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  1. Best result for us in like 30 years Congrats Italy! Not a big fan of the song though.
  2. Yeah if we even make top 10 it'll be a miracle, I don't believe people when they say we're favorites because we always end up outside the top 10
  3. Totallympics keeps showing me ads asking me to vote for Malta
  4. So San Marino bought Flo Rida to get more votes I guess? ?
  5. I've heard that Italy was the favorite? I was expecting something better. Don't have any favorites, I just find some songs really fun
  6. The Martin Fourcade Nordic Festival is back this year, it will take place on September 4th and 5th in Annecy.
  7. I just heard this old French song on TV and immediately realized that it's a cover of that beautiful Portuguese song from TOISC from a few years ago! (the original is better obviously )
  8. Shouldn't this be the 2021-2022 thread?
  9. This wasn't my time to choose the song so I hadn't made a list of songs but I had these 2 in mind:
  10. Oh and another podium and gold medal in the team event for France, we've never won a TISC title but we're really nailing those team events None of it would have been possible without the Netherlands and the USA, so thank you guys @Olympian1010 @heywoodu
  11. Congratulations Canada on your second win! Special shoutout to Sweden and Ireland who finished 2nd and 3rd and were both in my top 12! Thank you for the great organization @rybak, the contest was a pleasure to follow
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