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  1. Amazing race by Quadarella. I love that she went all in and tried to win gold, even risking to blow up completely in the process. Ledecky was obviously not at her best, but she’s such a champion.
  2. Scotti takes gold in the 400m 45.85, 1/100 slower than his PB.
  3. After his amazing 800m in Monaco and the impressive sub-45'' in the 400m in Padova, I thought he might even try to attack Rudisha's monster WR time
  4. Siklosi dominates Santarelli and advances to the final
  5. 8 out of 10. Missed Hinz and Rastorgujevs.
  6. Actually, Windisch won over Doll and Fillon Maillet. Martin Fourcade was 6th, Peiffer 8th, Shipulin 17th, Schempp 21st. I believe JTB was the only big gun missing. Also, Windisch was 4th in the legendary Oslo mass start in 2016, and he missed the last target. Had he hit that one, he would have sprinted for gold. He was the only athlete to shoot 10/10 in last year's Oberhof relay, so he clearly likes these heavily windy conditions.
  7. This is the moment Haelen and Schmidhofer are crossing the line. Notice that Schmidhofer is also slightly closer to the finish, as her skies have already partially crossed the lighter line.
  8. Plus, it's the fourth shortened downhill of the season (out of 8).
  9. Due coppe oggi Michela Moioli ha vinto la Coppa del Mondo con una gara d'anticipo, malgrado abbia dovuto ripetere in pratica 3 volte la finale. In definitiva ha chiuso terza e tra le francesi, che erano le uniche di cui doveva ancora preoccuparsi, le è stata davanti solo quella giusta. Se la Coppa della Moioli era preventivata, oggi o nel prossimo weekend, non lo era affatto quella nella staffetta mista del biathlon femminile. Il merito va diviso in parti uguali tra il quartetto Wierer-Vittozzi-Windisch-Hofer, che hanno portato l'Italia al primo successo in questo format di gara, e alla coppia Sanfilippo-Bormolini, che con il sesto posto nella single mixed hanno portato a casa punti decisivi.
  10. Well, De Fabiani is a superior athlete compared to Nöckler, but he's never been in a team sprint before. There's no way of knowing how he would perform. Still, I agree that taking the risk of choosing De Fabiani would have been wiser than insisting on Nöckler when he's clearly not at his best. Perhaps they also wanted to let De Fabiani rest before the 50 kms after his great showing in the relay. As far as the future of Italian cross-country is concerned, as you say, we basically have two talents. The problem is there's nobody behind those two. De Fabiani also has to become more consistent if he wants to become a top athlete, he can podium in a race in which he is not a favourite and then finish 40th when you expect him to perform well.
  11. The team sprint looked like a pretty safe bet for a medal before the Olympics, but after what we have seen so far in Pyeongchang, 5th place is not really surprising. Nöckler has performed poorly in every event so far. Perhaps the best thing would have been trying someone else as Pellegrino's partner, like De Fabiani, but it would have been a risk anyway.
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