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  1. It was the complete opposite of last season I've never liked Oberhof that much either but this year the conditions were exceptional, there wasn't even fog!
  2. What. A. Race I am speechless I'm so happy for Simon and Preuss!!! That last lap was stressful, it looked like they were both really tired and the group behind was gonna overtake them, then Preuss looked better and Simon tired, and then Simon looked better Sad for Hauser, a fall at the worst time possible
  3. Leitner and Weger!! This is definitely NOT France's season today it was another fall for Jacquelin
  4. I agree, I feel like Chevalier is the most reliable biathlete in our relay, she has the experience (even though Braisaz and Simon despite their relatively young age already have experience in the relay, especially Justine), and her shooting is overall good. Great result for Belarus with this 2nd place, it was nice to see their happiness at the finish!
  5. Why oh WHY did Justine shoot like that? She is not a fast shooter and suddenly she wants to do a fast shooting as if it was just training, that was just irresponsible, I don't understand why she did that. That's a great opportunity for a victory completely wasted...
  6. Very happy with the French victory, finally a good race without any meltdown from one of our biathletes
  7. Yes it is! She has indeed improved her shooting lately, she's also shooting faster.
  8. That last shot missed by Anaïs was so frustrating, without it she would've won And Braisaz finally no misses but she's been slow lately.
  9. Hofer was fast! Too bad he missed 2
  10. Wonderful race from Simon and Jacquelin, almost perfect!
  11. Kind of frustrating to make such a great relay and end up 3rd, but hey at least the entire team was good on the range (Claude not that great but not a disaster either) Here is Russia's first podium in a while, and it's a win Mironova and Latypov were impressive.
  12. I'm incredibly jealous of countries where most shows and movies have subtitles instead of being dubbed. The dubbing is always bad... and it's sad to not be able to appreciate the actor's, well, acting. I wish subtitles were a normal thing here.
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