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  1. Andrejs Rastorgujevs the 33-year-old Latvian biathlete, who has several podiums in the World Cup, has been punished for 18 months for not showing up to multiple drug screenings.
  2. Brief Summary of Germany, Norway, Italy, Austria and France Summer Rollerski Championships.
  3. Benny Wegner and Elisa Gasparin both win the Sprint and Short-Individual in the Swiss Summer Nordic Championships.
  4. Martin Fourcade festival races were lots of fun. The women's mass start provided a great two standing shoots. Austrian Summer Championships were also this weekend. Italians, Germans, Poles and even some Austrians!
  5. Good point, so with that, Davidova will continue her rise! I actually think that she is one of the top 7 or so that will challenge for the overall when Eckhoff eventually comes back to earth.
  6. I agree, with so many people not there, who knows. But that being said, props to those who competed and won.
  7. Was today a first for Belgium? I do not remember another medal that they won.
  8. I somehow skipped over her on the start list. Sorry about that one.
  9. It was a good, but miserable race. That was a lot of rain.
  10. "Biathlon Contest" Results Women's Shooting: 1. Tiril Eckhoff 2. Karoline Knotten 3. Anais Bescond Men's Shooting: 1. Fabien Claude 2. Miha Dovzan 3. Rok Trsan Women's Mass Start: 1. Margot Chichignoud (France) 2. Anika Kozika (Croatia) 3. Fabiola Miraglio (Italy) Men's Mass Start: 1. Miha Dovzan (Slovenia) 2. Rok Trsan (Slovenia) 3. Loan Buisson (France) Men's U19 Mass Start: 1. Axel Garnier 2. Maxence Pialat 3. Lionel Jouannaud
  11. Senior Men's and Woman's Super Sprint today. On the Women's side, there are 46 starters for 30 spots in the finals. Both Fialkova sisters are starting, Bendika, and Davidova should be the favorites. On the Men's side, there are 56 starters for 30 spots in the finals. Most of those scheduled to race are not major names.
  12. Junior Women's Super Sprint Finals: Junior Men's Super Sprint Finals: The Czech Republic had a great first day. Three medals our of six. Latvia with a medal as well. The RBU with two.
  13. The startlist for todays "Biathlon Contest" a mass start, plus shooting competition in Bessans, France is an interesting mix of biathletes. Considering that the World Champs start on the same day, there are some very well known biathletes in France, and not at the World Champs. The top French are not there, but Jakov Fak and Klemen Bauer are. In fact 7 Slovenians, a few Croatians and a few Italians join 7 French on the Senior Men side. The big guns will participate in the shooting competition for both the men and women. The top French women and men, as well as 6 Norwegians such as the likes of Eckhoff, Roeisland, and Landmark Tandrevold. On the mens side, the top French are there as well.
  14. I am interested to see who will actually be there. I think that for the French, the Martin Fourcade Festival is more important, at least that is the sense I get. The Czech's will be there. But I do not remember even pre-COVID if the US has really ever attended. EDIT - It Looks like Tara Geraghty Moats will be there.
  15. World Summer Championships start tomorrow:
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