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  1. At least one problem solved 😂 but don't start the topic of "easy quotas" 😅
  2. This is the most obvious speculation. In theory, it could happen that first two NOCs here don't even get one place for Paris. So these results should be saved and checked again in 2024
  3. You are right. These results will be used to determine containental spots first, so there are many options, it's impossible to say these contries have guaranteed spots in Paris. Sure, chances of them not being there are small, but their participation is not 100%
  4. Men's Mass Start
  5. Men's Team Pursuit
  6. Men's 10000m
  7. Matej

    Men's 5000m

    Men's 5000m
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    Men's 1500m
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    Men's 1000m
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    Men's 500m
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