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  1. I have sadly come to the conclusion that I will not have the time to prepare any proper voting. I am sure that Wumo will make Denmark proud!
  2. The 125 were cut down to the following 8: Poul Elvstrøm (Sailing) Ragnhild Hveger (Swimming) Michael Laudrup (Football) Wilson Kipketer (Athletics) Eskild Ebbesen (Rowing) Peter Schmeichel (Football) Caroline Wozniacki (Tennis) Viktor Axelsen (Badminton) Then it was up to the viewers. The final winner was.... Michael Laudrup
  3. As a celebration of the 125 anniversary of the Danish Olympic Committee Denmark has a major show today, where the biggest Danish sports star is selected. The 125 nominees can be found here:
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if he's selected to be able to make the 2nd and 3rd singles stronger. They'll need a surprise in the doubles to take the total win, but if Shi Yuqi isn't selected, China will be very weak in the 2nd and 3rd singles.
  5. Not a new issue. He has pretty severe asthma and also had COVID for a period. It's not unusual seeing him "give up" the 2nd game to regain energy for the 3rd. Therefore the match was pretty much lost when losing the 1st. Sadly Christie just made it work out at the right time (he hasn't been too impressive through the tournament)
  6. It certainly isn't! Denmark is going for the experience meaning it's HK Vittinghus for the 3rd singles. A bit of a surprise!
  7. Sadly I won't be there for the rest of the event.
  8. So happy to see Søgaard succeed. He has been through so much injuries. Maybe they should consider giving that doubles a chance (they both focus on mixed)
  9. That MD between Indonesia and Malaysia is awesome!
  10. White with red stripes. But the Malaysian fans moved away. Apparently they weren't at their right seats.
  11. I case you're watching, I'm the Dane just behind the Malaysian fans.
  12. Just my luck. I have a brilliant seat for the match on court 2, but Denmark is on court 1. Saturday it was the other way around.
  13. He certainly doesn't seem to be back at his high level after the accident and COVID.
  14. The 2013 archery world champion, Maja Jager, has announced that she will retire as an archer. She also competed at the 2012 and 2020 Olympics.
  15. Only 3 countries have a stronger 2nd singles. Chou Tien-chen has however always been a bit overrated. He's good but struggles against most top singles.
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