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  1. Irwin with an epic meltdown for the US. They were going so well. With Egan on the anchor leg, a top 10 was a real strong possibility, possible top 5. Now a top 15 would be a challenge. She lost 1:48 on that shoot.
  2. Very sad for the US. Egan did not do well, and the really went well for the first two legs, but Paul Schommer had trouble and they ended up getting lapped.
  3. No surprise, but Norway won the Single Mixed Relay with no penalty loops and 10 spares. They were to only team to do that. Of the 29 teams that started, only 15 made it to the finish. Northern Macedonia did not make it past the 2nd shoot. France was up in 3rd, 20ish seconds behind until the 6th shoot when they lost 40 seconds, and ended up in 4th. The biggest surprise to me was Ukraine. The normally very reliable shooting team went 6+15, but they still managed to finish in 7th, only 2:13 behind. In the most bizarre stat of the race, Russia had the fastest total course time, but only the
  4. I think the short individual actually has more reliance on the shooting than the individual does. I love the way that there seems to be at least one person that you would not have guessed on the podium. Also, that Lowell Bailey won the Individual, it has a special place in my heart.
  5. Mihail Usov of Moldova in 3rd place at 8.4km!!! I do not think that he will be able to stay ahead of Nawrath, but what a great result for him!
  6. Thanks for confirming to me that I was not just hearing things.
  7. Did anyone else notice a different sound with the shooting? There was a higher pitch sound as they shot. Or at least I thought so. People often say that the last shot in the individual is the hardest. I wonder if that one, or the relay, or mass start or pursuit is missed the most.
  8. Quick question for those who have been to Arbor. Does the finish end with a slight uphill? It looked that way on the highlights.
  9. The provisional start lists for the relays are out. 30 nations in the Single Mixed, and 28 in the Mixed.
  10. Wide range of start times for the Women's Individual tomorrow. 6. Preuss 8. Roeiseland 13. Eckhoff 14. Herrmann 16. Chevalier C. 26. Oeberg. E. 35. Hauser 38. Wierer 40. Oeberg H. 47. Simon 48. Davidova 58. Hintz There is quite a spread. Even for some the later ones will be interesting to follow. Emma Lunder starts 89th, she is having a good season.
  11. I feel bad for Mirlene Picin, 14 missed shots. 2-5-4-3 shooting, but still not last, she finished in 119th. So I counted 39 countries represented in the men's race. With the Single Mixed and Mixed relays, do all get starts? How does that work?
  12. I wonder if this is a result of the focus of her training. She has trained so much on shooting, that has led to a decrease in training for the skiing portion. It might be intentional by the Swedish Biathlon Team.
  13. So what the first week told me was that Russia and Norway are really deep. The major difference is that Norway has a much higher ceiling right now, whereas Russia is flatter in their depth. Two short individuals today. An easy predication on both would be Russian and Norway for the top 3, but this is the event where often someone shoots well. The shorter distance also helps this, with the greater reliance on the shooting. 155 starters for the men!
  14. I also enjoyed the races these past two weekends. Oberhof was always the track that was kind of "blah" the fog affected my memory. But this year was great racing.
  15. Just how strong is Norway ... After shoot #6, they were 40 seconds behind with 4 penalty loops!
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