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    Alpine skiing, biathlon, XC skiing, track & field, swimming, gymnastics, shooting
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    OEB, Marit Bjoergen
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  1. Give us some details on the Chinese piste.
  2. Add to these 1 more medal in nordic combined, 1 in ski jumping, 2-3 medals in biathlon, 1-2 in alpine skiing, 1-2 surprise medals (XC skiing? speed skating?) and there you have it. OK, maybe not exactly 29 medals BUT somewhere in the mid-twenties.
  3. If he qualifies in the 1st place, that is.
  4. Haha. No way are they going to win fewer than 20 medals. They have lots of really good medal prospects in many sports/disciplines.
  5. MY PREDICTIONS FOR THE TOP TEN NATIONS(IN TERMS OF TOTAL NUMBER OF MEDALS WON): Russia 34 Norway 30 USA 29 Germany 29 Canada 29 Sweden 25 France 23 Switzerland 21 China 19 Honorable mentions: Austria, the Netherlands or even both may well find themselves in the top ten. They're poised to fare (very) well in any case and win 15+ medals each. Japan will also have a great Games by my calculations. What do you think, guys? Feel free to comment.
  6. Tons of things have to go wrong in order for Sweden not to win 15 medals. Winning 20+ medals is definitely feasible.
  7. Barring a last-minute (covid-related or not) disaster/setback, Sweden will most probably win around 20 medals, thus setting a new national record.
  8. 5th set tie-break with Berettini leading 7-5 and the match is not over yet. Has there been a change in the rules? Am I missing sth?
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