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  1. It's always so delightful to see a sports league caring for their players!
  2. 15.900 will be the final number of spectators at Parken.
  3. Really hurts to see that Andreas Sargent is diving for Italy!
  4. Denmark is set to not use the Johnson&Johnson vaccine as well. Meanwhile the danish health authority has said yes to the possibility of a voluntary vaccine with the AstraZeneca shot besides the more organized mass vaccination that everybody is being offered. We seem to be looking into not being done before autumn!
  5. Hadn't noticed those. Just heard the talks about proposing it a month ago or so. Isn't ILCA 6 laser radial?
  6. If they don't sneak in (with Europe class) taking the place of the offshore keelboat event.
  7. The Olympic rankings are the team rankings, right (in BMX racing)?
  8. Oh well. Day of bad exchanges for us. But Noone can take those Olympic spots away from us!
  9. I have no doubt they will participate in the 4x100. Every single race is great training. It does sound like they'll be in both, but I doubt we'll be able to do so well in the 4x200, especially the women's
  10. I really wonder whether the Danish teams will in fact participate in the 4x200m races tomorrow. We have 6 women and 6 men in Silesia. Would mean two women having 2 races within 15 minutes.
  11. But well... We have 2 4x100m teams in the final and the Olympics. This is madness!!! That has never happened before. Mikkel Larsen won coach of the year right there!
  12. Meanwhile the Danish commentators mention that 2x2x400 as a potential Olympic event. Oh dear!
  13. Come on with that confirmation!
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