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  1. Greek Tzortzakis is in the first group and unfortunately Greek broadcaster do not show the race (I think they will air only the end of the race). Is it too early to say that he is going for something special? I don't know much abour Cycling
  2. Good work, this is how in a way I had it on my mind. Bravo for the whole work. I am really excited to see how this will be unfolded. All sports, each position matters!!! I like the proposals you make about the pointing system, it is a good idea!
  3. Sorry, what language is that??? In the Olympic anthem
  4. Shouldnt be shorter in time the whole parade since not all but few of the athletes of each country are there?
  5. Greek Stefanos Ntouskos seemed in a pretty good shape in his first race. He had the chance for an easy race, to get more familiar with the venue and to hold up his power for the next races. Hopefully he will have the same chance on Sunday, and then to give his all in the last two races. I understand that the fact that he won easily, or that he had the second best time of all qualifiers is not a legit sign that he is going for a medal, but who knows? For whoever watched the shape he was in, and how with few ropes gaining more meters, maybe we have a good shot here for a medal.
  6. That's true, I always thought it as a day to day live league. But I guess you are right, I will have it in mind
  7. For personal reasons, I would not probably be able to follow the action as extensively as needed, in order to keep up with the point system needed. If there is not anyone else who would like to try it, I would like to ask to the moderators (@Sindo) to hide and close the topic. It was an idea that I had a long time in my mind, but the circumstances are not proper for me right now to do such thing
  8. Attempts like these never are entirely "fair", but I will try to make them as much as possibble. I am planning to post results here at the end of each day during the games
  9. I am thinking of creating a point system, to create a kind of a league counting all olympic sports results effecting in one table. My idea is this: for every Olympic final teams will be awarded points as follows: 1st-25pts, 2nd-18pts, 3rd-15pts, 4th-8pts, 5th-5pts, 6th-3pts, 7th-2pts, 8th-1pt. For sports that there is no official ranking for positions 5-8, teams that reached quarter finals will be awarded 5pts, as the 5th position takes. In order to make it more "fair" I think to have a multiplier depending on each country's team size and population. I will create an accumulate t
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