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  1. "Party" pooper good point though. If we look at this season's results for both relays though the women's relay does have better chances than the men's, although you can obviously never know what happens on D-Day
  2. Same. The men haven't won a relay medal at the Olympics since 2006, whereas the women's team has won one each time since 2006 (except 2014 where they DNF'd), the statistics speak for themselves.
  3. You think they'll have Claude in the relay and not Guigonnat? Yeah same, I don't see them doing better than 5th.
  4. Yep Norway and Russia are the safest bets for the podium, but after that...? Bescond was so close to losing 3rd place, that last lap was stressful to watch. Great opportunity for Perrot again, I'm surprised they put him in 4th though
  5. Well the women's relay was really entertaining until the end I'm glad we managed once again to be on the podium, Botet was quite good for her first WC relay, I was impressed by her in the last lap. I think we all know which team is gonna win tomorrow in the men's relay
  6. French relay tomorrow: Fabien Claude Emilien Jacquelin Eric Perrot Quentin Fillon-Maillet
  7. Perfect race for QFM Great to see Doll back on the podium, with all the bad luck the German team has had lately, also big congrats to Strolia and Perrot for their awesome results!!
  8. Norway never wants to make things interesting
  9. Damn I should've bet money on JTB winning, I would've won It was obvious last week that he was coming back to his older self and he always performs in ALGB
  10. Unbelievable! Incredible shooting by Braisaz, and I didn't think I'd say that! Even Simon shot well
  11. It's such a great song, thanks for the discovery I'm glad that even though we were 3 people in the jury, Lithuania got 10 points from us, that means I wasn't the only one to love it!
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