be better in Beijing, probably best chance is bronze in classic team sprint with De Fabiani, i hope for 1 medal. 0 or 1 medal Biathlon: Worst season of last 5 or 6 years for Italy but I think Wierer will win a medal. 1 medal Freestyle: we start existing in ski cross but no chance for medal, I hope a top 10 finish for Deromedis, and a good performance for Donaggio in slopestyle. 0 medal Luge : Fischnaller make too much mistakes but he can be a contender, also the double is getting better and we can have a shot also in team relay, i hope 1 medal. 1 medal. Snowboard: in snowboardcross we can medal in women and in team event, chance also for Sommariva and Visintin (if he will be recovered well after injury) in men,good chance for men in PGS. 2 medals Speed skating: Lollobrigida has a shot in 3000 and mass start, some little chance also for Ghiotto in 5000 and Giovannini in mass start. 1 medal Short track : very, very difficult to predict, chances for Arianna Fontana in both 500 and 1000, women relay and a long shot in mixed relay. 1 or 2 medals Skeleton: this is a dream, but the dream sometimes come true, very difficult in a technical track like Beijing and with 4 runs for Margaglio, probably not possible, but its a very, very long shot. 0 medal Reaching 10 medals should be a good enough Olympics, we have chances and I hope to take also more than 10 medals, but you know, it's winter sports and everything can happen.
  5. I think under 15 medals for France is a disaster : Noel, Pinturault at least 2 races, Worley, outsiders in men speed events, men ski cross, Perrin Laffont, 2 medals from Ledeux, chance in men moguls, Snowboardcross (chances in all 3 events), 6 or 7 medals from biathlon, cross country relay men and men sprint
  6. Blaise Giezendanner 3rd in Kitz today, Strolz won Adelboden slalom, its alpine skiing, there are many skiers that in a given day could make the podium, and some of these will watch the Olympics from the sofa.Italy for example has only 7 places because we have many skiers good in only 1 discipline (Vinatzer and De Aliprandini for example dont have the ranking to give Italy 1 quota) and we will leave home skiers that have top 15 and also top 10 finish this year, for sure the skiers that on paper are medal contenders like Paris, Vinatzer, De Aliprandini and the outsiders like Razzoli and Innerhofer will go, but other skiers that, on paper, are better than Strolz or Giezendanner will remain at home and its very likely that Italy wont have 4 starters in at least 2 races if not more probably 3 races
  7. A nation like Italy with many male skiers that are good in only 1 discipline need at least 10 places, now we have 7 and it's a disaster, probably we will have only De Aliprandini starting in GS and only 3 starters in slalom and 3 in speed event.
  8. Scardoni, Laurent, Pittin, Ganz, Comarella and Di Centa have already been selected.
  9. Yes there are other Italians that can take Berettini’s place, but our Noc says it's not possible and that after 16 July we can't change the players for any reason, I don't know if it's true.....
  10. There is sth wrong with qualification in tennis, the document says 84 players per gender. How many players are already qualified? I think much more than 84, there are too many only double players qualified.....
  11. It's Spoleto , in the right day Stahl can try the world record there. It's the same place where the Italian record was thrown 30 years ago, and the same place where Faloci, Di Marco and company threw around 65 meters already in past years, there are magic wind conditions . Also Di Marco throw almost 65 metres today, I will be happy if Faloci y will throw 60 M in Tokyo.
  12. It should be the oceanian quota given to the judoka not yet qualified with more points, but I think Bellandi is qualified through that rule
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