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  1. Youtube didn't want to pay enough per play to satisfy KODA who collects money for Danish artists.
  2. I'll go for the stroopwafeln and beer instead! Oh and... will do their best to participate. We'll see how when it comes to finding the best way for people to hear the song.
  3. I'm in no way the right person to consider the mental health of the presidential candidates, but there are some major problems about Trump's personality. When even the "leader" of Danes for Trump says that he's an idiot it does say something (he likes his political ideas and results, though). A man who really seems more like a child when told that he is wrong (and fires everybody who aren't ready to lick his boots). Whenever somebody challenges him, he answers with either lies or claims about fake news, he has an obsession with how people see him and has no trouble treading on o
  4. Are we really gonna have a highly questionable extremely right wing biased media as one of the main sources for this thread?
  5. Mads Pedersen, Søren Kragh and Magnus Cort were all pretty damn good juniors and I would dare say that they've all had pretty decent breakthroughs
  6. Not so long ago you would have said the same about the Danish
  7. And Tour de l'Avenir the year before. With not Tour of California this year, everything is set for a Norwegian winner next year!
  8. Well. It does follow your country's love of it's national anthem and the pledge of allegiance!
  9. Oh well. Seems like they make it with time to spare!
  10. Meanwhile the big hunt for the time limit is on! Considering the names more than 20 minutes after the lead, it's gonna be tough!
  11. Hey, don't fuck with Mørkøv! But well, those first stages usually give the jersey to non-climbers.
  12. [ hide] Tour De France - Week 3 - Stages 16-21 Stage Top 3 Riders La Tour-Du-Pin - Villard-De-Lans Stage 16 September, 15th 1st: Julian Alaphilippe 2nd: Marc Hirschi 3rd: Michal Kwiatkowski Egan Bernal Daniel Felipe Martínez Nairo Quintana Richard Carapaz Julian Alaphilippe Emanuel Buchmann Adam Yates
  13. Meanwhile it's still one of the top sprinters leading the pack ... What is this?
  14. Things are getting pretty desperate when a 4 months old interview is suddenly the talk of town among Trump campaign staff.
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