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  1. Just sent my votes. My top 3 was quite clear from the beginning, the low points weren't so hard to rank, points 4-9 were the hardest though, I feel like I betrayed these songs
  2. No worries I'll send my votes in time My top 12 is almost formed, now it's the hardest part, I need to rank them...
  3. I finally listened to all the songs for the first time and once again the quality is high this edition! Many songs that I actually enjoyed will not get points I have 21 left after a first listen, 10 of which are almost sure to be given points.
  4. It didn't pay off at all, they ended up 22th and 24th
  5. France is definitely the best nation today... starting from the bottom
  6. Samuelsson and Ponsiluoma shaking things up a bit in the first lap
  7. Yeah they're already bad shooters but add some wind and we become the worst nation in the race I know the men shoot better but I'm definitely not expecting anything from the French in the men's mass start considering how poorly they did yesterday as well.
  8. What a shitshow Wierer's strategy was stupid...
  9. So we'll have to wait the men's mass start tomorrow to know the winner of the globe No comment on the French men, just one word: disaster. I miss last season
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