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  1. The French delegation has been waiting impatiently for this moment, of course we're in
  2. Half of the French jury has had a song in mind for this contest since the beginning of the year but they need to convince the other half to choose this song.
  3. This thread having 666 pages seems appropriate
  4. There will be no spectators allowed at the Grand Colombier and Biche passes on Sunday, not surprising. (same for the finish in Lyon tomorrow)
  5. I'm curious to see my votes, I only remember that I loooved Lithuania's entry, that's it
  6. True. Plus that's not what the movement is about. Networks think they're doing something by removing these episodes or movies from their platforms but it just villainizes the movement when they're not even asking for this, it gives an opportunity to the opponents to make them look bad.
  7. There is still a Martin in the group
  8. Cut my dad out of the pics (for privacy not because I hate him ) They even asked for an autograph for me
  9. Thanks! I had tried a few months ago with another website but it wasn't working, now it seems to work fine. Edit: nevermind Edit 2: yesss finally
  10. Nothing important here but my parents are currently on vacation in the Pyrénées and right now they are looking at the French men's team train. They sent me a few pictures but I don't know how to put pics on this forum anymore.
  11. Oh how I hate when people say that animated movies are meant for kids only and that as soon as you reach a certain age you can't watch them anymore... there's no rule saying that, you can watch whatever the hell you want. I love this kind of movies, IMO they are much more entertaining than many other genres and there are less chances for me to be disappointed by animated movies than movies from other genres. My favorite franchise is in fact a trilogy of animated movies (How To Train Your Dragon) (Also, reminder that Disney-Pixar is not the only studio makin
  12. biathlete Dominik Landertinger announced his retirement today
  13. Dominik Landertinger is retiring too...
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