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  1. Especially because in the WC there's no limit of 2 per country
  2. (and to think that before the Olympics someone criticized the fact that D'Almeida name was in the prediction contest, calling him an "unknown" )
  3. Okay sure, but does it matter that much? These women seemed so tired, and at least avoided the ultimate embarrassment of losing the championship.
  4. Argentina was leading comfortably in third and fourth sets, so in that way it was a little surprising how they just gave the match to Colombia. Chile is by far the worst team, so Argentina will qualify directly tomorrow.
  5. Surprisingly enough, won vs at the women's South American championship. Something tells me if we had a challenge system in this tournament, it could have changed the outcome of this match... Anyway, Argentina should easily defeat Chile tomorrow (most likely 3-0) which will give them the runner-up spot for the World Championship. In this scenario, Colombia would have to win the match vs Brazil to qualify - if they hadn't lost the match against Peru, their life would be much easier now.
  6. with a chance of not advancing even with a weaker group.
  7. Natalia Gaudio (Rhythmic Gymnastics) Her biggest achievement is probably the AA bronze medal at the 2019 Pan American Games and participation at the Rio Olympics.
  8. Brazil had medals in 14 sports, which is also our record. Sadly we were very close to 17 sports with 4th places in Badminton, Cycling and Triathlon.
  9. Final Medal Table Comparing with 2016 (only nations in the top 30 in either edition), the NPCs which improved their performance in the rankings: 2016 2020 +/- NPC 64 11 +53 74 22 +52 48 10 +38 47 18 +29 41 19 +22 43 24 +19 29 20 +9 33 30 +3 7 5 +2 15 13 +2 4 3 +1 8 7 +1 NPCs which ranked the same as in 2016: 2016 2020 +/- NPC 1 1 - 2 2 - 9 9 - 16 16 - NPCs which ranked lower than in 2016: 2016 2020 +/- NPC 25 26 -1 12 14 -2 23 25 -2 27 29 -2 3 6 -3 5 8 -3 11 15 -4 28 31 -4 6 12 -6 25 31 -6 10 17 -7 21 28 -7 13 21 -8 19 27 -8 14 23 -9 22 34 -12 17 33 -16 18 35 -17 20 41 -21 24 51 -27 30 64 -34 Of course being higher or lower in the rankings don't always translate as a better or worse performance. Rankings can be deceiving, as Azerbaijan places 10th with only 19 medals (14 of those being gold) and France is only 14th with 54 medals (I'm sure they'll do fantastic in Paris). Compared to Rio, 8 NPCs continued in the top 10, with and out and and in. is the first host nation since in 2004 to not place in the top 10, but huge improvement compared to 2016 (no gold medals vs 13 golds now). and improved a lot, and even though they won less medals than in 2016 (18 vs 16 now), the great number of golds have placed in the top 20 for the first time since the 80s. Biggest disappointment should be with their worst ranking ever (aside from their first participation where they didn't win any medals). Tokyo definitely wasn't good for them as they also had their worst ranking at the Olympics since the 70s.
  10. at the 2020 Paralympics 72 medals (tied Rio 2016) 7th place (tied London 2012) 22 golds (best ever, previously was London 2012 with 21) at the 2020 Olympics 21 medals (best ever, previously was Rio 2016 with 19) 12th place (best ever, previously was Rio 2016 in 13th) 7 golds (tied Rio 2016) So Brazil tied or surpassed every best performance ever, so I'm happy with Tokyo 2020
  11. You forgot race walking, cause those athletes were clearly given a free pass to run
  12. And to think that a few days ago Brazil, happy with silver, didn't made an appeal in an event in which the chinese guide ran almost all the race ahead of the athlete. And now China takes away a gold from Brazil for unexplainable reasons
  13. The jury didn't show any video evidence to our committee regarding the annulment of his best marks. Worse, he gave up his last throw because he already won... and 11 hours later this happens. This is probably the most commented Paralympics-related thing in Brazil, people are outraged.
  14. With just a few events to go, and have secured 1-2. The others are too close to call. and will fight for 3rd, and for 5th (Ukraine needs a gold medal in Shooting), and and for 7th. has secured 9th place. has a pretty good chance of ending in the top 10 with only 19 medals! They have 14 golds, and has 13. Germany has to win gold in the last Shooting event in order to get 10th place (which is difficult, but possible since they have a world class shooter competing). With 10 golds, is not entirely out of the equation just yet, but it would have to win at least 4 gold medals in the last day.
  15. That's why the Paralympics still have a lot to evolve. Late decisions like the ones that happened at these Games and other subjective things (classification, for instance) give a lot of discredit to the whole movement.
  16. After an appeal (probably from China?), Brazil loses a gold medal Men's Shot Put F57 almost half a day after the event. Somehow Thiago Paulino has now only 1 valid mark which still gives him the bronze medal. Just one more controversial decision at these Games.
  17. Women's Sitting Volleyball Gold Medal Match: vs Bronze Medal Match: vs Men's Wheelchair Basketball Gold Medal Match: vs Bronze Medal Match: vs
  18. After silver in London and bronze in Rio, Brazil finally gets the gold medal in Men's Goalball
  19. Jeohsah, athlete from my town, got 4th place in High Jump T64 Great result after 6th in Rio, especially considering he trained in an abandoned factory.
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