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  1. In the annual "Why is that not public?" IBU announced the quota list, and even included the announcement in a newsletter. That takes you to the membercenter Here is the annual complaint - Why is that list not public!!! One other associated piece of information. It looks like the IOC is reducing the slots at the Beijing Olympics. Instead of 4 slots plus 1 alternate at the games, they are only allowing 4 slots.
  2. French teams: A team - Women BESCOND Anaïs – Armées / Morbier (Massif Jurassien) BRAISAZ-BOUCHET Justine – Douanes / Les Saisies (Savoie) CHEVALIER Chloé – Les 7 Laux (Sports de Neige du Dauphine) CHEVALIER-BOUCHET Anaïs – Douanes / Les 7 Laux (Sports de Neige du Dauphine) SIMON Julia – Douanes / Les Saisies (Savoie) Men CLAUDE Fabien – Armées / Bass sur le Rupt (Massif des Vosges) DESTHIEUX Simon – Armées / Lompnes (Lyonnais et Pays de l’Ain) FILLON MAILLET Quentin – Douanes / Grandvaux (Massif Jurassien) GUIGONNAT Antonin –
  3. I saw the change. Ostersund gets the first week of the season and Finland gets the last one. Fyodor Svoboda is the new Estonia coach. The former Belarus coach has a one year contract.
  4. Summer World Champs Schedule: Thursday August 26 Super sprint junior ladies qualifying Super sprint junior ladies finals Super sprint junior men qualifying Super sprint junior men finals Friday August 27 Super sprint ladies qualifying Super sprint ladies finals Super sprint men qualifying Super sprint men finals Saturday August 28 Junior ladies sprint Junior men's sprint Ladies Sprint Sprint men Sunday August 29 Junior ladies pursuit Junior men's pursuit Ladies pursuit Pursuit me
  5. Austrian Team: National Team Lisa Hauser Dunja Zdouc Simon Eder David Komatz Equipe A Katharina Innerhofer Christina Rieder Julia Schwaiger Julian Eberhard Felix Leitner Equipe B Anna Andexer Anna Gandler Anna Juppe Femke Kramer Victoria Mellitzer Kristina Oberthaler Lisa Osl Lea Rothschopf Tamara Steiner Lara Wagner Lukas Haslinger Patrick Jakob Leon Kienesberger Nikolaus Leitinger Harald Lemmerer Fabian Müllauer
  6. Irina Starykh has retired. To say her career was controversial is an understatement.
  7. The Italian Team: Lukas Hofer (CS Carabinieri) Dominik Windisch (CS Esercito) Didier Bionaz (CS Esercito) Tommaso Giacomel (GS Fiamme Gialle) Thomas Bormolini (CS Esercito) Patrick Braunhofer (CS Carabinieri) Daniele Cappellari (GS Fiamme Oro) Groupe B Daniele Fauner (CS Carabinieri) Cedric Christille (GS Fiamme Gialle) David Zingerle (CS Esercito) Jacopo Leonesio (CS Carabinieri) Michele Malinari (CS Carabinieri) Women Group A Lisa Vittozzi (CS Carabinieri) Dorothea Wierer (GS Fiamme Gialle)
  8. So I just saw this. On the IBU website, the list the work phone and mobile/cell phone number of every member of the IBU staff, including Niklas Carlsson. Also, the Biathlon Climate Challenge begins in a day.
  9. 13-14 November -Biathlon on snow will be back at Sjusjøen
  10. Not a big surprise, but Dorothea Wierer has announced that Beijing will be her last Olympics.
  11. Olympic Schedule announced: Mixed Relay -> Saturday 5th February 17:00 Individuals Men -> Tuesday 8th February 16:30 Women -> Monday 7th February 17:00 Sprint Men -> Saturday 12th February 17:00 Women -> Friday 11th February 17:00 Pursuit Men -> Sunday 13th February 18:45 Women -> Sunday 13th February 17:00 Mass Start Men -> Friday 18th February 17:00 Women -> Saturday 19th February 17:00 Relays Men -&
  12. Timofey Lapshin has been banned for 1 year, to end on 22 Sept 2021. This will allow him to compete at the 2022 Olympics.
  13. The Swiss announced their team for 2021-2022: National Team: Weger Benjamin 1989 Team A: Cadurisch Irene 1991 Gasparin Aita 1994 Gasparin Elisa 1991 Gasparin Selina 1984 - I would assume that this would be her last season, but who knows. Häcki Lena 1995 Finello Jeremy 1992 Jäger Martin 1987 Team B: Barmettler Flavia 1998 Baserga Amy 2000 Meier Lea 2001 Meinen Susi 1992 Volken Flurina 1993 Bovisi Sandro 1997 Burkhalter Joscha 1996 Fravi Laurin 1999 Hartweg Niklas 2000
  14. Not sure if this was already posted, but the European Youth Olympic Festival will be rescheduled to 2022. It will stay on Vuokatti. "The new dates for the continent’s leading multi-sport event for athletes aged 14-18 are 20-25 March"
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