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  1. Iapichino is a very pleasant surprise, she seemed to be stuck well below her 6.91 from two years ago (she's still 20, of course).
  2. Italy is out of it already. Nockler was unlucky in its fall, but I don't think the effort he made to get back in the chasing group justifies the four centuries he lost in the final 3 kilometers.
  3. Gold for Bassino was a surprise, but gold for Italy was not. Brignone winning wouldn't have been a surprise at all (a lot of people considered her the pre-race favourite after she dominated the SG in the combined just a couple of days earlier), Curtoni and Goggia were also contenders for the podium. The only surprise gold was in the combined (though Brignone has multiple WC wins in the discipline and was probably the 3rd favourite after Shiffrin and Holdener), which makes up (just in terms of numbers, of course) for Goggia's disaster in the downhill.
  4. JTB would have won even with Laegreid going 20/20, we are seeing something inhuman. He started with bib 11 and was the first the finish the race
  5. You're way too optimistic, we had two sunny days at the beginning of the championship, that's already two more than the yearly average of Oberhof
  6. Well they were close, the men's DH was in Val d'Isère on the Face de Bellevarde (probably the best olympic DH course in modern history).
  7. Odermatt was supposed to get a medal in the SG, but he still has two events, including the GS which is his best. Goggia's WChs are over.
  8. Bassino would be way too slow in the first half of the track to contend for a medal. The turns in the bottom half are not difficult enough for her to make up for that. Her only DH podium was in Bansko, which is an insanely technical course and had very difficult icy conditions that year.
  9. Goggia is 100% the biggest disappointment of these World Championships.
  10. Thanks to the organizers and congratulations to the winners, this was a lot of fun Also, the video was phenomenal
  11. I don't know the data, but it seems plausible.
  12. Marte Roiseland already contending for the win
  13. I think we can rule out Vittozzi for any World Cup consideration - or for anything big, really. In Le Grand Bornand, the signs of the old ghosts coming back to haunt her were already there for anyone who cared to see them.
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