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  1. RBU head coach Valery Polkhovsky will step down on 1 June for health reasons. An interesting opinion on the success of Norway and how biathlon could go the way of nordic skiing. If Germany and Russia do not have a strong season, the TV rights could diminish. Essentially, a league with one dominant team (Norway) is not a good business model.
  2. Natalia Ushkina, who won the Russian Pursuit and 2nd in the Mass Start will be racing for Romania next season.
  3. French Junior biathlete Peirre Monney, who had podiums in the IBU Junior Cups has announced his retirement from biathlon at the age of 22. In Russia both Ekaterina Yurlova-Percht and Kristina Reztsova have been listed in the potential WC biathletes for next season. Both were on maternity leave this season. Russian National Championships in Khanty-Mansiysk Sprints: 1. Matvey Eliseev 9/10 2. Maxim Tsvetkov 10/10 +4.8 sec 3. Eduard Latypov 9/10 + 14.4 sec 1. Evgeniya Pavlova 10/10 2. Natalia Ushkina, 10/10 19.7 sec 3. I
  4. So things might become real interesting soon. Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold and Dorothea Wierer have both gone on record as saying that due to human rights abuses, the Olympics should not be held in China next year.
  5. I kind of wondered the same thing. How is he still ahead of either of the Andersen brothers?
  6. Italian National Championships - Mass Start Women Not who you think it would be ... 1. Rebecca Passler 2. Lisa Vittozzi 3. Dorothea Wierer 4. Hanna Auchenthaler
  7. This might be better for a new thread but Norway has already announced their teams for the 2021/2022 season Elite Women Tiril Kampenhaug Eckhoff (Fossum IF) Emilie Kalkenberg (Skonseng UL) Karoline Knotten (Vingrom IL) Ida Lien (Simostranda IL) Marte Olsbu Røiseland (Froland IL) Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold (Fossum IF) Elite Men Erlend Øvereng Bjøntegaard (IL Bevern) Johannes Thingnes Bø (Markane IL) Tarjei Bø (Markane IL) Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen (Geilo IL) Johannes Dale (Fet Skiklubb) Sturla Holm Lægreid
  8. Joanne Reid was the only WC biathlete to compete in the US National Championship. She won the Sprint, Pursuit and Super Sprint. There was only one race for the "Men's" age group, Scott Lacy won the Sprint.
  9. US Biathlon National Championships Sprint results here Officially - Joanne Reid and Scott Lacy are the Sprint National Champions.
  10. The only WC biathlete at the US Nationals is Joanne Reid.
  11. Any other retirements? Ondřej Moravec and Arnd Peiffer. Does Andrejs Rastorgujevs retire instead of facing a ban?
  12. Norway cancelled their National Championship this week, but I know the Ukraine and United States are having theirs. Ukraine at Bukovel: 23.03 - official training24.03 - supersprint25.03 - sprint26.03 - official training27.03 - mass start28.03 - mixed relay United States at West Yellowstone: Sprint -- Pursuit -- Super Sprint
  13. Alpencup #5 was this weekend. 6 Nations were present - (Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia and Mexico) I love that Mexico was there. Results from the Sprint are here. All I can say is that Mexico has only one way they can go. Results from the Super Individual are here.
  14. Slettlemark with 1 miss. She leaves shoot 2 in 46th place. Eckhoff gets ahead of Wierer.
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