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  1. Other weekend results: Belarusian Summer Biathlon Championship. Raubichi Sprint. Men. Results: 1. Dzmitry Lazouski (1+1) 25:48.5 2. Anton Smolski (1+1) +2.3 3. Sergei Bocharnikov (1+1) +5.8 Sprint. Women. Results: 1. Dzinara Alimbekava (0+2) 23:24.1 2. Elena Kruchinkina (0+1) +35.3 3. Hanna Sola (1+1) +41.4 Odd that they still have the ICU images still up. Wiesbaden happened this past weekend Also Dmitry Pidruchny has tested positive for COVID19, but as of now is asymptomatic.
  2. Not really a surprise, but I wonder two things. 1. Fans? "Any decision regarding if, and how many, spectators will be allowed to attend the events will depend on the national health authorities’ regulations in place for each venue in connection with the IBU Covid-19 event guidelines." Looks like we will not know until much later. 2. Does Östersund (SWE) and Annecy-Le Grand Bornand (FRA) get spots back in the future? The IBU did not comment if they get financial compensation for losing their races, nor did they say if Kontiolahti (FIN) and Hochfilzen (AUT) receive additional.
  3. News of the day: Olga Zaitseva has lost her appeal for doping in the 2014 Olympic Games. Russia loses the silver in the 4x6 relay. Olga Vilukhina. Olga Zaytseva, and Yana Romanova won their appeal for a life ban and Vilukhina gets her silver in the sprint back. Ekaterina Glazyrina and Timofey Lapshin have been provisionally suspended. Both Lapshin and Glazyrina are accused of violating anti-doping rules (ADRV). Although not Biathlon, Ruka Nordic in Kuusamo, Finland with lot have fans for the races on site. "Ruka Nordic is cooperating with Fi
  4. This is what the lodge at the biathlon venue will look like.
  5. Pictures are here. The last two are of the new lodge.
  6. No post Christmas race in Germany. I will miss that event. Interesting interview with Hanna Oeberg. Noting groundbreaking, but she does provide some context for her start in biathlon. J.T. Boe pledges to take over as the voice of clean sport from Martin Fourcade.
  7. I wonder if the Test event will happen this Winter. With the previous IBU regime, I could see it going forward. This group seems to be more open to concerns from the athletes, etc. I would not be surprised if that is one of the World Cup stops that is cancelled.
  8. Biathlon course in China is completed on time and ready for the test event this Winter and the Olympics next yet.
  9. 2023 Winter University Games Town Hall meeting tonight with a Q&A
  10. Russian IBU Cup Biathlete Kristina Reztsova will take the season off due to pregnancy. Russian Summer Biathlon Sprint Results Women 1. Yakaterina Glazyrina 22:51.1 2. Svetlana Mironova 22:53.0 3. Evgenia Pavlova 23:00.7 Alexader Loginov (I always think about the cook in The Hunt for Red October) did not race in either the individual or sprint due to an elbow injury.
  11. Russian Summer Biathlon Individual: Men's 20 km 1. Semyon Suchilov (KhMAO-Yugra) - 49.28.0 (2 misses) 2. Matvey Eliseev (Moscow) - +39.3 (2) 3.Igor Malinovsky (Omsk region) - +57.4 (0). Women's 15 km 1. Victoria Slivko Upcoming IBU Vote - The article talks about what Canada will do with the loss of the IBU Junior Cup and the early IBU Cup races. But near the end is the nugget. "Currently, the full BMW IBU World Cup schedule is going ahead as planned. However, the IBU executive board is meeting from Sept. 26-27 to decide whether adjustments
  12. Akimova is back. No idea what level she will be at. It looks like the Russian Summer Biathlon Championships start today in Tyumen.
  13. Paul Smith's college in NY opens their new biathlon range. Russia says they have paid almost 500,000 Euros to the IBU to pay back the debt they owe. They still owe around 350,000 Euros.
  14. The Swiss Summer Biathlon Championship was held this past weekend in Andermatt. Sprint Results 4.5km/6km are here. Results of note, Sebastian Stalder was only .7 behind Benny Wegner. On the women's side, 2 of the 3 Gasparin sisters raced. Short Individual results are here. Aita Gasparin won the womens Stalder won the men's with Sergi Seminov of the Ukraine in 2nd. Last event was "Hit the Peak". Just look at this. The women run a 4.5km and men 6k up the mountain on roads, then finish with the last part what seems like it is just up.
  15. Is it just me, but it seems that if you have a last name that begins with "H" in Germany, and are a female, you have a much better chance in biathlon.
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