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  1. The Biathlon Congress Handbook (agenda) is available here. One thing that I noticed here is who was not at the meeting. The missing Federations were: Full Members Argentina Armenia Liechtenstein Chinese Taipei Uzbekistan Provisional Members Andorra Dominican Republic
  2. There is already a candidate for the 2028 World Champs. Hochfilzen has announced their candidature. It is widely speculated that Le Grand Bonnard will also bid.
  3. The Finnish Biathlon Federation has made a statement on Virolainen. From the President - " ACCORDING TO OUR FEDERATION, SHE IS NOT A FINNISH CITIZEN. THE ATHLETE DID NOT CONTACT OUR UNION. I KNOW SHE HAS BEEN LIVING IN FINLAND FOR A LONG TIME. ALL FINNISH CITIZENS CAN PARTICIPATE IN QUALIFYING COMPETITIONS. ANYONE CAN CONTACT US. THERE ARE STRICT SELECTION CRITERIA. LET’S RESPECT THE TRAINING PROCESS OF ATHLETES." Sorry for the all Caps, that is what the quote was in. This is kind of easy to see what they are doing here. There might be legs to this rumor.
  4. From what the article said, she recently (2021?) had her 3rd child. She skied on the Russian Cup last winter, even before the Russian ban. She is 33 years old, has lived in Finland and participated in the Finnish Summer Biathlon Championships and finished 2nd in one race. Her Russian career was over, but it seems like she wants to extend her career.
  5. Interesting article about how Biathlon seems to be getting the better youth skiers. Daria Virolainen might move to the Finnish Team.
  6. I know. I wonder when both Belarus and Russia are able to compete in IBU races again, what number of slots will they have. Ukraine was able to retain their previous number. Will Russia and Belarus be able to do the same? It will be interesting to see how that side of things is resolved.
  7. Two more women have announced they are pregnant. Both will miss the season, but return next year. Anna Sola and Irina Leshchenko of the Belarus team will miss the upcoming season.
  8. Maybe true, but it is a whole lot more beautiful! Also, the US did pretty well. I was just wishing that they would not get dead last.
  9. Irene Lardschneider of Italy has announced her retirement in the middle of summer training. She cited "medical reasons" as for the reason.
  10. Schedule: 14h35 : mass-start de biathlon dames 15h25 : mass-start de biathlon hommes Women's start-list Marte Olsbu Roeiseland Anaïs Chevalier Dorothea Wierer Marketa Davidova Julia Simon Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold Chloé Chevalier Mari Eder Darya Blashko Deedra Irwin Federica Sanfilippo Susan Kuelm. Men's start-list: Quentin Fillon-Maillet Emilien Jacquelin Tero Seppälä Fabien Claude Antonin Guigonnat Vytautas Strolia Michal Krcmar Sean Doherty Sverre Dahlen Aspenes Eric Perrot Martin Uldal Karol Dombrovski
  11. Well, now is the time to see if the younger ladies are ready.
  12. Max Cobb is the new Secretary General of the IBU.
  13. US actually got a medal! Maxime Germain with a bronze in the Junior Men Super Sprint Final.
  14. Sad news out of Bulgaria. Yuri Mitev, a two time Olympian (1980 and 1984) who represented Bulgaria has died. He was also a fixture in the development of the Turkish team.
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