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  1. Really shows the progress in the event that the 4th place team is about 2,7 seconds faster than the old OR!
  2. Yup. Apparently it was a guy named Erling for a long time at the 6-days race in Denmark!
  3. Brian Holm missing the old days when they had a woodworker fixing the track!
  4. The Danes have said that they expect that a new WR is necessary to win.
  5. As my vacation is now done, I only have a few sure things on my schedule. 07:33 Sailing: Women's 49er FX Medal Race 08:33 Sailing: Men's 49er Medal Race 10:02 Track Cycling: Men's Team Pursuit qualifying 13:50 Badminton: Men's singles Final I do believe that I'll have the athletics evening session and possibly Sweden-Australia on as well but it's won't get that much attention.
  6. Rindom telling that she had some problems with the bailer due to seaweed meaning the boat got filled with water. That and massive nerves didn't help.
  7. I wonder how @rajiv feels about the players outside top 200 now. A silver medal and another player in the playoff for bronze. This really shows how amazing golf can be!
  8. And that medal race really showed how awesome sailing can be! Bouwmeester had the gold for a short while and both silver and bronze moved wildly around!
  9. So damn happy for Rindom! And awesome that Olsson got the silver!
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