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    Gianlu33 reacted to Jur in South Pacific Combined National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020   
    Qualifying Standard:
     Alex ROSE - Discus throw
    Qualified by ranking at 09/04/2020:
    Best in ranking by points:
     Women's 100m - Toea WISIL - 1123 points (Best Men: Daniel BAUL - 400m hurdles - 1058 points)
     Men's 200m - Ratu Banuve TABAKAUCORO - 1104 points (Best Woman: Heleina Valetta YOUNG - 100m - 1032 points)
     Men's 800m - Alex BEDDOES - 1081 points (No woman in rankings)
    Woman's 200m - Regine Kate TUGADE - 1017 points (No men in rankings)
    Men's 110m hurdles - Talatala PO'OI - 989 points (No woman in rankings)
     Men's 100m - Jonah HARRIS - 905 points (No woman in rankings)
     Men's High Jump - Lataisi MWEA - 886 points (No woman in rankings)
     Men's 100m - Scott James FITI - 815 points (No woman in rankings)
     Women's 5000M - Sharon FIRISUA - 762 points  (No men in rankings)
     Has no women or men in ranking
     Has no women in ranking but already qualified in men's.
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    Gianlu33 reacted to mrv86 in Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2021   
    E4: Iga Świątek and Tennis
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 A
      B C D E
    3 24 32 2 1 20 27 10 30 36 14 11 16 8 18 15 35 4 28 31 7 37 21 19 12 25 17 5 9 29 34 26 6 22 33 13           23  
    That concludes today's draw. Soon we'll update the voting table
    as well as the teams composition.
    Special recognition to the great support
    of each volunteer:
    @Wumo @OlympicIRL @rybak
    @heywoodu @Olympian1010 @Agger
    Thanks for you attention and patience and we'll
    see all of you at the Final next Friday.
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    Gianlu33 reacted to phelps in Athletes Deaths Thread   
    Michele Pasinato dies at the age of 52 after unsuccessful fight against cancer
    he was one of the Golden Generation guys of the Italian male Volleyball, multiple European Champion, 1998 World Champion and member of the unlucky Barcelona 1992 Olympic team...
    currently, he was a youth coach of the Padua club team, the same where his career started as a player...

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    Gianlu33 reacted to Vektor in Rowing FISA European Olympic Games Qualifier 2021   
    Next in line
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    Gianlu33 reacted to hckošice in Olympic Videos & Pictures   
    125 years ago.
    The 6th of April 1896 started the 1st Olympic Games of the modern era in Athens.

    with the very first event, the 1st heat of the 100m

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    Gianlu33 reacted to Dragon in Summer Olympic Games 2020 News   
  7. Sad
    Gianlu33 reacted to Olympian1010 in Summer Olympic Games 2020 News   
    Yonhap News Agency is reporting that North Korea will not attend the 2020 Summer Olympics.
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    Gianlu33 reacted to Federer91 in Darts Discussion Thread   
    World number 1 Gerwyn Price has tested positive for Covid and is out of the Premiere League, which starts tonight  Wade to replace him, as highest ranked player not already in.
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    Gianlu33 reacted to rybak in Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2021   
    The second cake is...

    Poppy seed cake (commonly called Makowiec) - it's dough layered with ground poppy seeds, sugar (or honey) and dried fruit. Such baking usually takes three possible form of:
    - cake or tart, where a thick layer of poppy seed mass is placed on a thin layer of dough
    - oblong, spiral-shaped dough in the shape of a roller (the so-called poppy seed strudel) - made of yeast dough, shortbread and yeast dough, less often semi-shortcrust
    - strudel - made of strudel, shortcrust or semi-shortcrust dough

    Poppy seeds intended for the mass should be properly prepared before grinding (or grating). One way is to scald (pour boiling water over) the grains in a sieve, then carefully drain and evaporate. Another method is to pour cold or hot milk or water over the poppy seeds and let them soak for a while - sometimes after boiling them. According to some recipes, after steaming or soaking the beans, they still need to be boiled. If the beans are soaked overnight, cooking for just a few minutes should suffice.

    Prepared in this way, carefully drained poppy seeds were ground twice or three times in a meat grinder through a strainer with the smallest eyes, or grated in a makutra. Grated poppy seeds are further ground with sugar or honey, and then dried fruits such as chopped walnuts, almonds, soaked raisins, candied orange or lemon peel are added. In regional cuisines, the use of additives such as hazelnuts, prunes or pears is also found.
    Baked poppy seed rolls are usually covered with white (boiled) frosting and decorated with raw poppy seeds or candied orange peel. The trade also includes strudels with chocolate coating.

    Makowiec is a typical Christmas Eve and Easter dish in Polish cuisine. In some parts of the country, it spread only after the Second World War, e.g. thanks to settlers from eastern Poland. Regionally, the poppy seed strudel takes the form of folded buns with a poppy seed filling.
    In the past, poppy seed cake was hosted only on well-to-do tables. It was baked in ordinary houses only for special occasions, such as the aforementioned Christmas Eve and carnival, Easter and various family celebrations. 
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    Gianlu33 reacted to Dolby in Shooting Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games   
    Indian team for Olympics selected

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    Gianlu33 reacted to MHSN in Wrestling UWW African & Oceanian Olympic Games Qualifier 2021   
    list of qualified wrestlers
    good day for Algeria, they didn't qualify a single wrestler in men's freestyle last time in 2016.
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    Gianlu33 reacted to dcro in Wrestling UWW African & Oceanian Olympic Games Qualifier 2021   
    Australia will not have a single wrestler for the first time since Antwerp 1920.
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    Gianlu33 reacted to rybak in Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2021   
    24 hours left to send the votes!
    Some of you for sure know, but lets remind this one, last time.
    @Finnator123 @catgamer @Yannakis @Fly_like_a_don @Dnl @Glen @Gianlu33 @Ionoutz24 @heywoodu @Skijumpingmaster @justony
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    Gianlu33 reacted to MHSN in Wrestling 2021 Discussion Thread   
    The great Jordan Burroughs is not going to Tokyo he lost twice to Kyle Dake in US trials . Dake is a two time world champion at 79kg and he was the better wrestler tonight without doubt. but it was just sad to see a great champion like Burroughs leaving the mat like that. he didn't announce retirement in the interview after the match but I believe that was the last time for him.
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    Gianlu33 reacted to hckošice in Athletics 2021 Discussion Thread   
    No problem here, but to make it fair, give the same material to everybody.
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    Gianlu33 reacted to mrv86 in Tennis ATP/WTA Miami Open presented by Itaú 2021   
    Sinner to final 
  17. Haha
    Gianlu33 reacted to rybak in Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2021   
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    Gianlu33 reacted to MHSN in Wrestling UWW African & Oceanian Olympic Games Qualifier 2021   
    Tunisia won the last quota so in short
    it's highly possible that we end up with 0 quotas for Oceania wrestlers, I wonder if that makes UWW to change the system for Paris ? the idea of merging these 2 continents were to give 5-6 quotas in total to Oceania. but now Africa is taking benefit of that.
    I know this is essential to get other continents involved in the sport. most African countries only invest in the sport to qualify for the Olympics. but with only 16 quotas available for each weight maybe, just maybe it's time to make some changes. give 1 quota to each continent and put the rest in the world qualification tournaments. but that will decrease the number of countries in this sport at the Olympics. so ...
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    Gianlu33 reacted to MHSN in Wrestling UWW African & Oceanian Olympic Games Qualifier 2021   
    here are the qualified wrestlers, assuming nothing crazy will happen in the last round of some weights with round robin format
    it wasn't really hard to predict but I was correct 11 out of 12
    67: ( already qualified at the Worlds)
    130:   and the second quota will be decided between and (most probably TUN)
    assuming TUN will win the last quota we have
    4 4 3+1
    Morocco ruined the 4-4-4 party. but Egypt already had the 4th quota.
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    Gianlu33 reacted to phelps in Judo IJF World Tour 2021   
    believe it or not, today's gold medal match in the women's -48kg between Milani and Giorda was the first ever all-Italian affair in the history of the IJF Grand Slam...
    and with today's Gold, Francesca Milani almost completed a miracolous comeback in the OQR and basically fixed her Olympic spot with only 3 tournaments left (even if 1 of those tournaments is the world championship, with many, many points up for grabs)...
    tomorrow the men's -73kg is the main focus for our team, with Fabio Basile (Olympic Champion in Rio, but in the -66kg) desperately looking for a big score to save his ass and earn a spot for the Tokyo Games (he's very much on the edge)...
    and he has a tough competition also inside the team, with Giovanni Esposito only a few points behind him in the OQR (the man who ends up on top between those 2 would eventually go to Tokyo)...
    tomorrow they both have quite favourable draw and could fight each other in the would surely be a match to follow...
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    Gianlu33 reacted to hckošice in Alpine Skiing FIS World Cup 2020 - 2021   
    and the gala happened today 
    today, the president of the republic officially welcomed Petra and her whole team and thanked for the exemplary representation of the country.

    Magoni in a suit (first from left), it was also something. 


    at the end the president invited Petra for a walk through the garden of the presidential palace

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    Gianlu33 reacted to phelps in Swimming 2021 Discussion Thread   
    Italian Spring Nationals, Day #1 Champions
    Men's 50m Free: Lorenzo Zazzeri, 21.89
    Women's 50m Free: Costanza Cocconcelli, 25.04 (2nd: Federica Pellegrini, 25.07)
    Men's 400m IM: Pier Andrea Matteazzi, 4.15.80
    Women's 400 IM: Sara Franceschi, 4.37.06 (OQT, see specific thread)
    Men's 200m Breast: Edoardo Giorgetti, 2.10.93
    Women's 200m Back: Margherita Panziera*, 2.05.56 (new NR)
    Men's 400m Free: Gabriele Detti*, 3.44.65 (2nd: Marco De Tullio*, 3.44.74)
    Women's 400m Free: Simona Quadarella, 4.06.49
    *already qualified to the Olympic Games via previous events/NF decision
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    Gianlu33 reacted to Olympian1010 in European Games 2023   
    Sport Climbing 
    I really enjoyed Triathlon at Baku 2015. Great to see it back on the program.
  24. Haha
    Gianlu33 reacted to Vojthas in Sprint Canoeing Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games   
    YOG, I suppose
    Don't underestimate Pita
  25. Thanks
    Gianlu33 reacted to Wumo in [PREDICTION CONTESTS] Discussion Thread   
    Final Standing available here
    EupenM   George_D  juliosilva  
    It was a superb performance by the Russian skaters in Stockholm at these world championships. In the prediction contest we also had superb performances and it was a close competition between many predictors. In the end, these three predictors ended with the medals. They are @EupenM, @George_D, @juliosilva. Big congratulation to all three medallists.
    On top of the podium and securing the gold medal was @EupenM. With eight gold medals and one perfect predictions through the contest, the numbers speak for itself. This is to my knowlegde the first gold and medal in any prediction contest for the EupenM. It's always fantastic to see new faces among the medallists. He secures France their second gold medal this year. A huge congratulation with the gold medal. Well-deserved!
    Securing the silver medal was @George_D. With solid predictions each day and being in the top of the standing, it is a very deserved silver medal for him. It's his second medal this year and the first of silver. Maybe soon he will take a step up on the podium and complete a medal set for this year. Congrats with the silver medal!
    The bronze medal was up fro grabs for many predictors. Three predictors ended with the same amount of total points, 57 points in total. But with eight gold medals and one perfect predictions, it was one of the top predictors for 2021, @juliosilva, that secured his second medal of 2021 already by winning the tie-break against @IoNuTzZ and @Dolby. Another great perfomance by juliosilva. He continues his great start of the season. Big congrats with the bronze medal!
    The honourable mentions will this time go to these three predictors, @IoNuTzZ, @Dolby and @Gianlu33. Both IoNuTzZ and Dolby were as close as they could get to win a medal by only losing on tie-break. It's very unfortunate when you miss out on a medal on this rule. However both predictors can look back on a great contest and maybe soon they will get their first medal of the season. In 6th-place came @Gianlu33. He needed a really good last day to have a chance for a medal. Unfortunately it wasn't enough this time to come on the podium for the second time in 2021. But another top place for him this year continuing his strong start.
    Lastly, thank you to all who participated in this prediction contest. According to the original calendar we would have a break for a month now after the women's ice hockey world championship was postponed to early May. But this postponement opened up for having another prediction contest in April. The men's curling world championship will begin this Friday in Calgary, so remember to make your prediction before the deadline and start of the first match. 
    That's all from me, your prediction contest manager, Wumo.  
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