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  1. We just had a small shower. The roads will be slightly wet in the beginning
  2. We're getting ready in Copenhagen
  3. I'm in. I'll go with Bissegger today
  4. Holding on to laws from 1791 isn't so much the problems. The problem is the crazy interpretations!
  5. Pretty damn surprising to see Finland getting a Super 500. Awesome!
  6. Not that I disagree but it's the same as in Tokyo (as france gets the host quota)
  7. Well. Ended out just following the people around me. Meant that I wouldn't be going for negative splits but a more even pace. Felt a bit hot during the first half hour or so, but luckily I started out with a bottle that I could just throw away at the first water depot. After the 18 km mark it felt like a bit too much. I walked for 100m or so twice. And yet I managed to go below the 2 hour mark!
  8. So tomorrow's the big day. The shape isn't quite as good as 2 years ago meaning that I'm not targeting my PB but will most likely go for a time at about 2 hours
  9. Denmark's not on the top 50? Oh well, I guess we'll have to do with the world's 2 best restaurants
  10. Works pretty well in Portugal, I believe!
  11. [hide] Knockout Round May 26th - May 29th, 2022 Third-Place Match Date & Time (GMT +3) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 May 29th 2022, h. 14:20 Czech Republic 1 United States Final Date & Time (GMT +3) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 May 28th 2022, h. 19:20 Finland 2 Canada [/hide]
  12. [hide] Knockout Round May 26th - May 29th, 2022 4 Nations, The Winners of the Semifinals will qualify for the Final, the Loser will play the Third-Place Match Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +3) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 May 28th 2022, h. 14:20 Finland 2 United States May 28th 2022, h. 18:20 Canada 2 Czech Republic [/hide]
  13. Sure they are, but only Chinese propaganda would make a thing out of a few houndred communists protesting. If every protest at that size should get attention, I guess those journalists would be damn busy!
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