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  1. A single traveler who has apparently already recovered. It's called highly unlikely that the one has infected others, but I would guess everybody else will be tested quite a bit the next week or so.
  2. Copenhagen Half Marathon due to the lack of news about major events after august (set to happen september 13th)
  3. Gave it a rewatch earlier in the corona period as well (came to the conclusion that I've watched 24 seasons of tv shows since Denmark closed down). Personally I really love it though there are indeed some rather boring episodes. Still waiting for #sixseasonsandamovie
  4. I believe it when I see it. He has already missed the deadline for a few states and more are coming up pretty soon.
  5. Danish Nascar Oh well, The Danish omnium championships coming up (well, if the weather allows)
  6. Here even hardcore fans of the teams with the biggest fan bases seem to understand the rules (or at least follow them when told so) and complain about those few fools ruining it. But generally I feel that it was a good signal to stop the match. We are opening up and will see much more spectators, but need to show that the rules must still be followed.
  7. Well. They haven't been in the final since 2017 and really haven't been that impressive this season (also 11 points from no. 1 in the League). But yeah, SønderjyskE leading and deserve the win though Aab is putting on major pressure (with the help of a red card)
  8. Yeah. It has been made very clear that rules are rules and they are there to be followed. It's there to help keep the Covid-19 at a minimum while letting the teams get some spectators (it's supposed to be more starting this weekend) People have an assigned seat and aren't to leave that one. By far most of the fans follow the rules (including everybody from the smaller team and the official fan club from the bigger one) also after the only goal so far. Football is important for a lot, but we still have a situation where we need to take it very serious!
  9. So, today we have the final of the naional cup here in Denmark. It's one of the first matches with more than 500 people on the stadium (I think it was about 1900 spectators). There are pretty clear rules about keeping the distance and other things due to the Covid-19 situation. But now the match has been stopped for about 15 minutes due to some fans not following the rules and standing way too close together Seems like 50 (or so) spectators have left the stadium. What a farce and what a sad situation for people like me who had really looked forward to finally go to the stadium (I'm personally hoping to be there sunday)
  10. One for today, which is the 20 year day for the Roskilde Festival Tragedy where 9 people died from injuries sustained during a Pearl Jam concert, I would say that it is the first major news story that I can remember hearing. The song was released about 2½ years later with the line "Lost nine friends we'll never know, two years ago today".
  11. So, it sounds like ASO wants the Tour to start june 25 next year. putting the Grand Depart in Copenhagen between UEFA Euro matches on june 21 and 28. I guess it could be possible as it would have the ITT in Copenhagen on a rest day in the EURO meaning the 2 events won't collide. But the great pictures from Roskilde Festival would be pictures of thousands waiting to enter the camping area
  12. It's not like he'll be the first black key player on the team
  13. One thing is being an official participant. Another is appearing in the thread
  14. Meanwhile a waste water sample in Barcelona show possible signs of SARS-Cov-2 dating back to march 2019.
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