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  1. Think 3 months in Aarhus municipal council is a bit too little to make major changes for the World. Hope to be able to do something for Aarhus, though! But thanks!
  2. Meanwhile for some lighter political news: As some of you may remember, last year I took part in the local election here in Aarhus. I got 4th most personal votes among the candidates from my party who got three seats meaning that I was first in line if something were to happen. Now on monday I will get my chance as one of the three members of the council is taking a parental leave for the rest of the year! It's just three months but I'm extremely exited about it even though it will take a huge chunk of my spare time!
  3. Fingers crossed that we will see something good happening. Huge respect for the protesters!
  4. I will join for However I'm in no way sure that I'll be able to find the time for voting. Fingers crossed that it will be possible, but no promises. Will let @Wumo do the selection as well!
  5. On BBC the Danish Queen and crown prince were made into the king and queen of the Netherlands!
  6. About a 4th counted so far and it certainly feels like a win for the Social Democrats and their supporters. All major parties seem to make it though the Liberals still can't feel too sure.
  7. As you can see on the picture fro Swewi each party have their own ballots. You pick the ballots for the party you want to vote for (I believe there are blanks as well as Sweden has quite a lot of write-in parties and candidates). In the past, you could take the ballot on the voting location where people could more or less keep an eye on you and at some locations party member were even giving them to voters. You could always take the ballots from more parties to hide your selection, but it really still wasn't that good. But I understand that this part has been improved, not having the ballots in public. The reason for having the individual ballots and not a long list like most other countries is that the election laws are very liberal in Sweden. It's very easy to have your party in the election. The full ballot would be terribly long! Just look at some of the parties up for election: Donald Duck's party, The least bad party, The poor man's party, Capitalism with a friendly face and Evil chicken party. Not to mention a handful of more or less extreme parties on both wings.
  8. It's really just plural. The liberals, the moderates, the indians and so on.
  9. I'm surprised that the election system hasn't gotten any attention in Denmark som far. Usually some Danish politicians spend a lot of time talking about how the Swedish elections aren't that democratic. Not a big fan of how it's done, lacks anonymity, but usually some Danes makes it worse than it is. But that's usually the Danish Peoples Party and they're fighting for their life here in Denmark.
  10. Have to admit that I haven't followed the election that closely this time. Preparing to step into the municipal council for 3 months and an election coming up in Denmark (most likely this autumn) really has taken my political time. Personally my biggest issue with Sverigedemokraterna would be the Climate, but that may just be me who's too used to things in Denmark where they wouldn't really be that bad compared to other parties. Would most likely vote Centerpartiet if I was in Sweden
  11. Golf (BMW PGA Championships) suspended so far and tomorrow's stage of the Tour of Britain seems to be cancelled:
  12. Well. He did his very best. Only made the decision after warm-ups. But his hamstring felt too bad
  13. First Kojo Musah, then Axel Vang and now Benjamin Lobo Vedel won't start in the semi!
  14. Axel Vang looked so good and then that crash!
  15. Yeah. It's certainly a course set for the sprinters!
  16. Hasn't been a big focus in Denmark since it was dropped from the Olympics.
  17. In Denmark we're having Championships on the main channels that you would usually need Eurosport or expensive streaming services to watch
  18. Ikke-Pia v.d. Bergerhoeve is quite a name! (Ikke-Pia would mean not Pia in Danish)
  19. The event is in Denmark but they don't mention that it will be live on Danish TV as well
  20. And Henrik Stenson who was set to captain the European Ryder Cup team
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