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  1. to mozda javnost. Bukvalno svako ko prati kosarku zna da Argentina nije neka bzv ekipa. Oduvali su nas.
  2. but yes, somehow I expect this debacle. It was clear in match against Spain that we are far from top, but I believed that maybe we will be better. So, probably no even quota for us here, but it will be better next year with I belive new coach. and btw Argentina was perfect today. Impressive.
  3. congrats for you. your team Turkey lost in volleyball final, but your second team Argentina won this match. Pity that Serbia won matces against your third team Italy in both competitons
  4. E sad da se vratimo na kvalifikacije i price o Djordjevicu Obican sarlatan. Znaci onaj ko ga i dalje podrzava je sarlatan kao i on. Tad je jos trebao da ode.
  5. and btw injury for Bogdanovic, so no even chance for that 5. place
  6. and I really hope that we will have new coach soon.
  7. Serbian coach is......... worst coach EVER.
  8. Yes. but matches were very close. One basket (-1) in both matches (2014 and 2016) and we beat them 2014 in SF. There is completly different story in matches against Spain and Lithuania. They can beat us even with +20.
  9. Because our team like to play against France. Of course France is strong, but somwhow we are always good against them.
  10. So, yeah even if Argentina beat Serbia and USA beat France it will be quota for Serbia.
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