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  1. Jarman's vault win over Davtyan was shockingly unfair.
  2. No disrespect here, but is what Feige is doing called race walking or jogging/slow running?
  3. Not bad at all although swimming should have been part of the games.
  4. Do the 25 qualified riders carry their penalties/scores from rounds 1, 2 & 3 or do they start from scratch in Sunday's finals? I guess the latter is true, right?
  5. Aren't there any other Greek rowers capable of winning medals in Paris?
  6. Do you have any really talented, up-and-coming youngsters on your national fencing team? Should there be any changes in the coaching staff?
  7. What exactly will I have to do as administrator of this club, dear Sindo?
  8. Greeks do it better.🤔😂
  9. BREAKING NEWS: Fanny Smith (SWI) gets 3rd place and the bronze medal back (in women's ski cross). Daniela Maier (GER) is demoted to 4th.
  10. True, but let's not forget they only had 84 athletes competing in Beijing!
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