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  1. [hide] Preliminary Round December 3rd - December 8th, 2020 16 Nations, 4 Groups, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Nation from each Group will qualify for the Main Round Group A Date & Time (GMT +1) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 December 4th 2020, h. 18:15 France 5 Montenegro December 4th 2020, h. 20:30 Denmark 3 Slovenia December 6th 2020, h. 18:15 Slovenia
  2. And there goes Czech Republic! 2 massive wins for Danish basketball!
  3. Jibjab returning to the year in review scene really does say quite a bit about this year Not quite as good as the old days, but it's something. Now if only they had made a funny election video as well.
  4. The Danish Handball Federation will continue the preparation as if they had gotten a go from the government. They will not be the ones cancelling the championships.
  5. The Championships could be hanging by a thread as the Danish Handball Federation is still waiting for answers from the government about whether it can go on.
  6. Well. Clinton conceded during the election night (even before it was called by the media). Just one day later Obama and Trump shook hands. A week after the election Trump got his first security briefing. Yes, the Democrats fought their fight , but it's nothing compared to this. We can absolutely agree about the two-party system, though.
  7. Considering that plenty of Americans march in the streets to show support it seems pretty clear that quite a lot of people care. Not saying that it will change anything in the election result, but it could very well be a step on the way, either to a comeback in 4 years, to some other Trumpish candidate or at the very least to another major participation in the Georgia runoffs. It's in no way impossible that Trump will pretty much disappear after leaving office, but it could also be just the other way.
  8. It's not that the Norwegian federation haven't tried. They've tried getting an exception from the rules mentioned by Rybak, but got no answer and it would in no way be fair to be having different rules for half the teams. They've really done a lot to find a solution, but to no avail. Sure they could have made the decision earlier (it was mentioned first that it could indeed end this way about a month ago), but I would in no way call this a coward move and given the circumstances it's really hard to make the right decisions. Don't get me wrong. People from Danish handball are pretty pissed
  9. EHF will be needing to show some money if that is to happen. The championships are seriously in danger!
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