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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Fanny Smith (SWI) gets 3rd place and the bronze medal back (in women's ski cross). Daniela Maier (GER) is demoted to 4th.
  2. True, but let's not forget they only had 84 athletes competing in Beijing!
  3. Oh my God! Poor Ingrid. Let's hope she's OK...
  4. Huge congrats to Ryoyu, Karl and Marius! Time for us three to celebrate, guys. @Federer91 @Einarsen
  5. Go back to your sliding sports and leave us Norwegians alone, dude. We are a small country. We do need gold medals. (Hope you don't mind my teasing you, bro)
  6. Don't mind me. Just quoting quotes. What more do Germans have to accomplish in sliding sports to be considered dominant?
  7. Will these girls be competing in this specific order or not?
  8. If you doubt/can't understand the prodigious talent, great potential and hard work of the likes of Johaug and Bjoergen, then that's your problem, mein Freund. I'm not going to try to change your mind. How about you try getting your friend/compatriot senior Bach to add even more ludicrous sliding sports/events to the Olympic program instead of wasting your precious time on the dirty Norwegians?
  9. How exactly does cannabis enhance sports performance? Such a weird case...
  10. OK. Defo no medal for NOR. Not that we were going to win one anyways...
  11. At least Norwegian women do look like women, unlike a great many former Soviet, American and East German athletes in a wide range of sports.
  12. Whether she was telling the truth or making poor excuses (which none of us has any way of knowing), what matters is that in the end she was punished for the lipstick thing! End of story. She didn't commit murder for God's sake. Personally, I am a bit suspicious of Dutch-Hungarian-turned-Swedish Nils Van der Poel and his meteoric rise out of nowhere, but I have never implied anything about him. The same goes for Ireen Wust's unbelievable performance in the women's 1500 at this age. And I can definitely provide many more similar examples from the sports world. But I think you get my point anyways and I am not here to argue with anyone. I have always rooted for Norway in winter sports and mainly Russia and Italy (though not as fanatically as NOR in WOG) in summer sports (besides my country, Greece, obviously).
  13. Today's 10k was by far THE BEST interval race in recent memory imho. If only they could award two golds (Johaug & Niskanen) and two bronzes (Parmakoski and Nepryaeva). So unfair and heartbreaking for Keertu and Natalia...Anyways, I am also very impressed with Hennig (kudos to her) and feel so sorry for the Swedes...
  14. Hahahaaa. All top level athletes in any winter or summer sport -whether they be American, British, Russian, German, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Canadian or Martian for that matter- have always been and will forever be clean, honest, fair and beyond suspicion. They just happen to have tons of talent and eat well, sleep well and train well. Only the Norwegians are talentless, ruthless, abominable cheaters, dopers, fraudsters. OK, guys.
  15. Which I don't think they will win btw. I would go for something like 22 or 23 medals overall.
  16. Well, let's not forget that S H Krueger was the previous gold medalist in the skiathlon (in Pyeongchang) and has been in top form this year. Also, high altitude and difficult courses suit him perfectly. He would probably have won a medal and so would Heidi in the women's version (given that the Swedish co-favorites had a bad day). What's more, Norway could have won 2 medals in Nordic combined today. Riiber was one of the biggest (gold) medal pre-favorites across all sports according to all reliable websites and for good reason. Lastly, the official goal for this Norwegian Olympic team is to win around 30 medals. Not 40 or 45 as many people predict(ed) on forums and so on.
  17. With the likes of Simen Krueger, Heidi Weng and Jarl Magnus Riiber not having participated in any event thus far for whatever reasons, it is perfectly normal for Norway to have won fewer medals (not to mention some weird, questionable decisions by officials in ski jumping for example...)
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