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  1. Ghana eliminate Algeria 1-0 and Gabon beat Cameroon on the shootout. Guinea eliminate Nigeria 2-0 and Mali beat and eliminate Senegal 3-0 (4-3 agregate)
  2. canadafan2024, the football match that you take will be the 1st match of the French Team.
  3. Football, Rugby, Volleyball, Wrestling, Basketball, Yachting, Field Hockey, Canoe Sprint. There is others sports but i can't remember. I buy these tickets very quickly (around 10 minutes) because i want to see the first sport event in Paris (The 1st Football Match), i also want to see rugby. However, i try to buy a ticket to Field Hockey or Wrestling at 100€ but the time of the events are too early for me (i live at 50 miles of Paris).
  4. Finally, i take my pack. Football on Wednesday 24th at 3 PM in Paris, Football on Sunday 28th at 5 PM in the same city and seven rugby on Monday 29th at 2PM.
  5. I didn't get my e-mail also. But the draw of the 1st phase will end in 3 weeks, it's a lot of time. Don't loose hope.
  6. Yes, i can. A lot of tickets at 24€ was bought really fast. For handball, the cheapest place is at 140€. However, Handball is a great sport in France, it's not a surprise that a lot of people buy ticket for this event. For Athletics, on the morning, the cheapest place is at 90€. Some events are book, Fencing, Triathlon, Breaking and Climb (Sports where French are good). According to the office director of Paris 2024, they will be no tickets at 24€ until the end of the 1st phase on Mid-March. Some tickets at 24€ will be available on the 2nd phase on May for each sports. Some French who are draw refuse to take tickets because it was too expensive and prefer to watch the olympics on TV.
  7. For the moment, no. We know that there is a time trial on the 1st day. The time trial will pass by Vincennes, in the east of Paris. The Paris Subway pass by Vincennes.
  8. I don't speak about the paid places near the finish line. I speak about the journey of these events. They will be long and will pass by a lot of places (or cities for the cycling road). So, you can see these events for free if you are not on the finish area.
  9. If you are not selected on the draw, don't forget that you can see some events for free (Marathon, Race Walking, Cycling Road Race, Triathlon).
  10. Marseille will be the 1st french city to host the olympic torch relay
  11. can't qualify in men's football too, they are eliminated by Congo at the 2nd round of the qualification to the 2023 Africa U-23 Cup of Nations.
  12. We organized the European Football Championship in 2016 and the Rugby World Championship in 2007 and 2023. It's not the Olympics or the Fifa World Cup but it's big.
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