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  1. While I agreee that putting athletes in the front of the vaccine line would be problematic, I would say that it would also be problematic to cancel an event due to some who are pissed. There'll always be people complaining on social media. That's not gonna change!
  2. [hide] Event & Date Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Cross-Country Skiing, Women's Sprint Classical Day 1 February 25th, 2021 Any Finnish Athlete Lucia Scardoni Maiken Caspersen Falla Anne Appelkvist Stenseth Lotta Udnes Weng
  3. 3rd and 5th! That's pretty damn good. Close to perfect by Joachim. Jacob 12 seconds away from top 10. That's pretty decent as well!
  4. And just as I got used to looking at Moghdid for Weel Rosbo's time they changed it.
  5. Was the live tracking as bad during the women's? They don't seem to get the bib numbers.
  6. What doesn't Bill Gates do?
  7. While we lost our (by far) best player. Man I feel sad that this team didn't qualify. It's rubbish how much the draws mean when hosts participate in the qualification.
  8. The way Cruz enjoys blaming everybody else it's rather deserved that it gets attention.
  9. Not for athletes. However it should be mentioned that some skiers have their base in Norway or USA which may have an impact. But some athletes (like speed skater Viktor Hald Thorup) haven't prioritized competing this year as well. I strongly question that we'll qualify in curling. The federation has lost most of the funding meaning that there's been no way to prioritize. But well, we're in the Worlds, so maybe. I have us as small favourites for the men's ice hockey, but that's not the first time. To me the main question would be how tough the national qualification will be. We should
  10. All Norwegian World Cups in March are not going to happen, it seems.
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